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Lifting a Fingerprint from a Photo - Schneier on Security
Police in the UK were able to read a fingerprint from a photo of a hand:
Staff from the unit's specialist imaging team were able to enhance a picture of a hand holding a number of tablets, which was taken from a mobile phone, before fingerprint experts were able to positively identify that the hand was that of Elliott Morris.
Speaking about the pioneering techniques used in the case, Dave Thomas, forensic operations manager at the Scientific Support Unit, added: "Specialist staff within the JSIU fully utilised their expert image-enhancing skills which enabled them to provide something that the unit's fingerprint identification experts could work. Despite being provided with only a very small section of the fingerprint which was visible in the photograph, the team were able to successfully identify the individual."
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‘Huge mistake’: Britain throwing away lead in tidal energy, say developers | Environment | The Guardian
Nation is a leader in capturing tidal and wave energy, but companies are starting to leave due to lack of government support
UK  Austerity  energy  policy  tidal  renewable  industrial  nuclear  Tories  Theresa  May  Brexit  JAM 
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Welcome to VesselsValue, providing instant and unbiased data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time. VV is used by the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, private equity, investment and hedge funds, shipowners and operators, lawyers, accountants, brokers, underwriters and more.
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EGR | The online gaming industry’s leading information and networking group
The online gaming industry’s leading information and membership networking group combining business-critical news and analysis with a range of prestigious events
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Global Forest Research | Market Intelligence - Pulp | Paper | Biomass
Hawkins Wright is an independent consultancy providing market intelligence and business information services to the international pulp, paper and bioenergy industries. These services include private consultancy assignments covering a full range of marketing and strategic subjects as well as regular multi-client reports and newsletters.
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