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TubeTime » Blog Archive » A Vacuum Tube ROM?
Well, there you have it–when ROM chips didn’t exist, people stored data in miniaturized scanning electron microscopes!
rom  vacuum  tube  history 
9 days ago by gohai
Tube Heartbeat
Some fantastic visualizations of traffic patterns on the Tube (London Underground).
london  tube  data  map  visualization 
24 days ago by njr0
Industrial Metal Supply Company
Another possible source for steel tube for my idea of a custom table leg/monitor mount for the Westy.
steel  tube  westy  westfalia  table  monitor 
4 weeks ago by sbw
How to Retrofit - Direct Wire T8 Tube Lamps - YouTube
How to Retrofit - Direct Wire T8 Tube Lamps
How  to  Retrofit  -  Direct  Wire  T8  Tube  Lamps 
4 weeks ago by kilroy2

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