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keskasi: Fic: How to Be a Decent Boyfriend, a Guide by Scott McCall
Stiles and Derek are not Disney. They will never be Disney. If there are two people in the whole world who are the opposite of Disney, those two people are Derek and Stiles. They would eat Disney for a pre-game snack. Scott pukes a little in his mouth even thinking about them being Disney.

But that doesn’t mean that their thing, whatever it is, isn’t headed for a swift and heart-rending break-up.
matchmaking  fic  TeenWolf  derek/stiles  scott&stiles  mutual_obliviousness  alpha!scott  slash  humor  scott&allison  kira_yukimura  jealous!stiles  possessive!derek  meet_the_family  TW-post_S3B 
july 2015 by pkoceres

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