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iMazing HEIC Converter | Free Photo HEIC to JPEG Conversion Tool
iMazing HEIC Converter — A tiny and free desktop app which lets you convert Apple's new iOS 11 .HEIC photos to JPEG or PNG.
apple  heic  tweetnow  jpg  converter 
september 2017 by
Courage –
[The notch] is the new basic, recognizable form of the iPhone — it’s unique, simple, and recognizable.
apple  tweetnow  notch  iphonex 
september 2017 by
Hurricane How-To
Hurricane How-To #dataviz #map #svg
canvas  hurricane  map  svg  tweetnow  dataviz 
september 2017 by
Alexa, are you listening?
Amazon Echo is vulnerable to a physical attack, opening a root shell and allowing to install malware without leaving evidence of tampering
tweetnow  alexa  root  linux  boot 
august 2017 by
iPhone 8 Infrared Face Detection and General Device Design Revealed in HomePod Firmware - Mac Rumors
Confirmed: New iPhone screen design with a sensor notch cut out at the top, and an infrared face detection feature. Code doesn't lie.
tweetnow  apple  iphone  iphone8 
july 2017 by
EOS 6D Mark II: Canon stellt neue Spiegelreflexkamera vor | c't Fotografie
EOS 6D Mark II kommt gerade recht. Denke, die wird meine 550D beerben. Kein 4K ist ärgerlich, aber nicht 1. Prio
tweetnow  eos  canon  kamera  camera  photo 
june 2017 by
Bitcoin Address 1Mz7153HMuxXTuR2R1t78mGSdzaAtNbBWX
The ransomware Petya collected 2.13 Bitcoin so far.
tweetnow  ransom  bitcoin 
june 2017 by
Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office | Season 28 | THE SIMPSONS - YouTube
»Marge, please, give the President of the United States some time — He’s only 70-years-old.«
fox  funny  tv  video  simpsons  tweetnow 
april 2017 by
Troy Hunt: Data from connected CloudPets teddy bears leaked and ransomed, exposing kids' voice messages
Data from connected CloudPets teddy bears leaked and ransomed, exposing kids' voice messages
breach  iot  privacy  security  tweetnow 
february 2017 by
Wir haben den größten Neonazi-Leak der letzten Jahre ausgewertet - VICE
Wir haben den größten Neonazi-Leak der letzten Jahre ausgewertet #ofri
data  facebook  politics  ofri  nazi  tweetnow  vice 
february 2017 by
Track Trump. The First 100 Days
Track Trump. The First 100 Days — We will track fulfillment of promises and update it daily.
trump  track  government  tweetnow 
january 2017 by

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