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Fic: Seperation Anxiety
Taking a steamship to Shanghai may have been a poor choice.
type:fanfic  type:slash  type:gen  book:KJ_Charles  rating:pg-13  genre:post-canon 
21 days ago by kph2pt0
Fic: The Funny Pit
The girls spend Purge night eating cheesecake, swapping stories - and worrying about Blanche, who's terribly late.
type:fanfic  type:gen  TV:Golden_Girls  rating:pg-13  genre:AU:fusion 
21 days ago by kph2pt0
Fic: Golden Dragons
When Dorothy's student lends her his Dungeons and Dragons materials, things get a bit out of hand.
type:fanfic  type:gen  TV:Golden_Girls  rating:PG  genre:humor 
21 days ago by kph2pt0
Fic: A passion for a flight of thunderbolts
Akira Matsumoto takes Grace Carrow home to Japan with him. Some things that are off kilter can be mended.
type:fanfic  type:gen  pairing:misc_mf  book:Natasha_Pulley  rating:pg  genre:post-canon 
21 days ago by kph2pt0
Fic: Dragon's Thief
Alys thought it would be a normal day in the market.
type:fanfic  type:gen  type:het  book:Vivian_Vande_Velde  rating:pg 
21 days ago by kph2pt0
Fic: Spirits
The bookshop is troubled by unwholesome spirits.
type:fanfic  type:gen  genre:humor  tv:black_books  rating:pg 
october 2018 by kph2pt0
(Disney Princesses/Tinker Bell) - FILLED: some princesses or heroines reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe
FILLED: The Official Princesses by captainzarina
FILLED: Bonus Round: Princesses-to-Be and The Princess That Almost by captainzarina

So, I would love to see some of the princesses or heroines (or princes/heroes!) reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe.
Maybe you've got Ariel, who desperately wishes she could change her talent and goes to outcast Ursula to try. Or Belle, who has a storytelling talent but wishes she could be part of the story. Or Elsa, whose ice talent is so strong that it threatens to go out of control.
Would also love to read a meta fill saying who would have what talents!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:Tangled  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Pairing:Aladdin/Jasmine  Pairing:Aurora/Phillip  Pairing:Beast/Belle  Pairing:Cinderella/PrinceCharming  Pairing:FlynnRider(EugeneFitzherbert)/Rapunzel  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Pairing:JohnSmith/Pocahontas  Pairing:Naveen/Tiana  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
september 2018 by disneykink
(Any/Pirates of the Caribbean) - FILLED: Elizabeth represents Earth at an inter-reality pirate meeting
FILLED: Untitled by captainzarina

Pirate king Elizabeth represent the pirates on her Earth on an inter-reality pirate meeting. Other who are there are Captain Hook, Long John Silver, Don Karnage and any other notable pirate that people want to use.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Ducktales  Fandom:PeterPan  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Fandom:TreasurePlanet  Fandom:PiratesOfTheCaribbean  Pairing:None  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
september 2018 by disneykink
(Frozen) - Anna starts remembering Elsa's powers
I want a fic where Anna starts to remember Elsa having magic when she was younger.
Fandom:Frozen  Pairing:None  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Any/His Dark Materials) - FILLED: Any animal character with their human Daemons, crack
FILLED: Untitled by captainzarina

Robin Hood probably works best, Lion King or Mickey and the gang could possibly work too, maybe Honest John and Gideon. Anyway. Crack crossover premise; the animal characters' daemons are tiny humans.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:DisneyShorts/MickeyAndFriends  Fandom:AGoofyMovie  Fandom:HisDarkMaterials  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Frozen) - Anna and Kristoff's child inherits Elsa's ice powers
years after the movie, Anna and Kristoff have a child...who turns out to have inherited the family ice powers.
this time, they're going to make sure it doesn't go wrong.
so yes, would love the three of them (and Olaf if you want) determined to raise this kid right, worrying that they're screwing it up somehow (after all their parents meant well too), and Elsa trying to teach the child how to use their powers (especially if she's still sort of figuring it out herself, she did kinda get a late start). a happy ending is preferred but other than that, go wild!
Fandom:Frozen  Pairing:Anna/Kristoff  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Frozen) - FILLED: "Let It Go" reimagined for different elemental powers
FILLED: Let Them Grow by captainzarina
FILLED: Untitled by Anon

