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Conservatism, Donald Trump & Politics of Cooties | National Review
“In practice, of course, the big ideas get trampled into mush by the stampeding herds of independent thinkers. The social-justice Left and the apocalyptic Right of “binary” politics both show that you don’t have to know what streitbare Demokratie is to embrace some mutant version of it. (For populists, it’s always 1933, the other side is always the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler, and hysterical politics — “resistance!” — is the moral equivalent of war.)”
Conservatism  Trumpism  KevinWilliamson 
10 weeks ago by cbearden
Trump Made Socialism Great Again - The Atlantic
“As Ben Judah wrote recently, a door has been opened: ‘Because by embracing everything about Donald Trump, [the Right] has embraced the idea that something is terribly wrong with America, and that the country needs big, beautiful solutions for terrible, awful problems. When the Right becomes populist, embraces deficits, dunks on free trade, and rails against elites, it suddenly becomes a lot tougher for it to ridicule a populist Left that is credibly offering more.’”
ShadiHamid  Trumpism  Trump  Populism  DemocraticSocialism 
september 2018 by cbearden
@WilcoxNMP: Fascinating new study suggests religious R voters in '16 very different than non-religious R voters. Let me count the ways:
1. Less racist
2. Religious voters less into white identity (but I repeat myself)
3. Religious Trump voters more favorable towards Jews
4. Religious Trump voters less anti-immigrant
5. Religious Trump voters were least likely to support him in the primaries
6. And, finally, Religious Trump voters are more satisfied w/ family, neighborhood, and community than secular Trump voters.
Trumpism  WBradfordWilcox  TrumpVoters 
september 2018 by cbearden
What Are Evangelicals Afraid of Losing? | Christianity Today
However, the church does not preach the gospel at the pleasure of any administration or decline to preach it at another administration’s displeasure. We preach at Christ’s pleasure. And we don’t make his policies but communicate them. It’s not when we’re fed to lions that we lose everything; it’s when we preach another gospel. “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Matt. 16:26).
Evangelicals  America  Trumpism  Politics  MichaelHorton 
september 2018 by cbearden

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