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The Weightlifting PMC, Part 2
In Part 1 of this two-part series on setting up a Performance Management Chart on TrainingPeaks for strength training I only got as far as describing why you should only have one combined chart for all sports reflecting your total fatigue. All of the other sport activities should have separate...
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6 weeks ago by Samuelkordik
Third Saturday Seminar: political discussions in Montgomery County TX
Not only is our world interesting in the Chinese sense, but We the People of the world, like Rip van Winkle, are waking up after a long siesta. Obviously, the new instant media technology is one of the major factors in bringing this about. Not only do they recognize the injustice of their own situation, but they see there are many in the same boat and they also see that there are other places on the planet where people live much better lives.

*When the origin of the "Chinese saying" was researched, It soon became apparent there is no ancient Chinese saying or curse that translates into, "Our world is in interesting times" or "May you live in interesting times" However, probably you and I both feel our current times are "interesting" (to say the least) whether the Chinese ever said it or not. GCG

Come, join the discussion! Let's see if there is hope!
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september 2018 by cyberchucktx
IRID9670TPM20LINUXTOBO1 Infineon Technologies | Mouser
IRID9670TPM20LINUXTOBO1 Infineon Technologies Security / Authentication Development Tools OPTIGA TPM SLB 9670 TPM2.0 Infineon's Trusted Platform Module (TPM) SLB9670 is a fully TCG standard compliant TPM 2.0 with a SPI interface. datasheet, inventory, & pricing.
tss  infineon  tcg  tpm 
january 2018 by arisco97
Our Brave New (Digital) World Jungle or Playground (or Both) @ TSS
The Speakers for this Saturday come at the suggestion of Charlie Lindahl. Charlie is the the guy that rescues me from time to time when I get out of synch with the digital equipment at the college. Gary is a friend of his and he has rescued one on my computers and that of at least one other in the class. Edie is a friend of Gary's.

Together they will cover two aspects of life with computers. First, Gary will talk about some of the hostile aliens that live in Cyberspace and try to take up residence on your computer and read all your personal stuff and how to keep them at bay. Edie will talk about the relatively new phenomena referred to generically as social networking.
security  internet  cyberspace  thirdsaturdayseminar  tss  lonestar  home 
november 2016 by cyberchucktx

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