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Intro to Descriptive Statistics | Udacity
Intro to Descriptive Statistics will teach you the basic concepts of statistics that can be used to extract information from data.
learning  statistics  analytics  Udacity  course  coursera  education 
13 days ago by shoesiq
Design of Computer Programs | Udacity
Understanding how to approach programming problems and devise a solution is an essential skill for any Python developer. In this course, you’ll learn new concepts, patterns, and methods that will expand your coding abilities from programming expert, Peter Norvig.
programming  course  algorithms  udacity  python 
5 weeks ago by dicewitch
udacity/ud867: Course code repository for Gradle for Android and Java
ud867 - Course code repository for Gradle for Android and Java
udacity  code  gradle  android  course 
8 weeks ago by lgtout
Earn a Developer Scholarship from Google | Udacity
To apply for a scholarship, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in the US. You'll begin by choosing your learning path, either Web Developer or Android Developer
education  udacity  google 
november 2017 by jasonsamuels
Udacity work by jeff Irion
This is some Udacity work by Jeff Irion- might be useful
november 2017 by Yosef_Hayet

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