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[Misc] The Hawkins Three - Nonymos
It's two weeks after the Snow Ball, Nancy's officially with Jonathan, and Steve is trying to move forward. If only he wasn't on a path that keeps circling back to the both of them.
jonathan/steve/nancy  trope:polyamory  trope:sexuality_crisis  trope:first-time  trope:h/c  trope:bisexuality  wc:10-20k  located:ao3  threesome  misc  !topodfic 
6 weeks ago by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] Automatic - elevenoclock
Their parents joke about how close they all are, how the NTDP is as tight a group as any they’ve seen. And Jack bites his lip, turns his head away so he can smile, because they have no idea.
Jack loves his team, and they love him.
hughes/turcotte  caufield/hughes  trope:polyamory  trope:found_family  trope:established_relationship  wc:1-5k  located:ao3 
12 weeks ago by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] this feels like falling in love - bageldiscourse
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Alex would like to believe that, but he couldn’t imagine a fondness stronger than the one he feels every time he’s around them. He couldn’t imagine a world where his heart doesn’t skip a beat every time J.T. smiles, easy and pleased and, underneath it all, a little vulnerable. Or—when Tyson volunteers to help Alex make brownies, and looks over at Alex, the bridge of his nose dusted with flour and his hands sticky with chocolate.
When the three of them are driving to practice in the morning, Alex in the backseat and Tyson and J.T. holding hands and Alex just—wanting.
compher/jost  compher/jost/kerfoot  trope:polyamory  threesome  trope:pining  trope:domesticity  wc:5-10k  located:ao3  hockey 
may 2019 by ofjustimagine
[WC] The Love Nest - china_shop
Neal came into Peter's office and closed the door after him. He seemed pensive. "Um, Peter?"
"What?" Peter looked up, caught himself blushing, and looked back down at his paperwork. "What is it?"
"Your wife just asked me out on a date," said Neal.
elizabeth/peter/neal  trope:polyamory  threesome  trope:domesticity  wc:10-20k  located:ao3  white.collar 
may 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Misc] Confidence Artists - Fahye
The grey light of Spain carries their history with it, and it's gleaming through the cracks. // Two long cons, in thirteen conversations.
chel/miguel/tulio  trope:polyamory  threesome  wc:10-20k  located:ao3  misc 
may 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Misc] Why Can't We Go On As Three? - an0ther_dreamer
Between you two I got my two hands full
I got one to push and another one to pull
You’re the two that I want

