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All The Boys Be Loving Me - hacksee - VIXX [Archive of Our Own]
“No,” Taekwoon repeats, with slightly more heat this time. “These clothes are terrible.”

In retrospect, with Jaehwan being the instigator and Taekwoon being, well, Taekwoon, Wonshik really should have seen this coming.

|| Oh my god. Ohhhhhhh my god. Well, this was great--Ravi is both observant and not, N is delightful, and Ken is irrepressible and kind of charming but not placid with it, and Leo. Oh man. Silent and stubborn and so fucking competitive. Also I love the implications of N/Leo that Ravi is just maybe not sure maybe he doesn't know anything about anything. Warning for sex under the influence.
fandom:kpop  fandom:vixx  author:hacksee  pairing:n/leo  pairing:leo/everyone  type:crossdressing  type:moresome  type:drunkenhonesty  type:hottt  length:1-5k 
october 2015 by blottingtheink
don't know what you do (but you do it well) - gemkazoni - 月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun [Archive of Our Own]
It’s official: he is actually, definitely, no-doubt-about-it going to kill Kashima this time. Hori’s always had a feeling that a day would come when that idiot would push him too far – he just never expected that when it did, he’d be wearing something like this.

|| Oh my god, this is so good, it's SO GOOD, I kept leaning further and further into my laptop as I was reading it, I actually GRABBED THE SCREEN WITH ONE HAND. Hori dresses up like a princess, and Kashima is not unaffected. (oh my god the part at the end against the wall oh my god)
fandom:nozaki-kun  author:gemkazoni  pairing:hori/kashima  type:crossdressing  type:oopsyoufoundout  type:hottt  type:criminallyadorable  type:ohwownorly  type:characterization  type:favorite  length:5-10k 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
Dareka o Motome Na - The Art of Bluffing - Chanyeol/Kris/Suho + Kai/Suho [NC-17]
Kris and Chanyeol’s noisy fucking is driving Joonmyeon crazy.

|| Um. The last in the sandwich series. (AU where everyone is fucking, basically.) They all have a surprising amount of characterization and emotional weight for pwps. But like. Seriously pwps. ......I kind of really want the sequel for this one, oops.
fandom:kpop  fandom:exo  author:zombiecheeze  pairing:chanyeol/kris/suho  pairing:kai/suho  type:threesome  type:smmmmmmmut  type:hottt  type:pwp  length:1-5k 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
objects in motion - mediest - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin gets a little handsy (on accident!) (he's not a pervert!).

|| Ohhhhhh boyyyyyy--this fic is one long building OH SHIT moment, and I LOVED it. In addition to that, I really love that Jimin is unsure of Suga--and that Suga is ALSO unsure, and we see that in flashes and bits. The ending is great, and I want the follow-up so badly, but as-is, a really great revving up.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:mediest  pairing:suga/jimin  type:canon  type:ohshitmoment  type:softly  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:hottt  type:unresolved  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
give me more - staygame (sungjae) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, K-pop [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi takes a step forward, like maybe he's going to feel Jimin's forehead even though that's something only Seokjin or Hoseok would do, but he stops himself. Jimin can tell when he gets it. His shoulders straighten and his voice is deeper, commanding when he tells Jungkook, "Take him home."

"No," Jimin protests.

Yoongi shoots him a serious look. "Jimin, you have to go home."

|| The strength of this fic is that the characters are recognizably themselves, and everything is considerably hotter for it. (Also this is the fic that incepted me with the line about how Suga raps. It's .... distracting, if you listen to BTS at all.)
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:staygame  pairing:suga/jimin  type:abo  type:firsttime  type:characterization  type:hottt  length:1-5k 
february 2015 by blottingtheink
너무 예뻐 - shrdmdnssftw - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, K-pop [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin's smirking and Yoongi knows he's a sight; his apron is half unbuttoned and his hair has been mussed up. He wants to fidget, or maybe finish getting changed, but there's no way he's doing that with the way that Jimin is still staring.

