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Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay - Bloomberg
Uber’s pricing techniques have grown incredibly sophisticated. He oversees a team called marketplace at headquarters in San Francisco that’s staffed with economists and statisticians. Graf, a former Google and Twitter Inc. executive, sees financial engineering as a competitive advantage
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Uber Threatens to Fire Star Engineer [Anthony Levandowski] in Legal Battle Over Driverless Cars
The company’s top lawyer ordered Anthony Levandowski to comply in a lawsuit brought by Waymo, a self-driving car business, or face “adverse employment action.”
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Uber vs customers
Details on surveillance programs
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Uber Freight launches to connect truck drivers with available shipments | TechCrunch
Uber is now the ‘Uber for trucking’ – Uber Freight is a new service from the ride hailing company that pairs up trucking companies, including independent operators, with loads that need to be hauled from one place to another. The app looks a lot like the main Uber app, but it’s targeted towards vetted and approved drivers, who can browse for nearby available loads, see destination info, distance required and payment upfront and then tap to book.

The idea is to streamline something that used to take hours of back and forth negotiation via phone or other communication, putting it in a simple workflow with confirmation of job acceptance and rates paid within a few seconds.
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