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Component Based Design System With Tachyons (Varun Vachhar)
Varun Vachhar рассказывает о работе с CSS-фреймворком Tachyons для дизайн-систем.
UX  design+systems  coding  CSS  framework  tutorials 
yesterday by jvetrau
Getting Started With Chef-solo – The Geeky Way
Old, but still good for a quick start. Why the hard to read screenshots though?

- Just do a `dpkg -i` for the chef-dk url
- `mkdir chef`
- `cd chef`
- `mkdir -p cookbook/hellochef/recipes`
- `vi cookbook/hellochef/recipes/default.rb`

Put whatever ruby you want to be executed

- `vi ~/chef/node.json`

"run_list": [ "recipe[hellochef]" ]

- `vi ~/solo.rb`

file_cache_path "/path/to/chef"
cookbook_path "/path/to/chef/cookbook"
json_attribs "/path/to/chef/node.json"

- `chef-solo -c solo.rb`
chef  blogs  tutorials 
2 days ago by atomicules
Advanced Vue Component Design
Curso online de componentes en Vue.js
vuejs  tutorials 
3 days ago by gorilas
Proto.io auf Vimeo
Proto.io helps designers, entrepreneurs and product managers enhance their design process by creating realistic, interactive and sharable prototypes, without code, that can be viewed on the actual mobile device.
Proto.io has changed the world of mobile prototyping, going beyond wireframes and mockups. With interactions, transitions and animations it helps bring any static design to life. UX and interaction designers can express their creative freedom and create visual interactive prototypes of mobile apps that work and feel exactly like the final apps. Supporting all mobile touch gestures, prototypes can run on the actual mobile device thus making the experience as realistic as possible.
Prototyping  Tutorials  vimeo  proto.io  vr  360°  interactiondesign 
3 days ago by gwippich
Display Shots with the Dribbble v2 API
Tutorial on displaying Dribbble shots within a site
tutorials  web  development  photos 
3 days ago by mycotn

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