"Jeongguk was right, hyung," Jimin eventually says. "I'd probably let you be my girlfriend too."

|| Yooooo, so apparently I never saved this. The crossdressing fic that was the entire reason I tried to start watching Rookie King, and um, honestly is even better now that I know who Suga and Jimin are, properly. Ung.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  author:shrdmdnssftw  pairing:suga/jimin  type:crossdressing  type:smmmmmmmut  type:hottt  type:takeanideaandrun  type:quickie  length:1-5k 
february 2015 by blottingtheink
So Hot - renquise - Kamen Rider OOO [Archive of Our Own]
Gotou is fairly sure that the Kougami Foundation does not have a manual called Procedures for Contamination Concerning Aphrodisiac Materials and Awkward Situations with Co-workers.

Fairly sure.

|| THIS IS SO GREAT. Hot, and sexy, with wonderful touches of characterization, and the sweetest ending. I loved, loved, loved this.
fandom:ooos  author:renquise  pairing:date/gotou  type:sexpollen  type:midtext  type:characterization  type:justforfun  type:makesmesmile  type:hottt  type:birdsongsweet  length:1-5k 
february 2015 by blottingtheink
Dareka o Motome Na - Hand Over Fist - Chanyeol/Kris/Kyungsoo - NC-17
Kyungsoo frowns.  “And…yes.  I see.  I’ve read your palm, and it says it belongs on my butt.” He finishes dryly.

|| Is this an excuse for dirty Kris/Kyungsoo/Chanyeol? It might be.

I also recommend the others in this series, although this one is probably my favorite. You can find them in the author's masterlist on this lj.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:zombiecheese  pairing:kris/chanyeol  pairing:kris/d.o/chanyeol  type:threesome  type:smmmmmmmut  type:pwp  type:hottt  type:dp  length:notspecified 
january 2015 by blottingtheink
seongshil - shikae (39smooth) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Yoongi,” comes the exhaled reply, and Hoseok kisses under Yoongi’s ear, hand still fisted in his hair, “what if I called you noona?”

Yoongi pauses, and he’s not sure whether that flicker of interest beneath his skin is a direct result of that, so he says quietly, “Say that again.”

|| Oh. Um.

Crossdressing and genderplay in the wake of that one Rookie King episode.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:shikae  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:crossdressing  type:a+forsexuality  type:kinkdiscovery  type:established-relationship  type:smmmmmmmut  type:hottt  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
light the spark - sasireun - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook sleeps a bit too soundly between Hoseok and Yoongi. They literally cannot get him to stop snoring. The bright side is that he looks cute when he sleeps.

|| I don't know if this author intended me to want Jungkook to wake up and them all to make-out as badly as I did, but Suga and J-hope LITERALLY keep talking about how cute he is, it was crazy distracting, I would like the follow-up, please. But regarding the actual fic itself, I really really liked it: lots of tension and banter and goodness.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  author:sasireun  pairing:suga/j-hope  type:canonexpansion  type:kissing  type:ust  type:hottt  type:banter  type:characterization  length:1-5k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
Come Into My Bedroom - staygame (sungjae) - EXO (Band), K-pop [Archive of Our Own]
It started two weeks ago. It was one of the occasions where Joonmyun, impervious to the attention Jongdae paid him when he wanted something, was willing to look the other way when Baekhyun started pouring shots. A few empty glasses later, Chanyeol turned to Kyungsoo, stupid grin on his face, and asked, "Truth or dare?"

|| Don't look at me this is stupid hot.
fandom:exo  fandom:kpop  author:staygame  pairing:chanyeol/baekhyun  pairing:d.o/baekhyun  pairing:baekhyun/chanyeol/chen/d.o  type:moresome  type:polyamory  type:masturbation  type:voyeurism  type:exhibitionism  type:someonedaredthem  type:hottt  type:smmmmmmmut  type:short  length:<1k 
december 2014 by blottingtheink
From This Moment On - the_queenmaker - VIXX, K-pop [Archive of Our Own]
Dom/sub AU; In which Leo is terrible with words and feelings, and then he finds someone who's okay with that.

|| Um, did I really not save this? A great take on Leo and N, actually--id-fic that I find also deeply satisfying, with really great emotional and erotic tension. A couple of proofreading mistakes, but overall, great, and the D/s world isn't a stand-in for sexism or sex-slavery either.
fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  author:the_queenmaker  pairing:n/leo  type:alternateuniverse  type:dom/sub  type:takeanideaandrun  type:characterization  type:hottt  type:smmmmmmmut  type:happilyeverafter  length:1-5k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
[Eng Sub] 140321 VIXX TV Special EP. Bonjour Paris - YouTube
........Shut up.

