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Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O. - The New York Times
The move caps months of questions over the leadership of Uber, which has become a prime example of Silicon Valley start-up culture gone awry. The company has been exposed this year as having a workplace culture that included sexual harassment and discrimination, and it has pushed the envelope in dealing with law enforcement and even partners. That tone was set by Mr. Kalanick, who has aggressively turned the company into the world’s dominant ride-hailing service and upended the transportation industry around the globe.
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As most of you know, I left Uber in December and joined Stripe in January. I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple of months about why I left and what my time at Uber was like. via Pocket
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Uber tylko z działalnością gospodarczą. Po 19 lutego firma będzie współpracować tylko z kierowcami odprowadzającymi podatki
"wszyscy korzystający z platformy będą zobowiązani do uzupełnienia danych do 19.02.2016. Partnerzy, którzy nie dostarczą nam wyżej wymienionych informacji, stracą dostę
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