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Iran’s strategic use of drones and missiles rattles Middle East rivals - The Washington Post
U.S. officials believe that both cruise missiles and drones were used in the assault and that part of the operation, which was claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, was launched from Iranian territory, according to a U.S. official.

But analysts also pointed to the alleged use of cruise missiles in the assault, which experts say are low-flying and far more difficult to detect, as a more worrying development. The missiles can be precision guided and allow for more devastating strikes on specific targets.
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The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran - The New York Times
Referring to the continuing policy review in Washington, he repeated his belief that the only sufficient American policy in Iran would be to change the Iranian government and whipped the crowd into a standing ovation by pledging that in two years, Iran’s leaders would be gone and that “we here will celebrate in Tehran.”....American spy satellites watched Israeli drones take off from bases in Azerbaijan and fly south over the Iranian border — taking extensive pictures of Iran’s nuclear sites and probing whether Iranian air defenses spotted the intrusion

The document that Bolton produced at Bannon’s request was not a strategy so much as a marketing plan for the administration to justify leaving the Iran deal. It did little to address what would happen on Day 2, after the United States pulled out of the deal.
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