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From Type Theory to Haskell in 10 Minutes
[...]the type systems that we use every day in our programming languages are descendants of a field of logic known as type theory[...]
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yesterday by ramicof
Exploring C++ types with `puts(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__)` – Arthur O'Dwyer – Stuff mostly about C++
Today on Slack I noticed that some people still don’t know this one, so it should be shared more widely.
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7 days ago by jbkcc
Hazel, a live functional programming environment featuring typed holes.
Hazel, a web-based programming environment for an Elm/ML-like functional language that is being designed from the ground up around typed hole-driven development.

sameAs: https://github.com/hazelgrove/hazel
paper: Toward Semantic Foundations for Program Editors
paper: Hazelnut: A Bidirectionally Typed Structure Editor Calculus
paper: Live Functional Programming with Typed Holes
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9 days ago by slowbyte

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