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the king of kong
seems like a nerdy type of documentary i'd like
yesterday by harrisonmalone
Why TV's brightest shows are turning episodes into standalone stories | Television & radio | The Guardian
From Girls to Atlanta, ‘bottle’ episodes have become fascinating character studies – and sometimes the basis for an entire series
yesterday by tonys
This is the subreddit for the plex media app
forums  raspberry_pi  software  apps  mediacenter  movies  tv  community 
yesterday by lpuerto
Plex Forums
This is the forum for the Plex application to reproduce media from your personal server.
forums  raspberry_pi  software  apps  mediacenter  movies  tv  community 
yesterday by lpuerto
Kodi Community Forum
This is the forum of the Kodi app for media centers
linux  opensource  software  tv  apps  raspberry_pi  community  forums 
yesterday by lpuerto
Open Source Home Theater Software.
This is one of the best apps for media center you can find out there. The problem is there isn't a version for Apple TV.
linux  opensource  software  tv  apps  raspberry_pi 
yesterday by lpuerto
南伊豆の地の金目鯛(ジキンメ)の地元レシピ、これが漁師料理です。 » 伊豆貸し別荘、弓ヶ浜を10倍楽しく遊ぶ方法
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2 days ago by ketchup

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