So, has anyone seen the one going round on tumblr and Youtube where people have rewritten Let It Go? Like, I've seen two so far:
Let Them Burn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XEpU-VW-xI) - Dark Elsa, Fire Powers
Let It Glow (http://colonelvegemite.tumblr.com/post/76315714307/picture-credit-i-dont-encourage-art-theft-so) - Fire Powers
And... I'd be interested in seeing more? Like, rewritten for different powers/elements/etc, or dark Elsa, or done with a horror twist or something.
ETA: Not that I'm expecting people to sing them! Just making up new lyrics~
Fandom:Frozen  Pairing:None  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Misc:MultipleFills  Author:Anonymous  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Bambi) - Fem!Bambi growing up
A misconception about Bambi is that he's female, since he looks pretty feminine as a fawn (big eyes with eyelashes and all). I have no doubt he'd be almost, if not completely, exactly the same as a fawn if he really was female. But what I want to see is how that gender change would affect the second half of the original story once Bambi's an adult. Since a pretty big part is all about how Bambi has to fight Ronno over Faline and has to step up to replace his father as the Great Prince overlooking his offspring, how would that change if Bambi was a doe?
I'd prefer if only Bambi is made female, but Male!Faline is optional if you want to write a take on a gender-inverted Bambi/Faline romance.
Fandom:Bambi  Pairing:Any/Unspecified  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Wreck-It Ralph) - Detective AU, a serial killer is on the loose, Detective Felix Wright has a week to save the latest victim; Vanellope von Schweetz
There's a serial killer haunting the streets of the city. He abducts, tortures and kills. The latest girl to go missing is Vanellope von Schweetz, orphaned at 16 and living alone ever since. By the police's best estimates, they've got a week to find her.
The lead detective on the case, Felix Wright, is joined by the intense ex-military fed Tamora Calhoun and Vanellope's estranged half-brother Ralph Wrecker. Ralph just wants his sister back - but Calhoun thinks that this killer's signature might have been seen somewhere else before...
Fandom:Wreck-ItRalph  Pairing:None  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Frozen) Arthurian AU, Anna is Arthur, Elsa is Morgan Le Fey/Morgana
AU in which Anna is Arthur and Elsa is Morgan le Fay/Morgana. Up to you whether you write them as sisters, half-sisters or unrelated, and whether you want to use the incest angle. I'm familiar with some of the early mythological versions, but also with the BBC Merlin series. :)
Fandom:Frozen  Pairing:None  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Treasure Planet/Any) - FILLED: Amelia is a human with cat ears, she developed a snarky personality to hide her self-consciousness
FILLED: The Belles Of Notre Dame by bear_girl1393 [WIP]

While I deeply love Captain Amelia as she is, writing her for my "Windfalls" crossover made me want to see more stories where she's human, yet still has the cat ears, and developed that spirited, snarky personality as a way to hide her self-consciousness over her "outsider" status.
So the prompt: make a human-with-cat-ears Amelia the star of another Disney movie, and see how her personality would impact the story. Two of the better ones would be the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast for the obvious "outsider/monster" plot, but if you think you can make this work with another Disney movie, feel free to go for it!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TreasurePlanet  Fandom:TheHunchbackOfNotreDame  Pairing:None  Author:bear_girl1393  Rating:Teen  Entry:4  Status:WIP  PDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Frozen) - AU, canon divergence, possible dark!Elsa, parents gave Elsa her own estate, after they die her letters stop, gates are frozen shut, Anna investigates
Worried that Elsa might still struggle to control her powers, the King and Queen place her in possession of her own estate and palace, with a small staff to look after and guide her. This was not unusual in the 19th century, although Elsa might have been considered somewhat young for it. She grows up just as isolated, knowing her parents intended well but devastated and lonely. The two estates communicate with letters.
Suddenly, some time between the King and Queen dying and Elsa's coming of age, the communication stops. Messengers to the estate find the lands silent, the gates barred and - strangest of all - apparently frozen shut.
Anna goes to find out what has happened, once and for all.
Fandom:Frozen  Pairing:None  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Alice in Wonderland) Catepillar/Flowers - the younger flowers find him charming
The younger flowers find the former Caterpillar very charming and vie for his attention. All he wants to do is smoke and ask strange questions, flora please.
Bonus if one of the senior flowers (the red rose/orchid/white diva rose) disapproves of him but is reluctantly charmed as well.
Fandom:AliceInWonderland  Pairing:Any/Unspecified  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink

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