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Oddity in the Room - thenafics - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is larger than any omega he’s ever seen and towers over most alphas as well, so most challengers take one look at him and try to go for anyone that looks a little less likely to shred them. So, after years of unsuccessful mating seasons, Jason has just decided he’ll stay unmatched forever if this season doesn’t work out. Then they bring in this little shrimp of an alpha for a test fight and Jason finds himself pinned to the floor in minutes. Even weirder than that, the little alpha has actually decided he wants Jason to be his.

pairing:jason/tim  au:abo  f:dcu  char:jason-todd  au:no-capes  type:fic  pairing:cass/steph  wc:1k5k  trope:sparring  pov:jason-todd  trope:first-meetings  pairing:jason+steph  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  kink:omega!jason  char:tim-drake  char:stephanie-brown 
august 2019 by toobufftorebuff
A good start - BlueAlmond - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Clark loves being an elementary school teacher, but it breaks his heart to see any of his students hurting. So, when he notices Jason waiting over forty minutes every day for someone to pick him up, he decides to have a word with his father.

The meeting will not go the way he expected.

trope:kids  char:clark-kent  pairing:bruce/clark  char:jason-todd  au:no-capes  f:dcu  trope:protectiveness  wc:1k5k  char:bruce-wayne  au:single-parent  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  genre:fluff  trope:kid!jason  trope:parenthood  pov:clark-kent  type:fic  genre:kidfic 
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Assembling the Team - myadamantiumheart - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Five repeat offenders, regulars in Counselor Grayson's small office in the administration building at Gotham Central Senior High, are hand-picked by the Counselor himself to participate in his very first semester-long session of after school group therapy.
(A High-School AU where Dick is a school counselor and the other Bat-Kids are his troubled students.)

char:bruce-wayne  au:no-capes  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  char:dick-grayson  wc:<1k  genre:kidfic  type:fic  author:myadamantiumheart  series:Much-Needed-Therapy  au:highschool  char:damian-wayne  trope:kids  trope:therapy  char:jason-todd  setting:school  char:stephanie-brown  trope:mental-health-issues  f:dcu  char:cassandra-cain  pov:dick-grayson  char:tim-drake 
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At Least It Was Here - artemine - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Clark answered, still snarling, “I think I misread the situation. I didn’t understand the father was twice as rude as the son.”
“And I don’t understand why you can’t stay in your goddamn lane, Journalism,” Bruce said aggressively, getting a step closer to Clark.
101,864 (wip)
char:dick-grayson  pov:clark-kent  wc:50k+  trope:first-meetings  f:dcu  char:alfred-pennyworth  wc:wip  char:harleen-quinzel  pov:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  au:college/university  trope:bad-first-impressions  pairing:bruce/clark  char:roy-harper  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  pov:multiple  char:hal-jordan  char:oliver-queen  char:tim-drake  char:diana-prince  pairing:jason+roy  char:clark-kent  pairing:dick/jason  char:damian-wayne  pov:bruce-wayne  char:selina-kyle  au:no-capes  type:fic  char:bruce-wayne  au:professor  pov:jason-todd 
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high rolling - Anonymous - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“C’mon Jaybird, please? I’m trying to, I don't really know what I’m doing to be honest, but I’m doing a thing and the principal hates my guts and it’d be worth it for you, I swear.” were Roy's exact words and honestly, he was so sure that Roy was just memeing on him but hot dang Roy fucking Harper was right. This was so worth the 10 minute jog and Kori’s wrath for ditching their bi-weekly mondate.
char:bruce-wayne  char:roy-harper  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  trope:kids  pov:jason-todd  pairing:jason+kids  trope:children  wc:1k5k  char:jason-todd  type:fic  au:no-capes  trope:childcare  f:dcu  pairing:bruce/jason  genre:fluff  pairing:jason+roy  char:lian-harper 
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A Cup of Jason - timeisntreal - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Jason knows the rumors about students sleeping with Professor Bruce Wayne to get good grades are false. But that doesn't mean he can't want to get to know the charismatic college teacher.
setting:coffee-shop/bakery  au:no-capes  char:bruce-wayne  genre:fluff  au:professor  au:coffee-shop  trope:flirting  pov:jason-todd  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  char:jason-todd  pairing:bruce/jason  type:fic  f:dcu  wc:1k5k  au:college/university 
october 2018 by toobufftorebuff
School's Out - BeautyInTheLibrary - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Jason Todd hated to break bad news to parents, not usually cause of the news itself, mainly cause he just hated to deal with parents who thought he should suddenly be every one of his students parent when they were at school. He was a teacher, he seriously did not get paid enough for that. But he called in Damian's father cause he knew it was the only way to get through to the kid. He was expecting Dick Grayson to be like many of the other parents that darkened his door way, but he was nothing at all like his expectations and he was also unfairly attractive. And single.
trope:obliviousness  wc:1k5k  warning:racism  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  pov:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  char:damian-wayne  type:fic  trope:childcare  pairing:damian+jason  trope:first-meetings  trope:bullying  pairing:jason+kids  trope:flirting  au:professor  pairing:dick/jason  setting:school  trope:kids  au:no-capes  char:jason-todd  trope:protectiveness  f:dcu  trope:children 
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Parent-Teacher Conferences - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim glanced at his daughter again and caught her looking away from him, but not before he saw the barest hint of a smile on her face. He knew that look. He’d seen it on Steph’s face a million times.

