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Move Plex Metadata Location on Ubuntu 14.04
How to move the Plex metadata folder, although the location of the startup settings file has changed
plex  tutorials  ubuntu  server 
yesterday by ToasterFaerie
Running Tensorflow on AWS GPUs - Made of Bugs
I’ve been spending some time learning deep learning and tensorflow recently, and as part of that project I wanted to be able to train models using GPUs on EC2. This post contains some notes on what it took to get that working. As many people have commented, the environment setup is often the hardest part of getting a deep learning setup going, so hopefully this will be useful reference to someone.
deeplearning  tensorflow  AWS  GPU  EC2  Ubuntu  CUDA  cuDNN  AMI  NVIDIA 
2 days ago by areich
How to Create a Reusable Burner OS with Docker, Part 1: Making an Ubuntu Container @ Null Byte
In this guide, we're going to learn how to install and use Docker, which is self-proclaimed as "the world's leading software containerization platform." We're going to use it to create and securely store our own optimized pen-testing OS container.
docker  nullbyte  article  virtualmachine  pen  security  ubuntu 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx

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