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Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Two bright young things meet at a party freshman year, get on well, and get it on; or, on his quest to become himself, Eliot finds a role model in Margo.
fandom:themagicians  fic  relationship:het  type:pre-canon  character:eliotwaugh  character:margohanson  ship:eliotwaugh*margohanson 
march 2019 by Poetry
O brightening glance - Laylah - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Lem has a list of things to collect for the Archive. He finds somewhat more than he expects to.

How Lem and Fero met. Very good.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  fic  type:pre-canon  character:lemking  character:feroferitas 
may 2018 by Poetry
A Season Under the Kandrona - Senri - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
Alloran prepares, Seerow hopes, Garoff watches, and Aldrea, a child, is too young to fully grasp the implications of the history being made - but she is not too young to miss the tensions, or forget the story.

Dear purronronner, I am SO SORRY for how late this is. So sorry. So so sorry. Work and holiday and class things ate me alive. I hope this story hits some notes you like. I think Seerow, Alloran, Aldrea, and tbh the entire Yeerk species must have had some fascinating dynamics at play in the days before war broke out. Really this fic probably deserves to be a 500k political epic, but I did not have the time. Until the day someone writes that epic I hope this will whet appetites.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  type:pre-canon  theme:worldbuilding  character:aldrea  character:alloran  character:seerow 
january 2018 by Poetry
unrequited Marco/Jake
SUCH CUTE fanart of Marco and Jake and their friendship and Marco's giant crush
fanart  fandom:animorphs  relationship:slash  ship:marco/jake  type:fluff  type:pre-canon  character:jake  character:marco 
july 2015 by Poetry

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