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MTV, Facebook Watch reimagine The Real World |
MTV Studios has unveiled a partnership with Facebook Watch to reimagine the ground-breaking series MTV’s The Real World for three all new seasons debuting Spring 2019. Drawing on Facebook’s global platform, the new seasons will be native productions in Mexico, Thailand and the United States, respectively, to explore friendship, and the cultural and social environment in each. Available exclusively on Facebook Watch, the new seasons will introduce interactive social and community features that empower fans to shape the action and connect across mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV app.
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Snapchat new TV shows |
All the shows will include six-second, non-skippable ads, building an important new revenue source for the company. Snap Originals will feature prominently on the app’s Discover page and will also each have their own Show Portal. Users can swipe up from the show episode and access additional, related content, including interactive, AR experiences with selected scenes, lenses, filters and other entertaining ways to share the show with friends.
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How To Install Kodi On A Smart TV Set (XBMC, LG, Samsung)
How To Install Kodi On A Smart TV Set (XBMC, LG, Samsung)
How  To  Install  Kodi  On  A  Smart  TV  Set  (XBMC  LG  Samsung) 
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