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Zbrojovka Brno
Pre-war Československá zbrojovka, akc.spol. and post-war Zbrojovka Brno, n.p. was a maker of small arms, light artillery, and motor vehicles in Brno, Czechoslovakia. It also made other products and tools, such as typewriters (Consul) and early computers.
10 days ago by terry
1001FN typewriter ribbon
A black/black typewriter ribbon – new and sealed. The 1001FN (also known as DIN 2103) fabric ribbon is 12.7mm x 10m and compatible with most but not all Olympia, Erika, Adler, Optima, BlueBird, Diplomat Super typewriters.
10 days ago by terry
1966 Consul 1532 typewriter
1966 Consul 1532. Serial #6 231 059330
10 days ago by terry
1966 Consul typewriter
This is an amazing typewriter! It was made on September 24, 1966 in Zbrojovka Brno's Czechoslovakian typewriter factory. Everything about this typewriter is incredible. Even the carrying case indicates an unusual level of care and effort. (Especially when compared to the cases of many American compact typewriters.) This typewriter is one of the lowest-priced models made, lacking a ribbon color selector and a tabulator. In addition, it only has a 42-key keyboard. Yet, despite it being a low-priced model, it feels remarkably well-made.
11 days ago by terry
Now He Pulls Data Off the Web. In 1979, It Was Clips From the ‘Morgue.’ - The New York Times
When I went to Tokyo, it was back to a typewriter and a small Underwood portable, which was the laptop of its day. We wrote stories, 200 words on a page, and hand-delivered them to the Reuters office across town, to be cabled to New York. Later, we moved to small word-processing computers — Tandy 100s and then Tandy 200s, with phone couplers for the modem connections. In some places, the phone service wasn’t good enough to transmit by modem. Then, you’d just call in your story and dictate it to the Times phone room.
new-york-times  computer-history  journalism  typewriters 
24 days ago by jbrennan
No, you still shouldn't put two spaces after a period 
The study used Courier New. ... This alone makes the test useless. One-spacers already agree that typewriters and monospace fonts use two spaces after the period (except some screenwriters, who use one space). But reading a proportional font and a monospace font are two completely different scenarios. The study even acknowledges this: “It is possible that the effects of punctuation spacing seen in the current experiment may differ when presented in other font conditions.” Of course it’s possible—that’s what the whole debate is about! Why would you use Courier New!
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10 weeks ago by terry
One space between each sentence, they said. Science just proved them wrong.
The rules of spacing have been wildly inconsistent going back to the invention of the printing press. The original printing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence used extra long spaces between sentences. John Baskerville's 1763 Bible used a single space. WhoevenknowswhateffectPietroBembowasgoingforhere.Single spaces. Double spaces.  Em spaces.   Trends went back and forth between continents and eras for hundreds of years, Felici wrote.It's not a good look.

And that's just English. Somewrittenlanguageshavenospacesatall and o thers re quire a space be tween ev e ry syl la ble.

Ob viously, thereneed to be standards. Unless    you're doing avant - garde po e try, or    something , you  can'tjustspacew ords ho w e v   e    r   y      o        u            want.     That would be insanity. Or at least,

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10 weeks ago by terry
The Classic Typewriter Page : all about typewriters
I'm Richard Polt, the creator and webmaster for The Classic Typewriter Page. I grew up loving typewriters and have been collecting them in earnest since 1994. I'm the editor of ETCetera, the magazine of the Early Typewriter Collectors' Association. I've been blogging with and about typewriters since 2010. And I'm the author of a book, The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century.
history  technology  typewriters 
april 2018 by terry
Typewriter habits
I’ve claimed through­out this book that many bad ty­pog­ra­phy habits have been im­posed upon us by the type­writer. Here, I’ve col­lected them in one list. ... 2: Two spaces rather than one space be­tween sen­tences. ... 7: Pre­tend­ing that ac­cented char­ac­ters don’t exist. ... 13: Ig­nor­ing lig­a­tures. 15: Be­liev­ing that mono­spaced fonts are nice to read.
typography  typewriters  design 
april 2018 by terry
Death to typewriters – Designing Medium
You see, I blame typewriters for double-handedly setting typography back by centuries. Type before typewriters was a beautiful world filled with hard-earned nuance and richness, a universe of tradition and craftsmanship where letters and their arrangement could tell as many stories as the words and passages they portrayed.
design  typography  typewriters 
april 2018 by terry

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