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Only Germany stands in way of crucial Dieselgate fixes | Transport & Environment
The Maltese presidency of the EU will push ahead with the compromise text when ministers meet despite the opposition of the German delegation following the meeting of national representatives on 12 May. Germany submitted last-minute amendments to the draft compromise just two days before the meeting, opposing the handing any national powers to EU level. The delay is due to different stances being taken by Germany’s transport and environment ministries.
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february 2019 by henningninneh
Daimler dispute escalates into test of the EU’s single market – POLITICO
A dispute between Germany and the European Commission over the carmaker Daimler’s use of a particular air-conditioning coolant has escalated into a test of the single market, with France banning the registration of new Mercedes cars.


Germany has succeeded in blocking renewed discussion over controversial new car emissions limits, despite a promise to MEPs from the Lithuanian environment minister that the subject would be on the agenda of a meeting of member states’ experts yesterday (17 July). In defence of the larger, heavier cars made by many of its companies, Germany is still seeking greater flexibility in the new rules, on which a deal was reached in principle in late June. The issue was not discussed yesterday, and the expected rapid endorsement by member states has consequently been prevented. Any agreement now looks almost certain to be delayed until after the German elections in late September. At present, only Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic support Germany’s objections, and Berlin will need to convince Poland to join its side if it wants to undo the deal.
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february 2019 by henningninneh

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