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deep in this anatomy, buried
Bucky's relationship with Steve was fairly simple. His relationship with technology - in particular, one specific piece of technology - was a little bit more difficult to explain.
by:alcibades  fandom:mcu  pov:bucky  ship:steve/bucky  type:x 
august 2015 by emir-dynamite
The Portal (Sunlight), 1894
He considers the ancient world - a whole wing of plaster cast replicas, tiny cities in miniature, staggering Greek gods in shining white. But that's all tangled up in memory of school trips (he and Steve of a height, their arms flung over each other's shoulders, standing with their noses up against the glass as Bucky whispers stories about the tiny figures on the other side), and he's hardly a child anymore.

AKA, The Saga of Cute Twink Bucky, and his earnest dive into the bourgeois Manhattan gay scene, circa 1937.
by:hansbekhart  fandom:mcu  pov:bucky  ship:bucky/oc  type:x  type:backstory 
august 2015 by emir-dynamite
Prisons and wardens come in different shapes. Some are obvious, some not so much.
by:lls-mutant  fandom:battlestargalactica  pov:starbuck  pov:londo  pov:eight  ship:kara/leoben  ship:gaeta/eight  type:x 
july 2015 by emir-dynamite
the courage to continue
Even a man with a soft-edged definition of morals can lose a lot of faith in his country when he’s out doing the dirty work, but something Alex said to him early on has stuck with him all these years: “People come to embrace peace in two ways, Nick, they either walk through fire or they love someone who has.”
by:ponderosa  fandom:mcu  pov:fury  ship:fury/pierce  type:backstory  type:x 
july 2015 by emir-dynamite
Seek Out the Hidden Places
Today, on this morning, while Sam stood here in his PJs, his boyfriend Captain America was in his kitchen eating yogurt, and Sam had to figure out how to tell him that he'd kind of arguably cheated on him with the Winter Soldier who was also, incidentally, Bucky Barnes, the other half of the thus-far-tragic love story of Steve Rogers' epic life.
by:dsudis  fandom:mcu  pov:sam.wilson  pov:bucky  ship:sam/steve  ship:sam/bucky  type:x 
may 2015 by emir-dynamite
On Your Way Up to the Light
He could learn to be Sam's friend, even if he hadn't figured out yet how to be Steve's.
by:dsudis  fandom:mcu  pov:bucky  pov:sam.wilson  ship:sam/bucky  ship:sam/steve  type:x 
march 2015 by emir-dynamite
The Blind Leading
Steve is specifically told not to fraternize with the independently contracted Winter Soldier.
by:skyisgray  fandom:mcu  pov:captainamerica  ship:steve/bucky  type:au  type:x 
march 2015 by emir-dynamite
To Suffer Brave Things
In which Servius Placidus wants things (and people) he shouldn't want, finds his legate and his career eternally frustrating, thinks himself above just about everyone, and finally manages to reach a mutually beneficial accommodation with his wife. Placidus/OFC, some one-sided Placidus > Esca, and some implied background Marcus/Esca. Warning for extremely awkward dutiful marriage sex in a not very happy marriage, early on. Also, heed the tags (my working title was "Placidus's Jerky Sexual Awakening").
by:carmarthen  fandom:eagleoftheninth  pov:placidus  ship:placidus/oc  type:x 
march 2015 by emir-dynamite
5 (+1) Times Bucky Was Already a Supersoldier
Erskine made it plain for Steve - the serum makes you stronger, faster, harder to kill, and it amplifies your existing qualities. Barnes, though, didn't get any such heads up.
by:chaya  fandom:mcu  pov:bucky  type:fivethings  type:x 
march 2015 by emir-dynamite
Dark Approach
I have loved you across decades and centuries, over countries and continents and oceans.
by:gwyneth  fandom:mcu  ship:sam/steve  ship:steve/bucky  ship:sam/natasha  type:x 
january 2015 by emir-dynamite
Man of Steel
It’s like Steve looked at his metal arm and thought ‘Challenge Accepted.’
by:sariane  fandom:mcu  type:x  pov:bucky  ship:steve/bucky 
january 2015 by emir-dynamite
G'Kar's dreams about Londo are not the same as Londo's dreams about him.
by:andraste  fandom:babylon5  pov:g'kar  ship:londo/g'kar  type:x 
november 2014 by emir-dynamite
steal some covers, share some skin
In which Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov have conveniently overlapping issues (to wit: touch-starvation and excessive practice in the art of being lonely), and Bucky Barnes is the functional one, which surprises nobody.
by:tremontaine  fandom:mcu  pov:captainamerica  ship:bucky/natasha/steve  type:x 
november 2014 by emir-dynamite
“You want me to give you a handjob,” said Steve, because he was having trouble processing this. “You can’t take care of it yourself?”

“No.” Bucky sounded annoyed. “Self-abuse makes you go blind and grow hair on your palms.”

Of course one of the few things Bucky remembered from the thirties were anti-masturbation pamphlets.
by:osprey_archer  fandom:mcu  pov:captainamerica  type:x  ship:steve/bucky 
october 2014 by emir-dynamite
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
When he's not being raped, beaten, or forced to commit murder, the Winter Soldier has a lot of time alone to dream and wonder what it would be like to not be treated like a piece of trash. He makes up a fantasy friend who would be big and strong and come and rescue him from HYDRA and all the people who hurt him. Then he would take the Soldier home and give him good food and wash him and touch him softly and take him to his nice warm bed and kiss him and hold him close and keep him safe.

Of course when he imagines this friend it's always a blonde blue-eyed handsome man. The Soldier decides to give this imaginary friend a name and the only one that comes to mind is Steve...

He doesn't realize that this person isn't made up - he is a memory.
by:chianine  fandom:mcu  pov:bucky  ship:steve/bucky  type:x  needs.moar.warnings 
october 2014 by emir-dynamite
The "missing scene" from Knight’s Service. Éowyn and Faramir try to spend some time alone. Naturally there’s a cast of thousands getting in the way.
by:tanaqui  fandom:lordoftherings  pov:faramir  ship:faramir/éowyn  type:x 
september 2014 by emir-dynamite

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