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RT : What do you want to see happen next?

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yesterday by Kevmoss
RT : What do you want to see happen next?

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yesterday by Eyebee
Dear was never the banker but failed metals trader, sacked 5 times in 6 months, last time…
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22 days ago by sabatini
mainly macro: We need a political party that is tough on the causes of Brexit
Brexit was not an aberration in an otherwise well functioning UK democracy, any more than Trump was in the US. They are symptoms of a deeper malaise. I cannot put it better than Anthony Barnett when he says if all you want to do is stop Brexit and Trump and go back to what you regard as normal, you miss that what was normal led to Brexit and Trump. Unless we have politicians in power who understand the need for radical change, the snake oil sellers who sold us Brexit and US voters Trump will happily carry on plying their wares.
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24 days ago by petej
‘We're reactivating the people’s army’: inside the battle for a hard Brexit | World news | The Guardian
Now it’s time for strategy, as Farage tells supporters how to confront MPs. “I don’t want you writing letters to them. Go and visit them at their surgeries, queue around the block, meet them face to face, make them feel the heat, make them understand that being part of a customs union, being a vassal state with laws made somewhere else, is unacceptable. And that if they do this, you will never give them your vote again. Make. Them. Feel. The. Heat. We in Leave Means Leave are reactivating the people’s army.”

The language is tough and militaristic, and Farage’s delivery chilling. He warns that if he is forced to fight a second referendum we’ll see a very different Farage: “This time, no more Mr Nice Guy.” I can’t help thinking back to his victory speech after the referendum, delivered at 4am on 24 June 2016. Farage boasted that Brexit had been achieved “without a single bullet being fired”. It was only eight days after the strongly pro-EU Labour MP Jo Cox had been murdered on her way to a constituency surgery. Her killer, Thomas Mair, shouted “Keep Britain independent”and “Britain first” as he shot and stabbed her. But Farage appeared to have forgotten that.
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10 weeks ago by petej
Ukip isn’t a national party. It’s a Tory sickness | The Spectator
Re-evaluating if Ukip should rightfully be seen as a separate party, if it's really just a rebellion seeking to influence the Conservatives (from 2014).
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december 2018 by dcrawford1986

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