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Draw a horizontal tree using CSS pseudo elements – Gaurav Sehrawat
This week I was working on something similar to this, and although I ended up going with another solution this is an interesting way to branch your content out horizontally. To start with you'd want this vertically though... y'know the whole mobile thing.
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16 hours ago by justinavery
Offline POSTs with Progressive Web Apps – Web Dev @ Microsoft – Medium
Allowing users to POST content/forms while offline using progressive web apps, and more specifically using the service worker.
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17 hours ago by justinavery
In-depth review of Andrew Ng's Deeplearning.ai courses (and comparison to Jeremy Howard's Fast.AI) - 2017
Andrew Ng’s new adventure is a bottom-up approach to teaching neural networks — powerful non-linearity learning algorithms, at a beginner-mid level. Jeremy’s FAST.AI course puts you in the drivers seat from the get-go. He teaches you to move the steering wheel, press the brake, accelerator etc.
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18 hours ago by mfernando

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