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Thunder & Lightnings - Supermarine Scimitar - History
@cstross: "51% losses/11 years in service, 1000 maintenance-hours/flying hour, and nuclear armed! Just in case you thought the F-35 was a waste of money and a crap aircraft"
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21 hours ago by mechazoidal
Work With Ixxus - Ixxus Publishing Media Solutions
A leading global provider of publishing solutions that reinvent the way organizations work with content to drive new revenues and enhance market agility.
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NorthStar Wealth Management | Smarter Financial Planning for the Digital Age
We are a new breed of financial planning company. A modern, dynamic firm built upon core values of integrity, professionalism, transparency, and innovation. Proud to be completely independent and wholly impartial, we are driven to provide the highest levels of service to our clients.
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- Epsilon-Research
Epsilon Research is an independent research and financial analysis bureau, and the reference source of transaction multiples for the valuation of private companies through its EMAT database.
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Insurance Software for Brokers, Insurers, MGAs and Scheme Managers
Cloud Ready, modular, scalable and configurable Software Platform
for Binding Authority Brokers, Insurers, MGAs, Scheme Managers and more
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yesterday by shalmaneser
UK Acid Attacks - SoylentNews
Acid attacks in the UK are becoming increasingly common. The reason is simple but the timing isn't. In the UK, guns are generally illegal and gun ownership is more of a touchy subject than in the US. I understand that criminals with guns receive a mandatory five year prison sentence. Strict gun control has pushed most criminals to knives. However, after mandatory sentences for knife ownership, criminals are now choosing to injure victims with acid.
uk  guns 
yesterday by pankkake
Amber Rudd asks for analysis of EU migration – a year after referendum | Politics | The Guardian
“Our immigration policy has been governed by anecdote and scaremongering, rather than evidence, since the moment Theresa May set foot in the Home Office in 2010. The timing of this announcement shows the total lack of preparation and understanding that has typified this government’s attitude to Brexit so far.”
UK  Brexit  immigration 
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