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nothing but the wild rain - Raven (singlecrow) - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
"The internet, Aziraphale!" Crowley says. "This is what the internet is for. This is, quite literally, what the internet is for."
"Oh," Aziraphale says, and Crowley knows, he just knows, that Aziraphale is going to say something about how it's jolly useful for hard-to-find first editions and tickets for the Last Night of the Proms.or, Aziraphale and Crowley find sex confusing.
fandom:goodomens  relationship:slash  ship:aziraphale/crowley  fic  type:post-canon  type:fluff  character:aziraphale  character:crowley 
8 weeks ago by Poetry
The Morning After Job - FletcherHonorama - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
In theory, taking some time off before entering a new phase in your professional life is a sensible move. In practice, your colleagues will text you 20 times within the first 12 hours of your hiatus.

So the Leverage finale really just went "hey me and Sophie are leaving if she will marry me" "i will marry you and immediately leave the group also" "okay sweet we'll just do the whole Leverage International thing then" "well bye forever" and then they were Leverage International.I live to fill in gaps. This fic fills in only the teeny-tiniest gap, but we all have to start somewhere.
Thanks everyone for all your comments! Hope you enjoy :)So I'd fully intended to get this whole story out in like two weeks total, but then I had three flat-out weekends and this last chapter kept getting pushed back, so sorry about the wait! Thanks everyone for reading and all your comments, hope you enjoy it :)
note about possible future stuff - this is my first time writing in a TV fandom rather than from books, and I found it tricky in a few ways. I've always just written without betas or anything, one reason being because I was familiar enough with canon to either know details or be easily able to find them in the books, but if anyone has liked this and has any interest in beta reading or canon-checking or even just US-English-checking, I'd be open to talking about it!thanks again everyone for reading, I've enjoyed writing it and hopefully will be putting more work out in the future
fandom:leverage  fic  type:post-canon  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  relationship:threesome  character:eliotspencer  character:alechardison  character:parker 
9 weeks ago by Poetry
Underpinning - phnelt - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
When Parker and Eliot go with Hardison to help his sister move out of her ex-boyfriend's they learn something that challenges the life they've built together. 

The OT3 help Alec's foster sister get away from an abusive ex. They learn that Eliot was in an abusive relationship with Moreau.
fandom:leverage  fic  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  relationship:threesome  type:post-canon  theme:family  type:hurt/comfort  character:alechardison  character:eliotspencer  character:parker 
april 2019 by Poetry
Pathetic Fallacy - celestialskiff - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Margo sighed. “It’s probably a Biblical flood then. We’ll have to build an ark. Two of everything. We’ll leave Quentin behind. I’m not sacrificing you or me.”
fandom:themagicians  fic  relationship:slash  relationship:femslash  ship:quentincoldwater/eliotwaugh  ship:fen/margo  type:post-canon  type:hurt/comfort  character:margohanson  character:eliotwaugh  character:quentincoldwater  character:fen 
march 2019 by Poetry
Real Hunger Has a Real Taste - celestialskiff - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“He likes it when he’s naked and everyone else has their clothes on,” Eliot tells Margo.

“Everyone else?” she asks. “How many people are we talking?”
Quentin likes being told what to do.
fandom:themagicians  fic  ship:quentincoldwater/margohanson/eliotwaugh  relationship:threesome  type:post-canon  type:smut  theme:bdsm 
march 2019 by Poetry
Not a Twenty-Threeway - thingswithwings - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Marina prompted me with "Sense8: anything post show with Rajan/Kala/Wolfgang." I decided I wanted these three to have a little time to themselves without there being a giant sensate orgy going on at the same time.
fandom:sense8  relationship:threesome  ship:wolfgangbogdanow/kaladandekar/rajanrasal  fic  type:smut  type:post-canon  character:kala  character:wolfgang  character:rajan 
august 2018 by Poetry
In Bloom - celestialskiff - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Hardison had set the beds up with a timed heating pad, so Parker's knees didn't seize up while she was asleep. A day in the life of our favourite OT3 around fifteen years post canon. Parker, Hardison and Eliot are dealing with the aftermath of a major injury. This fic is all about kindness and access intimacy.

Thanks to capeofstorm for the beta. Not US-picked -- sorry for any mistakes.
fandom:leverage  relationship:threesome  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  fic  type:post-canon  character:parker  character:eliotspencer  character:alechardison 
july 2018 by Poetry
The Way Back - Raine_Wynd - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Finding the way back home - and to point of acceptance with where home is - is not a straight line, especially when you're Eliot.
fandom:leverage  fic  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  type:backstory  type:post-canon  character:eliotspencer  character:parker  character:alechardison 
june 2018 by Poetry
Solicited Noods - lynne_monstr - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Peggy invites Parker to attend a Fancy Food Festival, and it leads to conversations about cats, a weekend of food tastings, one (1) adorably annoying love interest, and a side of attempted murder.
(Or, What Parker knows about friendship is this. Friends don’t let friends fall into the clutches of international criminals. Unless they're good-guy criminals. Or a bad friend.)
fandom:leverage  fic  relationship:gen  type:post-canon  type:plotty  character:parker  character:peggymilbank 
february 2018 by Poetry
Black Noodle Incidents - Aesoleucian - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Cass escapes the paparazzi, runs away to vacation planet, and then realizes that vacations are not supposed to be forever.

Look, it turns out you can’t romance AuDy if you never get into trouble. They don’t know how to interact with someone who isn’t in trouble. Now that Cassander works for Aria it will be FINE. They can get into Fixes and AuDy can dashingly rescue them, embarrassingly aware of their own role in this trope.
fic  fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:other  type:fixit  type:post-canon  ship:cass/audy  character:cassander  character:audy  character:ariajoie 
january 2018 by Poetry

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