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geteach.com/tour - Overview - YouTube
Basic tutorial for using the getteach Google Earth 9 tour builder application.
googleearth  tours  builder  tutorial  video 
9 hours ago by timstahmer
Concepts Instruction Manual v4.5
The online, downloadable manual for Concepts, the neat iOS vector sketching and design tool.
sketching  help  manual  instructions  art  drawing  iPadPro  applepencil  ipad  Concepts  pdf  guide  ios  tutorial  design 
20 hours ago by Puddingstone
Partial Evaluation Tutorial
"This is a short tutorial introduction to online partial evaluation. We show how to write a simple online partial evaluator for a simple, pure, first-order, functional programming language. In particular, we show that the partial evaluator can be derived as a variation on a compositionally defined interpreter. We demonstrate the use of the resulting partial evaluator for program optimization in the context of model-driven development."
haskell  paper  tutorial  interpreters  computerscience 
21 hours ago by mrnugget
Tips to learn React + Redux in 2017
In tips to learn React + Redux you will get a list of best practices and tips to learn React JS and Redux. The tutorial covers various topics in Redux, ES6 and React like testing, components and state...
learn  reactjs  tutorial  web  dev  toread  redux 
22 hours ago by flydown

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