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Have you been 'pwned' in a data breach? Troy Hunt can tell • The New York Times
<p>Hunt was invited to appear before Congress in late November to help lawmakers wrestle with this growing crisis of consumer data theft. In just the past two years, attackers have stolen sensitive information about hundreds of millions of people from the credit bureau Equifax, popular online services such as Uber and too many other companies to count.

Much of that stolen data flows directly into the black market. "Data breaches are another commodity, like heroin," Hunt testified Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Hunt's unlikely path from Queensland's Surfers Paradise Beach to what he describes as "fancy government things" on Capitol Hill has been a running joke since his invitation to testify was announced. Virginia Republican Rep. Morgan Griffith, introducing Hunt to lawmakers, noted that he "put on a suit and tie for us when he normally wears jeans and a black T-shirt."

Hunt said he splurged on the brand-new Hugo Boss suit and Australian outback-style boots because he didn't have anything else to wear. He also downloaded an app that instructed him on how to tie his necktie.

"Doing my best 'no really, I'm a professional' impersonation," he tweeted from the U.S. Capitol steps shortly before the hearing. "Did it work?"</p>
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Passwords Evolved
Authentication Guidance for the Modern Era.
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Troy Hunt on Twitter: "As of Jan last year, Dropbox had less than 1% of their user base using the optional 2FA (this was before their hacked data was released)"
As of Jan last year, Dropbox had less than 1% of their user base using the optional 2FA (this was before their hacked data was released)

— Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 25, 2017
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july 2017 by mjtsai

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