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Catbus» Blog Archive » Far From Boring:Meet the Most Interesting Tunnel Boring Machines
Tunneling technology! (Not Musk's.) h/t ... The Prepared?
When building transportation systems, constraints are usually about physics, geometry and cost, not the technology (see my criticism of the “Gadgetbahn”).

I think that we have to be careful of primarily technology-based “solutions” to transportation problems. Musk is trying to sell a quick-fix technology that in real life won’t be able to escape geometry and physics. His approach makes little sense, his understanding of cities is poor … but also, his technology is boring.

On the other hand, technology can provide interesting tools to advance projects anchored in the real world, and push geometric, physical, time and cost constraints to its limits.
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11 weeks ago by madamim
Catbus» Blog Archive » Far From Boring:Meet the Most Interesting Tunnel Boring Machines
A blog post on the use of tunnels to construct public transport systems and the machines used to make them.
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november 2019 by jpereira
In Residence: Sue Webster - YouTube
“When an entire residential road lost power and an eight-foot sinkhole opened up in the street, the north London council of Hackney could no longer turn a blind eye to the rumours surrounding the ‘mole man’ house—a property owned by notorious amateur tunneller William Lyttle.”

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“Step into the DIY punk artist’s ‘mole man house’—the former home of a notorious east London tunneller

When an entire residential road lost power and an eight-foot sinkhole opened up in the street, the north London council of Hackney could no longer turn a blind eye to the rumours surrounding the ‘mole man house’—a property owned by notorious amateur tunneller William Lyttle.

When British artist Sue Webster purchased the property at auction in 2014, she was well aware of the former owner’s illustrious history. In the 1960s William ‘mole man’ Lyttle began excavating the foundations of his house to build a wine cellar, but failed to stop there. Instead, he spent the next forty years digging a complex labyrinth of tunnels up to twenty meters long, leading from his house to the surrounding neighborhood.

Decades of local complaints, more sinkholes and 100 cubic meters of soil later the local government eventually evicted the ‘mole man’ after structural engineers deemed his home was no longer safe. Lyttle died in 2010 but not before witnessing the local council clearing 33 tons of debris from his house, of which included three cars and a boat.

Webster enlisted the help of renowned architect David Adjaye to convert the dilapidated warren into a studio-home. To preserve the authenticity and eccentric history of the building, Webster chose to integrate Lyttle’s haphazard alterations into the new design plans. Depressions in the earth were turned into a sunken landscaped garden, a central staircase connects the concrete living spaces, and a slate pitched roof replaced the original that had collapsed years before.

“What’s fascinating is that it’s almost like a piece of [mine and Tim Noble’s] work,” says the artist, who rose to prominence in the mid-nineties with her partner for their signature DIY approach of aggregating discarded objects and turning debris into art. “It’s a piece of trash we will recycle into something that will become a piece of history.””
suewebster  2019  homes  art  davidadjaye  williamlyttle  tunnels  layers 
november 2019 by robertogreco
In the Faroes, underwater tunnels revolutionize transport – CRYOPOLITICS
Driving around the Faroe Islands today, car commercial-ready roads descend into neon-lit subsea tunnels that spit you back out into a world of grassy islands connected by ephemeral misty rainbows. The country’s hardy fishermen and sailors have taken the plunge, replacing once treacherous journeys by sea with effortless drives beneath the waves.
tunnels  transport  automotive  Faroes  FaroeIslands  Cryopolitics  2018 
july 2019 by inspiral
Newsom kills controversial Delta twin tunnels plan
“While a single tunnel project will not resolve all pumping problems in the Delta and is less flexible for dealing with climate change impacts, it is imperative that we move forward rapidly on a conveyance project,” said Jeff Kightlinger, Metropolitan’s general manager.
february 2019 by huntercutting

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