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the Importance of the Happy Ending local_doom_void
Absence made the heart grow fonder, allegedly - but could it grow fonder when absence was all that there had ever been? Merope, at least, found that she could love in the utter absence that was dying moments after your son was born.

[Merope waits in the afterlife for her son and enlists the help of Harry when he dies. Oh god this is so lovely and beautiful and I cried when Harry woke up in the garden to Hedwig. And he gets to reunite with his family, finally. What a dreamy idealized - in a good way - perspective of life after death; very curious how this will handle Tom | Voldemort. I support 'mostly gay' Harry in genfic!!!!!]
fandom:hp  pairing:hplvgen  trope:soulmates  pairing:none  type:characterstudy  trope:foundfamily  wordcount:medium:10k-49k  progress:wip 
june 2019 by kyrilu
Game - Set - Match: Game - jin_fenghuang - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
A very twisty version of Julian, always focused on hiding his true nature and playing the long game with Garak.
fic  type:characterstudy  relationship:slash  ship:garak/bashir  character:julianbashir  character:elimgarak 
march 2019 by Poetry
inaccessible partition - sunspeared - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Aria Joie, new Candidate of Righteousness, in the wake of September.

Incredibly good interpretation of what it's like to be a Candidate of Righteousness.
fandom:friendsatthetable  fic  type:characterstudy  relationship:gen  character:ariajoie  character:righteousness 
may 2018 by Poetry
An Indirect Approach - patster223 - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Throndir is Kindrali’s chosen, a steward of forgotten knowledge. It would be irresponsible of him to use his gift to get relationship advice...Right?
Five times Throndir tried to use Kindrali's memories to get closer to Red Jack.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:slash  ship:redjack/throndir  fic  type:romance  type:characterstudy  character:throndir  character:redjack 
april 2018 by Poetry
confidence in muscle and ambition - kapbird - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
"They found each other in the wreckage of optimism, and it took them a decade to decide that hope was not enough to save the Golden Branch from itself." Sokrates Nikon Artemisios and the Divine Integrity, through the birth and the infancy of the Golden Branch Demarchy.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:other  ship:sokrates/ariadne  fic  character:sokrates  type:characterstudy 
march 2018 by Poetry
the light that gig saw - fangirl_squee - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The mesh on Quire works pretty much the same as the mesh of the fleet does. Gig finds a home in it.

Gig becomes friends with the people of Quire via the mesh <3
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  fic  type:characterstudy  character:gigkep-hart  character:grandmagnificent  character:echoreverie  character:evengardner 
march 2018 by Poetry
A Storm About To Break - TheOxfordEnglishFangeek (jadinacookie), patster223 - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
After everything that happened in The Archives, Fero was done with patterns and he was done with other people making their moves against him. As luck would have it, Throndir was fed up with these things too. It turned out that the two of them fit well together.

This was going to be a character study where Fero and Throndir talked out their issues, but, as it turns out, we're just *incredibly* thirsty for that Throndir/Fero content. If you want to talk to us (we are always down to chat about team hot vampire cops among other things) we're on tumblr at patster223 and the-oxford-english-fangeek. #getthrondirlaid #someonepleasehelpferoSpoilers for everything through episode 27 of Winter in Hieron.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:slash  ship:fero/throndir  fic  character:feroferitas  character:throndir  type:smut  type:characterstudy 
february 2018 by Poetry
A Change of Career
Neville told him to think of it like the DA. “Only now you can take away house points when the students get cheeky."
fandom:hp  pairing:none  era:nextgen  trope:mentor|professor!harry  progress:complete  wordcount:short:<9k  type:characterstudy  trope:friendship 
november 2017 by kyrilu

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