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The Benefits of a Career in Construction - Tulsa Building Supply
The construction industry is a $1.3 trillion industry. Let's have a look at some of the biggest benefits of going into construction. Tulsa building supply.
Tulsa  Building  Supply 
1 hour ago by LocalBusiness
How Can IV Therapy Increase Your Wellness? - Vibrant Life
Before you can understand how IV therapy can benefit you, you should have a basic understanding of what IV therapy is.
IV  Therapy  tulsa  oklahoma  home  health  care 
5 days ago by LocalBusiness
Why a US city is searching for mass graves - YouTube
"Nearly 100 years ago, a white mob destroyed an American neighborhood called “Black Wall Street,” murdering an estimated 300 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That incident — known as the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre — has been largely left out of US history books. Today, a century later, the city still has a lot of questions. For one, where are the bodies of the victims? As the city's mayor re-opens the search for mass graves, we take a look at what happened back in 1921…and why finding these graves still matters to the people of Tulsa."

[See also:
"An eyewitness account of the horrific attack that destroyed Black Wall Street"

"‘They was killing black people’
In Tulsa, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history still haunts the city with unresolved questions, even as ‘Black Wall Street’ gentrifies"

"The Attack on Greenwood"

"The 1921 Attack on Greenwood was one of the most significant events in Tulsa’s history. Following World War I, Tulsa was recognized nationally for its affluent African American community known as the Greenwood District. This thriving business district and surrounding residential area was referred to as “Black Wall Street.” In June 1921, a series of events nearly destroyed the entire Greenwood area."]
history  race  racism  oklahoma  tulsa  2019  us  1921 
7 days ago by robertogreco
The American Reconceptualization Of Sushi – Miss Tral
Sushi is a beloved spiritual experience in Japan. In America, it is something more of a Hollywood showboating experience.
tulsa  sushi  sushifork 
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
The Wonders Of Hardwood Flooring – Miss Tral
Brücke Flooring knows it’s not easy to trust your home to a group of strangers. We appreciate that trust and work hard to keep it intact. At Brücke Flooring in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we give every job the “White Glove Treatment”.
tulsa  floor  refinishing 
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
Water Damage Dangers and Repair for Homes and Businesses - Tulsa
Knowing the dangers of water damage and the areas of concern for homes and buildings. Disaster restoration services in Tulsa with Reset Restoration.
Water  Damage  tulsa  restoration  flood  repair  frozen  pipe  disaster  cleanup 
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
Top Attractions and Sites to Visit in Tulsa, OK - Internet Rules! - Quora
Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the top destinations in the U.S. to visit due to its rich history and lively culture.
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
Website Design Tips for 2019 - D2 Branding in Tulsa
Website design in 2019 is more than just search engine optimization (SEO), it is about user experience (UX). D2 Branding marketing tips!
Website  Design  Tips  for  2019  D2  Branding  in  Tulsa 
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
Pricing - Roof Inspection Plans with D6 Roofing in Tulsa
D6 Roofing experts offer Tulsa roofing inspection plans. Have a safe roof over your head with timely checkups from a D6 Roofing in Tulsa.
D6  Roofing  in  Tulsa 
15 days ago by LocalBusiness
Home - D6 Roofing Company in Tulsa
D6 Roofing Company in Tulsa. Roof construction, inspection, and repair in Tulsa. Call (918) 261-0733. Tulsa roofing at it's finest!
roofing  roofer  tulsa  d6 
18 days ago by LocalBusiness
Sushi: The Ultimate Healthy Fast Food - SushiFork of Tulsa
SushiFork in Tulsa Hills specializes in making great sushi to satisfy the tastes of every customer who enjoys our wide-ranging selections.
tulsa  hills  sushi  sushifork 
5 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
Choosing To Be A Personal Trainer As A Career Choice
People go to personal trainers for motivation and inspiration. There is a dramatic difference between a personal trainer and a certified personal trainer.
Personal  Trainer  tulsa 
6 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
How to Determine Your Blog Demographics to Increase Traffic - Blogging Tips
Let’s face it – you’re probably not yet sure who your target audience is. You have a vague idea, but you can’t pinpoint their gender, age group, interests, hobbies, and others. Related blog posts and resources:Discover how the top earning blogs make money onlineGet paid to take online surveys! Join for free.Start a blog in […]
7 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
Everything You Need to Know About Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Program - Green Prairie Farms
In June of 2018, the State of Oklahoma passed SQ 788, which legalized the sale and use of medical marijuana within the State. Green Prairie Farms.
Tulsa  dispensary  Green  Prairie  Farms  living  soil 
7 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
News - Green Prairie Farms
Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Program. Tulsa dispensary - Green Prairie Farms
Tulsa  dispensary  Green  Prairie  Farms 
7 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
Tips to Launch Successful Social Media Pages for Your Small Business
Marketing through a social-media site or service provides a range of potential advantages that are simply not possible through other promotional methods.
8 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
Common Website Design and Internet Marketing Mistakes | D2 Branding
When a potential customer discovers your brand online, it’s important that they get the right impression from the start.
D2  Branding  marketing  tulsa  web  design 
9 weeks ago by LocalBusiness
Home Security Systems Make A Difference In The Lives Of Homeowners | IURRDA
Do you feel safe in your home? If you're hesitating to answer that question, you need to think long and hard about why. While you might not think that anyone
Home  Security  in  Tulsa 
9 weeks ago by LocalBusiness

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