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Code Splitting · Create React App
<p>Instead of downloading the entire app before users can use it, code splitting allows you to split your code into small chunks which you can then load on demand.</p>
CRA  JavaScript  React  code-splitting  programming  webdev  tuto 
11 weeks ago by MarsLevin
Lors du prochain webinar , Patrice Mitrano présentera Khartis --outil libre de cartographie thématique --…
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may 2019 by ljegou
Password reset email design best practices | Postmark
Every app uses password reset emails. They're easy to take for granted. That's why we gathered these tips to help you create better password reset emails.
security  authentication  programming  webdev  tuto 
april 2019 by MarsLevin
Kubernetes @ OVH - Traefik et Cert Manager pour le stockage des certificats en secrets - CérénIT
apiVersion: certmanager.k8s.io/v1alpha1
kind: Issuer
name: letsencrypt-prod
# The ACME server URL
server: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory
# Email address used for ACME registration
email: user@example.com
# Name of a secret used to store the ACME account private key
name: letsencrypt-prod
# Enable HTTP01 validations
http01: {}
Kubernetes  OVH  certificate  tuto  Helm 
april 2019 by MarsLevin
Learn using JWT with Passport authentication – Frontend Weekly – Medium
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tuto  programming  authentication  jwt  webdev  Passport.js  Node.js  express 
march 2019 by MarsLevin
Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals | Pluralsight
This course teaches the fundamentals of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) through a demonstration of customer interactions and a complex demo application, along with advice from Eric Evans.
video  tuto  DDD  course  programming 
february 2019 by MarsLevin

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