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Switch from Slack to Twist: A Calmer, More Organized Way to Collaborate
ML: Probleme dann, wenn (1) apriori eine Chat-Kultur besteht, die man eher kanalisieren muss (statt umgekehrt: anregen); (2) wenn man das als community-kanal und intranet-ersatz missversteht. es muss PROJEKT-bezogen sein, d.h. teams müssen alle 3 monate "sterben".

SLACK hat eine chat-umgebung und darin channels. MS Teams hat eben projekte. (Andere Kritiker sagen: Es ist besser, alle Konversationen an Trello/Planner-artige Strukturen zu hängen. Also nicht die Konversation/Thema ist das Interface, sondern Arbeitspaket/Task. Für welche Art von Projekten trifft das zu?)

But when we tried to collaborate on projects, Slack felt disorganized, even a bit chaotic:
It was hard to find specific conversations a day later (much less a week or a month). We wasted time searching for important decisions, ideas, and files
Our team felt like we had to be online 24/7 so we wouldn’t miss anything. We were chained to Slack and couldn’t find the time to focus
As a remote team, we couldn’t make decisions together. Our North American team would be sleeping while those in Europe and Asia were online, and vice versa

We needed to stay digitally connected, but without the jumbled conversations and always-on distractions. That’s why we built Twist: a calmer, more organized place to work together.

If your team is feeling distracted and overwhelmed by real-time chat, use this guide to make the jump from Slack without losing the hard-earned momentum and culture you’ve built along the way.
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