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Michael Flynn, General Chaos - The New Yorker
Michael Ledeen, the Typhoid Mary of neoconservative bullshit. Also, Flynn was reading the comments
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2 days ago by yorksranter
First Lady worked illegally
She illegally did paid modelling work on a visitor visa. (Story is from Nov.)
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2 days ago by nelson
Pres. Supervillain
Dropping Trump words into Red Skull's mouth
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2 days ago by nelson
The lowest moment of Donald Trump’s press conference - Vox
"'The' makes the group seem like it’s a large, uniform mass, rather than a diverse group of individuals. This is the key to 'othering': treating people from another group as less human than one’s own group. The Nazis did it when they talked about die Juden ('the Jews'). Homophobes do it when they talk about “the gays.” …

"I doubt it’s an accident that Trump talks about ethnic groups in the same way that we talk about foreign governments and armies. If that 'the' treats ethnic groups as some monolithic cabal, that might ring true with the conspiracy-theory mind-set that characterizes some of his core audience — the audience that Trump has been priming to see and make trouble at polling places 'in certain areas.',
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2 days ago by handcoding
U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff and Associates, Intercepted Communications
Sources said the interceptions include at least one contact between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and a Russian official based in the U.S.
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2 days ago by frunobulax

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