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One Autumn Leaf Leveled Up - cloudpiercer - 全职高手 | The King's Avatar (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
2 of 2 OAL grows up quickly.

If OAL didn’t grow like a normal child. “Does he grow in dog years?”
!F:Kings_Avatar  Trope:Funny  Type:Series 
7 weeks ago by rosadina
In Bloom - Amaranyxia - 全职高手 | The King's Avatar (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
Snippets for a work that is barely longer than a snippet itself

(lol if you thought verdant was short as hell...)
!F:Kings_Avatar  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Trope:Funny  Type:Series 
7 weeks ago by rosadina
Verdant - Amaranyxia - 全职高手 | The King's Avatar (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
This time, their story is told in shades of blooms and Glory.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and flowermarks, a language universal to all, are worth lifetimes.
!F:Kings_Avatar  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
7 weeks ago by rosadina
I Wish You Were My Husband - Feynite - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngshiù [Archive of Our Own]
AU based on The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir (familiarity with that story's not required).

Wherein Shen Yuan transmigrates into a harem intrigues romance novel (gay edition), Yue Qingyuan really fucks up, Liu Qingge is not suitable for his job, and no one even remotely sees Luo Binghe coming.
!F:Scum_Villain's_Self_Saving_System  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Type:Long  Trope:Obsessive  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
11 weeks ago by rosadina
Composition - Oceanbreeze7 - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
What Keith hadn’t really considered, was that the entire Blade of Marmora’s database regarding acceptable human interaction and norms was based on Keith’s own habits and reactions.
And well…
Well, Keith wasn’t truly the best example for a normal human to begin with.
!F:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  Trope:Team  Trope:Outsider_POV  Type:Series 
july 2019 by rosadina
Structure - Oceanbreeze7 - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Keith was a nerd.
He knew all of the vessels in his hand, he could give a presentation on the heart structure of a frog on a whim, he only twice tried to smuggle alien fauna onto the castle for testing.

And well, if the Blades of Marmora said that he should have been born with a tail, and apparently chopping off a tail is a very large 'do not do this' in all galra culture, well...
Keith wasn't ever going to say no to a science experiment, especially something as fascinating as a tail.
!F:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
july 2019 by rosadina
Two Steps Behind - Kizmet - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Infinity War arrives on Earth. While James Rhodes, Pepper Potts and the New Avengers struggle to defend Earth, Steve Rogers leads a suicide squad team behind enemy lines to weaken Thanos' forces before they can reach the planet. Tony Stark and Loki have their own plan to end the war and Thanos' threat.
!F:Avengers  !F:Thor  C:Loki  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Fix-It  Type:Plot  Type:Medium_Length  Type:Series  Trope:Alternate_Universe 
april 2019 by rosadina
Lima to Stockholm - Kizmet - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
When the portal over Manhattan closed Loki failed Thanos. Now the Mad Titan is coming and Loki is not looking forward to the reunion. But the God of Mischief always has an ace up his sleeve and this time it's a certain Midgardian engineer brought back from the dead.
!F:Avengers  !F:Thor  C:Loki  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Trope:Fix-It  Type:Plot  Type:Medium_Length  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
april 2019 by rosadina
The Visit - MaiKusakabe - One Piece [Archive of Our Own]
Sengoku goes to visit Law for the first time since they met.
!F:One_Piece  Type:Series 
april 2019 by rosadina
Baby Steps - MaiKusakabe - One Piece [Archive of Our Own]
Getting to know someone can be awkward under the best of circumstances. In their circumstances, indirect methods may be the best option.
!F:One_Piece  Type:Series 
april 2019 by rosadina
Legacy - MaiKusakabe - One Piece [Archive of Our Own]
When Sengoku decided to track down the boy with the Amber Lead Syndrome, he did it because he didn’t want Rosinante’s sacrifice to go to waste. He never expected that keeping an eye on him would mean becoming a grandfather.
!F:One_Piece  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
april 2019 by rosadina
Law and Chaos - Ossicle - One Piece [Archive of Our Own]
Supernova pirate party! Five pirate crews converge on one island for three days of “alliance negotiations.” Chaos ensues. Law is more in his element than he’d like to admit, and Kidd just wants everyone to fight, fuck, and be merry.
!F:One_Piece  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Funny  Type:Masterchapter  Type:Series 
april 2019 by rosadina

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