“What are you up to, little bean?” Tim asked bluntly.

Wide blue eyes gazed back at him. “Nothing, Daddy! I promise!”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  char:stephanie-brown  au:no-capes  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  trope:kids  trope:children  trope:childcare  trope:matchmaking  genre:fluff  wc:1k5k  pov:tim-drake  au:single-parent  trope:parenthood 
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Kids Say the Darndest Things - GeneratorCat - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
“Grayson said you wish to bear his offspring.” Damian looks up at him with big, overly innocent eyes. “Are you going to adopt like Father did? Or do you have a uterus?”

A strained whine slips from Jason’s mouth. He forces out a cough to try and cover it up, but it’s pretty useless at this point.

Tim raises his eyebrows, a small grin in place. “Well that sure is a good question.”
f:dcu  type:fic  author:GeneratorCat  pairing:jason/tim  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  char:damian-wayne  genre:humor  genre:light  trope:misunderstandings  trope:awkward-situations  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  trope:kids  trope:childcare  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  au:professor  trope:pining  trope:secrets-revealed  au:no-capes  pairing:damian/jon  genre:fluff  trope:children  trope:crushes  wc:oneshot  relationship:getting-together 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Teacher AU (Jason and Bruce)
Jason can’t help but feel a little nervous. After all, it’s not everyday he gets to sit down and talk to Bruce Wayne, one of the richest men in the world. Then again, he never would have expected to have his son Damian in his class either. This is a public school, not a private school.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:chibi_nightowl  pairing:bruce+jason  pairing:bruce/jason  pairing:gen  char:jason-todd  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:damian+jason  au:no-capes  trope:first-meetings  wc:1k5k  pov:jason-todd  au:professor  au:single-parent  trope:childcare  setting:school  trope:occupation(teacher/professor) 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
crooked truth — who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent with...
Jason never thought the skills he’d polished during his life as a juvenile delinquent would be useful in his life as a somewhat respectable adult, but they were today. Life was a boomerang like that way, one where the past constantly swung back when you least expected. The lock opened with a soft snick, and Jason eased the side door open and close without hitch. The elementary school hallways were empty now, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Getting caught sneaking in after the tardy bell wasn’t part of his plan.
pairing:jason+kids  type:fic  f:dcu  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  au:single-parent  author:empires  trope:kids  trope:children  char:jason-todd  trope:childcare  wc:drabble  char:dick-grayson  wc:<1k  pov:jason-todd  pairing:dick/jason  au:no-capes  trope:parenthood 
february 2018 by toobufftorebuff
I'd Kill For You Is The New I Love You - Chrystie, kate882 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
That didn't necessarily mean that Nightwing didn't actually recognize him. Jason knew that he liked to play with his kills. But it could also mean that Nightwing wasn't being Nightwing right now, just like Jason wasn't being Red Hood, and that he was just flirting with Jason.
trope:flirting  pairing:dick/jason  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:secret-identity  trope:secrets  f:dcu  type:fic  wc:5k10k  pov:jason-todd  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  trope:occupation(teacher/professor)  au:assassin  trope:occupation(assassin/hitman)  setting:coffee-shop/bakery  wc:1k5k 
january 2018 by toobufftorebuff

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