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Suzannah Lipscomb, Public Historian
Creator of documentary, "Witches: A Century of Murder"
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Thought Bubble
Leeds' Comic Art Festival
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Ashes To Ashes: The End – Life of Wylie
DIXON Of Dock Green provided the black and white postscript to the last ever episode of Ashes To Ashes.
“So it was all sorted out in the end. And no bones broken, luckily,” said a reassuring PC George Dixon.
It was, after all, only a TV show. But a very special one.
Time for supper and then up those stairs to bed.
A fitting farewell for a drama many obsessed over, with online fan forum The Railway Arms going into meltdown after each episode was screened.
The final emotional hour revealed almost all about DCI Gene Hunt and his world but left just enough ambiguity to keep those web servers humming for some time to come.
If you’ve yet to see the Ashes’ farewell, which finished a few minutes ago, do NOT read any further.
tv  uk  police  crime_drama  uniform  lifeonmars 
yesterday by rgl7194
ImagineMDD: Mollie Sugden, Are You Being Served 1922-2009
Mollie Sugden, perhaps best known in the US for playing Mrs. Slocombe on the British comedy, Are You Being Served? died on July first.
Mary Isobel Sugden was born in Keighley in Yorkshire on July 21 1922. Her father ran an iron and steel company. She trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.
She was best known for her comedy roles often playing battleaxes. She also appeared as the fearsome Mrs Hutchinson in The Liver Birds, but she played numerous roles through her long career. In the 1990s, Are You Being Served? had a spin-off called Grace and Favour. It was popular in the US as well titled Are You Being Served Again?
"I am unanimous in that."
uk  comedy  tv  RIP  actress 
yesterday by rgl7194
Anatomy of a Moral Panic - Idle Words
“The real story in this mess is not the threat that algorithms pose to Amazon shoppers, but the threat that algorithms pose to journalism. By forcing reporters to optimize every story for clicks, not giving them time to check or contextualize their reporting, and requiring them to race to publish follow-on articles on every topic, the clickbait economics of online media encourage carelessness and drama. This is particularly true for technical topics outside the reporter’s area of expertise.”

“The real story of machine learning is not how it promotes home bomb-making, but that it's being deployed at scale with minimal ethical oversight, in the service of a business model that relies entirely on psychological manipulation and mass surveillance. The capacity to manipulate people at scale is being sold to the highest bidder, and has infected every aspect of civic life, including democratic elections and journalism.”
internet  journalism  amazon  psychology  surveillance  government  uk  terrorism  machinelearning 
yesterday by colm.mcmullan
YouTube -- Black Pigeon Speaks: There are TWO Londons & Why it MATTERS
[Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? by Alfred G. Cuzán. A major point of dispute among libertarian theorists and thinkers today as always revolves around the age-old question of whether man can live in total anarchy or whether the minimal state is absolutely necessary for the maximization of freedom. Lost in this dispute is the question of whether man is capable of getting out of anarchy at all. -- The purpose of this paper is to question this venerated assumption and to argue that the escape from anarchy is impossible, that we always live in anarchy, and that the real question is what kind of anarchy we live under, market anarchy or non-market (political) anarchy.]
UK  TheCityOfLondon  TheCrown  corporatism  anarchism 
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