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How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities
“But what Uber lacked in political support it made up for in local popularity. Through its app, the company had a direct connection to thousands of riders and drivers who were making a living from its service.”
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yesterday by cote
Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber
Improving GPS accuracy. Especially for cars (which are normally on roads) and in cities. Interesting.
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2 days ago by drmeme
Looney Tunes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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2 days ago by architektura
From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
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3 days ago by areadevelopment
Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber
Uber’s Sensing, Inference, and Research team released a software upgrade for GPS on Android phones that significantly improves location accuracy in urban environments.
gps  uber  android 
5 days ago by floehopper
UberEats va s’étendre à 100 villes supplémentaires dont 35 en France
UberEast va s'étendre sur 100 nouvelles villes en Europe dont 35 en France. Au dernier trimestre 2017, UberEats a généré 10% du CA de Uber
secteur_RETAIL  marché_ALIMENTAIRE  marché_LIVRAISON  client_ITM  client_NETTO  Uber 
7 days ago by unknowns
Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of Car - The Drive
"This is an open society and Uber is a platform that is available to anybody regardless of your background, your orientation, and that is sacred to us," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told the New York Post. "It’s an unfortunate circumstance and we will do everything we can for that not to repeat."
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7 days ago by whimsley

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