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Exclusive: What Trump Really Told Kislyak After Comey Was Canned | Vanity Fair
Yet this triumph would be overshadowed by an astonishing conversation in the Oval Office in May, when an intemperate President Trump revealed details about the classified mission to Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, and Sergey I. Kislyak, then Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Along with the tempest of far-reaching geopolitical consequences that raged as a result of the president’s disclosure, fresh blood was spilled in his long-running combative relationship with the nation’s clandestine services. Israel—as well as America’s other allies—would rethink its willingness to share raw intelligence, and pretty much the entire Free World was left shaking its collective head in bewilderment as it wondered, not for the first time, what was going on with Trump and Russia.
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Three days ago, was “sure” that would have “a very strong response” to poisoning of Russian defector…
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RT : Why does the news only mention manipulation in favour of but not its involvement in…
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is hideous, but press & public’s new love for FBI & IC is just as odious. The enemy of your enemy is not you…
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How the attacks on Mueller are putting Trump in greater danger - The Washington Post
“He’s a mercurial figure,” one Republican congressman in a tough district told the Examiner. “If he’d put the Twitter feed away, what a glorious thing; what a glorious thing. But I just don’t think that’s going to happen.”
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