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How stable is ubuntu 18.04 right now : Ubuntu
Oh my god. I have been using Ubuntu for years but never connected that the version numbers stand for year and month.
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6 hours ago by therobyouknow
Open sass: Ubuntu/Red Hat drama erupts at Openstack | Open Source | Computerworld UK
Canonical founder and part-time hobby astronaut Mark Shuttleworth opened a war of words with Red Hat on stage at Openstack this week
8 hours ago by tonys
offline alternative to 750words?
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16 hours ago by lmoon
How to install and use the Titan text-based password manager on Linux - TechRepublic
If you're looking for a text-based password manager, Jack Wallen believes Titan is the way to go. Here's how to install and use this handy tool on Linux.
yesterday by tonys

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