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The Most Unsatisfying Video In The World - Digg
With links to the most satisying video in the world.
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12 weeks ago by booc0mtaco
HTC U Play (S$548) Review
The HTC U Play is a beautifully-designed midranger, with a decent camera and premium build that makes it a rather eye-catching alternative to the more powerful HTC U Ultra. It’s well-priced at S$548, sporting a superb camera and polished look, but its performance and battery life could definitely use some work. Design The HTC U...

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HTC  U  Play  (S$548)  Review 
may 2017 by vrzone
HTC Releases Second U 11 Teaser Video
HTC has released a new video teaser for its upcoming U 11 flagship smartphone, highlighting the Edge Sense feature. The Edge Sense feature will basically allow users to launch apps on the edge of the display by simply squeezing along the bottom sides of the smartphone. As we have mentioned in our HTC U 11...

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HTC  Releases  Second  U  11  Teaser  Video 
may 2017 by vrzone
Flagship HTC U Smartphone to Go Official on May 16
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has confirmed that it will be announcing its next flagship smartphone at an event on May 16th. The device is expected to be marketed as the HTC U, as evident by the “Squeeze for the Brilliant U” tagline used in the teaser released by the company on its official Twitter page....

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Flagship  HTC  U  Smartphone  to  Go  Official  on  May  16 
april 2017 by vrzone
HTC’s Flagship U (Ocean) Will Not Feature a 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Unsurprisingly, leakster and MaximusHD ROM developer @LlabTooFeR has revealed that the upcoming HTC U flagship smartphone will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack. HTC ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack last year with the HTC 10 evo, (known as the HTC Bolt in the US). This year, it continued the trend with the U Ultra, its...

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HTC’s  Flagship  U  (Ocean)  Will  Not  Feature  a  3.5mm  Headphone  Jack 
april 2017 by vrzone
HTC U Ultra (S$898) Review
The HTC U Ultra is a rather eye-catching device. It’s glossy exterior and sapphire blue body certainly puts a plus point in its aesthetics department. The 5.7” phablet isn’t just a pretty face, it’s hardware and specifications, which include the latest Snapdragon 821 processor and a surplus of RAM makes it a power-packed device as...

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HTC  U  Ultra  (S$898)  Review 
april 2017 by vrzone
Flagship HTC U tipped to debut next month with a touch-sensitive frame
When HTC announced the U Ultra flagship phablet in January this year, many of us wondered if the company will launch another new flagship this year. Turns out a new flagship is coming even sooner than expected. According to a new report on VentureBeat, the Taiwanese smartphone maker will launch its next flagship smartphone next...

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Flagship  HTC  U  tipped  to  debut  next  month  with  a  touch-sensitive  frame 
march 2017 by vrzone
Favorite: A sleeping lady boy in the streets of New Delhi, India., by cookiesound
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march 2017 by pauljacobson
Under Sufferance by veronamay // MAINBLOGREC
Sam/Dean, touch-starvation. Besides other things, Lucifer touch-starves Sam in Hell as punishment (Sam did fall in the Pit with his entire body and all...). Once out, Sam cannot bring himself to ask Dean despite how badly he needs it. Dean needs to realize what Sam's problem is, and how to get himself to help, since constant touching doesn't exactly come naturally to him. Words:3933.
ao3  wincest  oneshot  beautiful  hurt!sam  touch-starvation  sam/dean  romance  fluff  pwp  slash  recced  author:veronamay  favorite  cuddling  needy!sam  caring!dean  U  haveread  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove

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