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sidereal, by girlbookwrm & verbalatte
This is wonderful, though it lost a bit of steam for me around where the movies started losing steam for me (and also when it was getting dark outside and I realized I haven't done anything useful today at all because I've been reading this fic, lol).
f:mcu  u:marvel  p:steve.rogers/bucky.barnes  l:40-80k  |slash  t:soulmates  t:au  |favorite  d:2019 
7 weeks ago by Tafadhali
I'm Headed for a Land That's Far Away - telm_393 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
As a fugitive in Wakanda, Scott makes a place for himself as moral support, doing everything possible to keep the fact that he’s pretty much dead inside from the others. See, he’s been living with his mental issues for years, and he’s been pretending to be just fine for even longer, so if he lets himself get lost in everyone else’s commotion, he’ll be okay.

…Except no one can pretend to be okay forever, and Scott is rudely thrust into the spotlight by virtue of having a full-on mental breakdown and trying to kill himself while living in close quarters with five other people. It doesn’t work, so Scott decides to save his own life and face his past, present, and future head-on. Also, somewhere in all of this, Scott and Sam fall in love, because wars end, but life goes on. [44864]
fic  u:marvel  tobetagged 
7 weeks ago by scorpionvoices
One New Message, by femmekoriandr
"When his dad finds out about him being Spider-Man, it's not in any way that Miles has hoped it would happen."
f:into.the.spiderverse  u:marvel  f:spiderman  |gen  c:miles.morales  c:jefferson.davis  t:family  l:1-5k  |favorite  d:2019 
12 weeks ago by Tafadhali
Operation: Secret Santa, by ppyajunebug
"Kate drew America's name for this year's Secret Santa. She almost immediately regrets asking Clint for help figuring out a present."
f:hawkeye  f:marvel.comics  u:marvel  c:clint.barton  bp:clint.barton/natasha.romanoff  p:kate.bishop/america.chavez  t:friendship  t:humor  l:1-5k  |femslash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide18  d:2019 
january 2019 by Tafadhali
Coffee is Better than Tea (But You're Okay, I Guess), by katherine_tag
"Hey, Kate. Thanks. You're better than tea. You're coffee."

Her laugh was almost silent, but he could hear it in her voice. "Thanks. You're okay too, I guess."
f:hawkeye  f:marvel.comics  u:marvel  c:clint.barton  c:kate.bishop  t:friendship  l:1-5k  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide18  d:2019 
january 2019 by Tafadhali
spiderman loves you, by owlinaminor
"Or: how to figure out if your son is actually Spiderman without letting him know that you suspect he’s Spiderman because you want to make sure you’re right about him being Spiderman before you ground him for the rest of his adolescent life."

// Somehow I always forget and am astounded anew that Miles' dad is named Jefferson Davis.
f:spiderman  f:into.the.spiderverse  u:marvel  c:jefferson.davis  l:5-10k  |gen  t:kidfic  d:2019 
january 2019 by Tafadhali
you're my cherry pie, by novembersmith
"The first time Eddie suggests they have sex, Venom is, more than anything else, extremely confused." // Great, thumbs up, A+.
f:venom  u:marvel  p:eddie.brock/venom  |slash  t:kink  t:virginity/inexperience  |favorite  a:novembersmith  x:yuletide  x:yuletide18  d:2018 
december 2018 by Tafadhali
Cut and Run - Anonymous - Hawkeye (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Here was the thing. He and America weren't what you would call close. They worked together just fine, and he liked her because Clint had never met a woman with steel in her spine that he didn't like, and they had gotten to know each other in the way two moons that orbited around the same planet might get to know each other—in passing—but they'd never really struck up a friendship. And that was okay, but now it brought up a lot of questions. Well, okay, maybe only one question, but he wasn't going to ask America about she-who-must-not-be-named—

"Did you try Katie?" his mouth said. Shit!
t:fic  f:hawkeye  u:marvel  p:america/kate  g:futurefic  r:♥  g:yuletide 
december 2018 by partypaprika

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