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The Third Transportation Revolution
How Uber and life will change transport
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13 hours ago by cd
Uber and Visa Created a Sweet NYC Dining Experience on a Double-Decker Bus – Adweek
Earlier this month, Uber and Visa partnered to launch an Uber Visa card, which gives cardholders four percent back on dining alongside a host of other benefits on hotels, airfare and online purchases. To celebrate the launch of the card and its dining perks, the two companies partnered with experiential marketing firm Manifold to create a rad double-decker dining experience in New York City.

Each day, Uber and Visa will host two dinners with nine winners attending per ride; each winner is allowed a plus-one for a little dining company.
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yesterday by dancall
Uber stock outcome for SF
Company is not exempt from San Francisco's special 0.7% payroll tax
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3 days ago by nelson

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