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Data ethics: Shaping its future | StatsLife
Should statisticians be more involved in shaping the future of data ethics? Tom King, secretary of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Ethics Special Interest Group, tracks the current progress i
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Masterpiece - The Art of Conversation - BBC Sounds
The Oxford Muse / Conversation Dinners / Theodore Zeldin
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For all the noise, the Brexiteers’ mane man could only growl | News | The Times
"If the moggie was chipper, the lion was sulking. Boris Johnson, whose supporters have been likening him to Aslan in the Narnia novels, apparently on the grounds that a recent haircut has unleashed some of that old magic, was said to have been chuntering throughout May’s address. His reaction on leaving the room was a throaty growl.

He had been similarly disengaged during prime minister’s questions. “They say Aslan is on the move,” the eager beavers on the Eurosceptic wing had been whispering but here Aslan was more on the slouch. He sat on the fringe, his arms folded huffily across his chest before finally plonking his head in his paws.

His fellow Brexiteers had similarly glum expressions — Iain Duncan Smith looked as if he was chewing a wasp — as Mrs May grappled with Jeremy Corbyn’s exceedingly angry Mr Tumnus. They appeared to be pessimistic about toppling the White Queen, fearing that it will be always winter and never Brexmas.

Mrs May, who took six attempts to get out of her car in Berlin the day before, needed two goes to drive into parliament. Just after 11am a convoy of cars and police motorbikes came down Whitehall and attempted to turn into New Palace Yard. Alas, no one had warned the guards and while they fumbled with the gate, Mrs May’s security detail decided not to linger and went for another lap of Parliament Square."
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Royston Cave
Discover the mystery beneath the streets of Royston. What was it used for and who made its remarkable carvings? Come and see this unique site for yourself.
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Theresa May is now a lame duck – too weak to take back control of her party | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
More profoundly – much more profoundly – this vote was a wake-up call about the terminal sterility of a certain kind of Conservative vision. It’s a kind of Conservatism that is a confluence of two different traditions, and the Tory party is too respectful to both of them. On the one hand, there is a white establishment tradition, largely English rather than British in mentality, that has not come to terms with the loss of empire, dislikes foreigners, and which somehow equates Brexit with the restoration of British superiority and power. On the other, there are Thatcher’s children, often self-made, self-confident, petit bourgeois, anti-foreigner and anti-state, flirting with Ukip, beguiled by the Great in Great Britain and irreconcilable to any European engagement.

May’s critics are genuinely hopeless at politics. They can cause a lot of trouble. But they cannot, will not, take responsibility for practical action in government. They appear to believe that there is a Commons majority for their faith-based, crash-out, free-at-last, ourselves-alone Brexit if only they can install a true believer and bring the DUP back onside. The vote confirmed that is not true. The naivety is breathtaking. Such a Tory leader would lose any Brexit bill or confidence vote. Luckily for the Tory party, most MPs proved today they are not so foolish.

In the end, it’s the recklessness over Ireland, an instinct that lies deep in the DNA of part of the Tory party, that is the most frightening piece of foolishness. These fanatics, playing footsie with a DUP clique that puts sectarianism above the wider needs of a Northern Ireland that voted remain, are the direct political descendants, though with half the talent, of people such as Lord Randolph Churchill in the 1890s, FE Smith in the 1910s and Enoch Powell in the 1970s. All of them tried to play the Orange card. All of them did so with awful results for Ireland and Britain alike. As Talleyrand said of the Bourbons, they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing – and they proved it again this week.
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