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How To Solder Your Own Mechanical Keyboard! - YouTube
TaeKeyboards recommended this keyboard-soldering tutorial (if you should ever need to do such a thing).
soldering  tutorials  keyboards  youtube  beginners  2017 
6 hours ago by handcoding
The Rise Of The State Machines
Notice that, while we are in “fetching” state, we are not accepting any clicks. So, even if the user clicks the button, nothing will happen because the machine is not configured to respond to that action while in that state. This approach automatically eliminates the unpredictable branching of our code logic.
fsm  statemachines  articles  redux  react  reactjs  javascript  tutorials 
yesterday by ianchanning
Mixxx DJ Hardware Guide
What kind of hardware should I get to DJ with Mixxx?
tutorials  dj  open-source  software  hardware  lists  wiki 
2 days ago by mikael

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