The one with the umbrella sharing and N looking really hot in a trenchcoat. In Paris.

Oh, also the one where Ken makes Ravi re-enact a famous romantic scene with him. Multiple times.
fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  type:vid  type:episode  type:canon  type:hottt  type:makesmesmile  type:birdsongsweet 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
i hate this love song - 예쁘다 (1/3; N/Ravi, R)
Hakyeon keeps the wig.

|| Oh my god, yes, all the "So Hot" fic, okay, thanks, wow. (All PWPs. I think the Hongbin/Ken might be my favorite, but I'm pretty fond of all three. Leo is terrible in the second, I love it.)
fandom:vixx  fandom:kpop  author:goseum-dochi  pairing:ravi/n  pairing:hongbin/ken  pairing:leo/hyuk  type:crossdressing  type:hottt  type:whatwedotoeachother  length:5-10k 
november 2014 by blottingtheink
Jade: stage a distraction. - Laylah - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
"Jade," she says, pretending to be stern, a warning you aren't frightened of. You nuzzle her shoulder, then let your teeth just barely graze the shell of her ear. "Do not force me to take drastic measures."

"Oh no," you say, grinning, "anything but that."

|| Ohhhhhhhh, shit. Hot DAMN. Enthusiastic consent INDEED.
fandom:homestuck  author:laylah  challenge:ladystuck2012  pairing:rose/jade  type:postsburb  type:future  type:domestic  type:hottt  type:smmmmmmmut  type:tentacles  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
Get It Right, Get It Tight - twentysomething - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"The biceps peeking out of the sleeves, stretching the material thin and tight, are a lot more impressive than Geno remembers. He would have remembered if Sid had arms like that."

|| Well, shit, son.
fandom:hockeyrpffml  author:twentysomething  pairing:sidney/geno  type:firsttime  type:hottt  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
abvj: Fic - in order to mend (Lizzie, Lizzie/Darcy) r, 1/1
It takes Charlotte literally eighty-six seconds to figure it out.

|| The best LBD fic I've read so far. I could actually HEAR all of the characters speaking, their voices are so spot-on, and the development exquisitely follows the type of behavior and rationalization you'd expect from Lizzie. Also it's fucking hot, and sweet as hell.
fandom:lizziebennetdiaries  author:abvj  pairing:lizzie/darcy  type:midtext  type:characterization  type:voice  type:hottt  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:somethingperfect  type:personalcanon  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
Without no Seam nor Needlework - Anonymous - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
"I mean," Rose continues, fumbling to unhook her own bra, "I can wax pseudointellectual about how virginity is a social construct all day, but that doesn't make me any less practically inexperienced, and suddenly my thousands upon thousands of words of erotic wizard fiction don't seem to count for nearly as much as I'd previously..."

|| Awkward, fumbling, snarky and hot--everything I've ever possibly wanted from first time Rose and Kanaya.
fandom:homestuck  author:anon  challenge:ladystuck2012  pairing:rose/kanaya  type:firsttime  type:characterization  type:hottt  type:hilarifying  type:criminallyadorable  length:1-5k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
Uniform Kink - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
CT: D--> I would most strenuously advise against it. It would only obstruct the sharp lines guiding the eye to the waist of your exquisitely tailored jacket.
CT: D--> That wasn't
CT: D--> I mean
CT: D--> I was merely admiring the craftsmanship.

|| Uh. Hot? Uh. Basically... yeah. Combination cyber/clothes porn/d&s. Boot worship is the most explicit part. Not really my ship, but uh, yeah.
fandom:homestuck  author:asukakureru  pairing:karkat/equius  type:alternateuniverse  type:future  type:pesterlogs  type:cyber  type:dom/sub  type:clothesporn  type:hottt  length:1-5k 
september 2012 by blottingtheink

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