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Trump Fans Sink Savings Into ‘Iraqi Dinar’ Scam
Trump supporters like Kotseos have also been drawn in by videos showing the “prophecy” of Kim Clement, a South African “prophet” whose fans believe predicted Trump’s election. Before his death in 2016, Clement also often mentioned a dinar revaluation.

“It was like, OK, well, God said the Iraqi dinar is going to revalue,” Kotseos told The Daily Beast.
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57 minutes ago by yorksranter
Thx to & for full-and-frank on v. CIA over Crown Prince , investigat…
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Protester at 'We the People' rally Charged With Punching Cop
Philly protesters showed up in force to oppose what was touted on social media as an alleged white-nationalist rally in Philadelphia purportedly organized by the "Proud Boys." Now, some of them are fundraising to support a Jewish man who was misidentified as a "Nazi" and beaten up during the event, at which only two so-called Proud Boys were spotted.

The "We the People" rally in Old City on Nov. 17 only had two dozen actual participants, but hundreds of protesters were also at Independence Mall – separated from the rally by Philly police – denouncing the rally-goers as "Proud Boys" and Nazis.

The protesters included a cross-section of politically involved Philadelphians, ranging Philly Socialists, Antifa, the IRA, and a socialist, Antifa-leaning group calling themselves the "Fellow Worker Gritty Coalition," in honor of viral Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty.
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13 hours ago by Jibarosoy
Why was the transition so bad between Obama and ? Trump didn't want to pay for a transition team, and was onl…
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