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Gobeklitepe | The Oldest Temple of the World
Gobeklitepe is a pre-historic site dating from roughly 12,000 years ago, near Sanliurfa, Turkey. Read all about Gobeklitepe on this dedicated site.
archeology  ancient  prehistoric  site  documentary  turkey  travel  disclosure 
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has been accused of lying about claims concerning during the . My legal team and I…
Referendum  BorisJohnson  Turkey  from twitter_favs
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Abandoned castle village in Turkey: photos - Business Insider
Burj Al Babas was designed as a luxury community for foreign buyers, but its villas are still empty.
turkey  architecture  projects 
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Basic Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe | Serious Eats
How to Deep-Fry a Turkey Without Killing Yourself, Indoors and Out
turkey  deep  fry 
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Pentagon Pushes Forward on Syria Pullout
“Nothing has changed,” one defense official said. “We don’t take orders from Bolton.”
Unitedstates  Syria  Military  Trump  Diplomacy  Turkey 
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RT : Ayayay ...
Always encrypt your recorded drone data.
Especially, when you are a soldier.
YPG  Turkey  Syria  from twitter
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