An OT3 Mix.
fanmix  reference  threesome  trope:polyamory 
may 2019 by ofjustimagine
[MCU] There's My Territory - Dira Sudis (dsudis)
"That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."
steve/bucky/sam  steve/sam  kink:crossdressing  threesome  trope:polyamory  wc:20-30k  located:ao3  mcu 
april 2019 by ofjustimagine
[TW] Drop Dead Sprint - captainkoirk
There's bad blood between them, drying on her knives and under his claws. But Allison sees how Scott touches Isaac's shoulder, his elbow, his hip, and she stands closer, when Isaac has good days. She smiles at him and asks him to join her and Scott when they study, and she lets his long silences pass by.
Isaac's smile is a small, wry thing, but it makes Allison's chest go tight and funny.
scott/allison/isaac  trope:polyamory  threesome  wc:10-20k  located:ao3  teen.wolf 
march 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] Within the Walls - getoffmyhead
Between the three of them, they'd owned houses all over the world. They had a vacation house in Florida, a lake house in Nova Scotia, and a condo in Moscow, but there's only one house they truly call home.
crosby/kasterova/malkin  trope:established_relationship  trope:polyamory  threesome  trope:kidfic  trope:futurefic  wc:5-10k  located:ao3  hockey 
february 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] A Marriage - sevenfists
Sid was smiling at her. He was a nice guy. He was trying. He had brought her flowers. He wanted her to like him, and Anya wanted to like him, she wanted everything to work out, for Zhenya to be happy, and for her and Sid to get along. She thought they probably would. Zhenya loved him for a reason.
“Of course,” she said. She believed it then, watching his smile. “I think we’ll be friends.”
crosby/kasterova/malkin  trope:polyamory  threesome  kink:sexting  wc:40-50k  located:ao3  hockey 
february 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] i will give you every part of me - bageldiscourse
Brady, shirtless with a baby in his lap—he repeats what’s in front of him over and over in his head enough times for it to make sense and comes up empty, because where the fuck would Brady have gotten a baby overnight without telling either of them.
hayes/skjei/vesey  trope:kidfic  trope:polyamory  wc:1-5k  located:ao3  hockey 
february 2019 by ofjustimagine
[WC] Perfect Beautiful Good - OnYourMark
Neal Caffrey doesn't know it, but he's probably the best thing that ever happened to Peter and Elizabeth's sex life.
elizabeth/peter/neal  threesome  trope:polyamory  wc:20-30k  located:ao3  white.collar 
january 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Hockey] ocean's brawl - mozartspiano
Today is Thursday and Thursday means it is the day Mitch gets the role of his goddamn dreams.
marner/matthews/nylander  trope:polyamory  threesome  au  trope:enemies  wc:5-10k  located:ao3  hockey 
january 2019 by ofjustimagine
[Venom] taking everyone for a ride - Nonymos
Things Eddie Brock flirts with on a regular basis: death, insanity, his ex, his ex’s new boyfriend, and also the alien symbiote that lives inside his body. Not bad for a loser with no game, really.
eddie/venom  eddie/venom/anne/dan  trope:polyamory  kink:tentacles  kink:breathplay  kink:bondage  wc:40-50k  located:ao3  misc 
january 2019 by ofjustimagine
[WC] Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl - lightgetsin
Summer, 1998. Neal Caffrey robs the gallery where Elizabeth O'Dell is working late, and comes away with a lot more than art. Agent Burke has no idea what's about to hit him.
elizabeth/peter/neal  au  trope:polyamory  trope:action  threesome  wc:20-30k  located:ao3  misc  white.collar 
october 2018 by ofjustimagine
[PSA] you can be just what i want - gdgdbaby, insunshine
Lovett's working three fingers inside of himself, sweating and breathing hard, when Ronan says, "So have you given it some more thought?"
trope:polyamory  trope:open.relationships  trope:relationship.negotiation  threesome  moresome  wc:50-100k  located:ao3  misc.rpf 
september 2018 by ofjustimagine

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trope:first-time  trope:foodservice  trope:found_family  trope:foundfamily  trope:friends-to-lovers  trope:friendstolovers  trope:fuckbuddies  trope:futurefic  trope:genderfuck  trope:genderfuck:always-a  trope:ghosts  trope:h/c  trope:heart-hurty  trope:highschool  trope:holiday  trope:homophobia  trope:hot  trope:humor  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:kidfic  trope:kidnapping  trope:kink  trope:kink_negotiation  trope:kissing  trope:magic  trope:misunderstandings  trope:mpreg  trope:nightmares  trope:open.relationships  trope:others_find_out  trope:outsider_pov  trope:pack  trope:pining  trope:pregnancy  trope:ptsd  trope:pwp  trope:relationship.negotiation  trope:relationshipnegotiation  trope:schmoop  trope:sexuality_crisis  trope:sexwork  trope:shapechange-animal  trope:soulbonding  trope:superpowers  trope:sweet  trope:tattoos/piercings  trope:theavengers:tower/mansion  trope:tourfic  trope:vampires  trope:violence  trope:werewolves  warning:dub-con  wc:1-5k  wc:10-20k  wc:10000-19999  wc:1001-4999  wc:100k+  wc:20-30k  wc:20000-49999  wc:30-40k  wc:40-50k  wc:40-60k  wc:5-10k  wc:50-100k  wc:5000-9999  wc:50000-99999  white.collar  wordcount:10k-15k  wordcount:1k-5k  wordcount:20k-50k  wordcount:5k-10k 

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