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Siteimprove Tutorials | UCOP
New Siteimprove users: start here for tutorials
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7 days ago by frankfarm
UC and Elsevier: Why It Matters - Office of Scholarly Communication
Following UC’s break with Elsevier, messages of support from around the world pour in

On Thursday, Feb. 28, the University of California announced its separation with Elsevier, one of the world’s largest — and most profitable — publishers of academic research. In the days since, messages of support and congratulations have come pouring in from around the world. Here is a sample of the responses, by turns fiery, joyous, and heartwarming.

Library support statements
Immediate community reactions
Social media
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8 days ago by laurenpressley
The “terrible” 3 cent MCU – a short survey of sub $0.10 microcontrollers. – Tim's Blog
Like many others, I was quite amazed to learn about a microcontroller sold for only 0.03 USD via the EEVblog last year. How was this possible? Many assumed this was a fire sale of an old product. Digging a bit further, it became apparent that there is an entire market segment for ultra-low-cost microcontrollers. Almost…
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5 weeks ago by Nutter
UC faculty to Elsevier: Restart negotiations, or else | Berkeley News
A letter circulating since July 12 throughout the UC system and already signed by 30 faculty from four UC campuses warns Elsevier that the signatories will suspend their services on editorial boards of the 28 Cell Press journals, which are among the premier journals in the field of biology and Elsevier’s flagship publications. About one-third of all UC Berkeley scientists who serve on editorial boards for Cell Press have signed the letter.
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5 weeks ago by laurenpressley
GitHub - ucdavis/sitefarm_seed: SiteFarm Drupal base install profile.
SiteFarm Seed is a base profile for Drupal 8 meant for extending by a custom built sub-profile. It provides sensible defaults and features that most websites will need.
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8 weeks ago by frankfarm
Job Builder
UC Default Job Descriptions
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11 weeks ago by zoey

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