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‘Shy’ Voters Probably Aren’t Why The Polls Missed Trump | FiveThirtyEight
Donald Trump won the presidential election despite polls that indicated Hillary Clinton was favored. One popular explanation for this is that some people were afraid to admit to pollsters that they supported Trump — what’s being called the “shy Trump” phenomenon. A review of the evidence, however, suggests that probably isn’t why the polls got Trump wrong.
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President Trump must go - The Washington Post
Significant because it doesn’t call for Trump's resignation.
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RT : US-Präsident hat sich jetzt distanziert von seinem Distanzieren von Rassisten. US-Komiker reagieren mit Fass…
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Trump's 'On Both Sides' Press Conference: A Key Image - The Atlantic
Tuesday’s press conference will very likely be remembered as a moment of extreme moral clarity—the moment in which the emperor, speaking in his golden chamber with the aid of scrolls and servants, revealed himself, once again, for what he is. But there was something else that crystallized in that press conference: that image of the president, taking the words of reconciliation—words that had been selected and edited and set in the permanence of print—and undoing them. The president privileging his own words, the work of a mind in a moment, over those that had been chosen for him. In an instant, the “we” of the statement had been replaced, effectively, with an “I.”
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Trump Knows Exactly What He’s Doing - The Atlantic
Trump wants to speak to Americans who disdain Nazis and disavow white supremacists, but who share their sense of cultural displacement, angry resentment at a diversifying nation, and conviction that white Americans are the real victims. Just as he converted birtherism from a fringe, racist belief into a mainstream (though no less racist) movement, Trump is trying to draw a line around a group of people who have beliefs that are substantially similar to those of white nationalists (and in some matters, neo-Nazis)—who are literally willing to march alongside them—and to make them acceptable in polite society because they say they are not neo-Nazis or white nationalists, but simply wish to protect their culture.
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When Aides Worry Their President Is Unhinged
It's happened before, and it stayed secret for years. Here's what went down.
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"Americans who strongly disapprove of ['s] job performance, 42%, outnumber those who strongly approve, 20%."…
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