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it's all wrong, it's all right. - lalejandra - Young Veins, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Jon is fucking cursed: Every band he's in breaks up; everything he does goes wrong; everyone leaves him.
fic:read  length:medium  lalejandra  jon/ryan  angst  bandom  tyv 
march 2012 by la_dissonance
The Stumbles And Falls - FifteenDozenTimes - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Jon fucks up. A lot. Maybe so much that "it's okay, Brendon fucks up too" doesn't cut it anymore. (Maybe.)
fic:read  length:medium  fifteendozentimes  angst  brendon/jon  patd  tyv  bandom 
march 2012 by la_dissonance
Roam Around Around Around
AU where Jon stayed in Chicago and got a job like regular people do. While he's in New York seeing Tom's band, he meets a strange guy with an acoustic guitar and a tendency to wander. A story about road trips across America, Jon finding himself, and the weird stuff someone does when infatuated with Ryan Ross.
fic  rpf  au  bandom  patd  tyv  ryan/jon  ryanross  jonwalker  author:marksykins 
january 2012 by flakeofemerald
Yeah, It's a Lot
Contains: Overstimulation, a bit of crying, dirty talk, a little hair-pulling, and use of the word "stop" that is immediately honored.
Bandslash  Fic  PATD  TYV  PWP  Brendon/Jon  NC-17  untappedbeauty 
september 2011 by elegwen
Jon bumps his head, and suddenly he can hear kittens in distress.
PATD  TYV  Bandslash  Fic  Brendon/Jon  NC-17  Powers  andsparkles 
september 2011 by elegwen
Love Makes People Do The Wacky (or Brendon Urie and Jon Walker: Adventures in Bromance)
As far as Brendon is concerned, being in love with Spencer would fucking suck, if it weren't for Jon Walker.
Bandslash  Fic  PATD  TYV  TheCab  Brendon/Spencer  PG-13  walkingondreams 
september 2011 by elegwen
themoononastick: Fic: Kill the headlights and put it in neutral
Um. Tom and Ryan are fail!boyfriends. The Young Veins and Empires go on tour together! Stuff happens!
empires  tyv  bandslash  ryan/tom  pg-13  fic  themoononastick 
september 2011 by elegwen
pants to match - Panic! fic: Sometimes You’re Already There
Spencer has always been very practical. The problem is, there’s his real life, and then there’s Ryan.
bandslash  fic  patd  tyv  au  fob  jon/spencer  pete/patrick  brendon/ryan  skoosiepants  pg-13 
september 2011 by elegwen
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
Bandom, The Young Veins, Jon Walker/Ryan Ross, in public, wall, kneel
bandslash  fic  TYV  jon/ryan  nc-17  marks 
september 2011 by elegwen
roga: Panic! at the Disco Updated Primer & Picspam, part 1/5
I Formation and early years (part 1)
II Pretty. Odd. + the split (part 2)
III Post-split Panic + The Young Veins (part 3)
IV Pretty picspams! (part 3)
V Recs and resources (part 4)
bandom  primer  patd  tyv  recs  picspam  roga 
september 2011 by elegwen
disarm_d: Flight Is Just A Concept (That We Live Inside) | Ryan | PG-13 | ~ 14000 words | AU | Part One
Ryan moves to a small town and adopts The Cat Who Must Not Be Named. He befriends his neighbour Jon, a new father, and Brendon, the waiter at the local bar.
fic  gen  au  tyv  patd  bandom  pg-13  disarm_d 
september 2011 by elegwen
That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand (Brendon/Ryan)
Disgraced sidhe heir Ryan must escape an awful appointment from his queen, and Spencer has a plan to do it.
bandslash  fic  patd  tyv  au  magic  non-human  fairytale  brendon/ryan  nc-17  lyo  stephanometra 
september 2011 by elegwen
Something New (Jon/Ryan)
Ryan finds out the hard way that marriage to Jon Walker is no joke.
bandslash  fic  TYV  jon/ryan  nc-17  stealstheashes 
september 2011 by elegwen
1842: on your trigger - z berg/ryan ross
gunplay for kink bingo. the one where ryan roleplays z's sexy hostage.
fic:read  length:short  pwp  ryan/z  1842  bandom  tyv  thelike  kink 
september 2011 by la_dissonance
sailorstkwrning: Bandom Big Bang: Drowning Lessons, Pt 1
Fantastic steampunk AU with Korse being a dastardly villains. Pirates, but not.
gen  fic  au  mcr  bob  patd  tyv  cobra  lyn-z  fandom:bandom 
september 2011 by harborshore
pennyplainknits: Fic Nice work if you can get it.
The first time Brendon met Spencer Smith, he picked his pocket. Lovely 1930's AU, slow and sweet and wonderful, with a great supporting cast.
brendon/spencer  patd  tyv  fob  fic  au  fandom:bandom 
september 2011 by harborshore

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