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A More Modern Scale for Web Typography - Typecast
tags: A More Modern Scale for Web Typography - Typecast | responsive web design font size with html css code ;;;
A  More  Modern  Scale  for  Web  Typography  -  Typecast  |  responsive  design  font  size  with  html  css  sampleCode 
december 2017 by neerajsinghvns
Type Anything
Tool for easily adjusting typography-related CSS properties.
typography  font  css  design  typecast 
september 2016 by mjs
Design with web fonts in the browser - Typecast
Typecast is a free design tool for prototyping web type, web pages & RWD. Create visual & semantic designs. Check for readability & rendering. Hand over CSS & HTML.
typecast  ux  prototyping 
january 2015 by pimvd
Preview Google Fonts in Typecast - Typecast
A browser-based app for creating beautiful, realistic and consistent designs based on typography.
webdesign  html  fonts  type  typecast  utility  google  googlefonts  wysiwyg 
november 2014 by robduarte
Type On Screen
Each month we find and share some of the best web fonts around—gems you can count on to look great on screen. We’ll even send them to your inbox.
typography  webfont  typecast 
august 2014 by jonathanheron

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