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Chapter 1: Magic // Sugar Daddy
“Jay, you know… I’m not with you because you keep summoning all these nightmarish plagues of biblical proportions, or the constant lurking threat of you bringing down the apocalypse on Gotham through the dark powers of your unholy resurrection. And I’m definitely not with you because you threatened to sacrifice Bruce to Anubis or whatever while you were still a raving nutcase because the way Ra’s brought you back combined explosively with your inherent latent and hitherto unknown magical powers to drive you literally crazy for a while.”

Jason’s still staring at him uncertainly, so Tim rolls his eyes. “I like you, okay?”
trope:supernatural-abilities  author:njw  trope:pranks  char:jason-todd  genre:light  char:tim-drake  wc:1k5k  relationship:love-confessions  au:god  au:alternate-history  genre:crack  trope:shenanigans  pairing:jason/tim  genre:humor  f:dcu  type:fic  trope:magic  trope:creatures(gods)  au:magic  pov:tim-drake  warning:kidnapping  trope:confessions-of-feelings  trope:insecurities  char:bruce-wayne  trope:mythology  genre:fluff  relationship:established-relationship 
november 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Birds of a Feather - Skalidra, firefright - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
A shooting star in Hell's sky can only ever mean one thing, and there's no way Slade is going to stand back and let another Fallen Angel be ripped apart and enslaved by its demonic denizens. Bringing the boy - Jason - back to his sanctuary is easy. Getting him to accept his new status and find the will to live through it, on the other hand... That's a whole other conflict.
f:dcu  type:fic  author:Skalidra  author:firefright  series:The-Weight-of-Wings  pairing:jason/slade  char:jason-todd  char:slade-wilson  pov:slade-wilson  au:no-capes  trope:creatures  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  trope:mythology  genre:angst  genre:h/c  trope:wings  wc:1k5k  trope:first-meetings  au:angel  au:demon  trope:fallen-angels  kink:jason!whump  trope:gallant-rescues  fav  kink:sub!jason  kink:obedience  kink:power-imbalance  kink:orders  trope:cuddles  trope:sleeping-together  trope:bed-sharing  trope:protectiveness  warning:referenced-noncon/dubcon 
september 2018 by toobufftorebuff
fuckin demon fucking
The Gates of Janus are enormous things set into a fence too wide to see the ends of and too tall to climb over. Made of a black stone that burns to the touch, they surround a wide swath of Hell’s territory near the veil between their realm and Purgatory. On either side lie two gates, both open in times of unrest and closed in times of peace -- that is to say, they’re never closed.
au:demon  kink:biting  kink:sub!jason  kink:violence  au:no-capes  f:dcu  kink:blood  kink:pain  type:fic  kink:bruises  wc:1k5k  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  kink:masochism  kink:brutal  trope:mythological-creatures  genre:pwp  trope:royalty/nobility  kink:bondage  kink:genital-torture  kink:begging  setting:hell  genre:smut  trope:mythology  trope:wings  kink:sadism  char:jason-todd  pov:jason-todd  kink:bdsm  fav  kink:bondage(pillory/stocks)  author:MissNaya  kink:subspace  kink:bottom!jason  kink:rough  kink:knife-play  pairing:jason/roman  warning:unhealthy-relationships  kink:finger-fucking  char:roman-sionis 
june 2018 by toobufftorebuff
How to Get Scientific with Folklore and Legends, Dammit - possession is 9/10ths of the law
LJ is a far darker place than ever I'd realized. Like, there are people hanging out here who voluntarily listen to "Aqualung." And who get all...philosophical and shit. *wary look* At least I know who the troublemakers are now. Freaks.

Since I can't properly smudge my LJ to purify it of that taint, I'm doing the next best thing: updating with a wee bit of archaeological neepage that goes heavy on SPN-related resources. Check this out:
type:reference  type:storyref  ref:mythology  ref:folklore  ref:supernatural  ref:horror  trope:mythology  trope:mythological-creatures  ref:history 
may 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Wild Ambition Fortune's Ice Prefers - Chapter 1 - amberfox17 - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Thor went storming into Jotunheim he was looking to start a fight, but accidently winds up a pawn in Odin and Laufey's plans for a permanent peace between the realms; namely, in exchange for the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters, Laufey is offering his firstborn child Loki, the Aesir-sized sorcerer, in marriage to Thor. Such a momentous decision is not to be taken lightly, so Odin sends Thor to live on Jotunheim - without Mjolnir - for a season with Loki, to get to know his prospective consort and to teach the wilful prince some diplomatic sense. Thor is horrified, his parents are insistent and no-one really knows what Loki is thinking, but he hasn't stopped smiling...
Or, a jotun AU arranged marriage worldbuilding fic, featuring a confused Thor, a manipulative bastard Loki, Jotunheim politics, a slow burn developing relationship and a motley arrangement of characters from Marvel and myth.//

SUPERB worldbuilding
Medium:fanfic  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/thor  author:amberfox17  length:>100Kwords  rating:fivestars  trope:jotunloki  trope:jotunheim  trope:mythology  trope:asgardianpolitics  trope:arrangedmarriage  trope:marriageofconvenience  trope:culturaldifferences  trope:enemiestolovers  trope:misunderstandings  trope:secrets  trope:scheming  trope:magic  trope:peoplefindingoutthings 
may 2018 by ifshehadwings
Tapestry - Chapter 1 - Arvensis5 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
While in prison on Asgard, Frigga devises her own punishment for her wayward son – she bestows upon Loki the curse of watching the different pathways of what might have been during the attack on Midgard. In one thread, he accepted the drink from Stark. In another, Stark saved him from death. In every thread, the infuriating mortal captures Loki's attention. Now, every time he closes his eyes, Loki walks the threads of fate that never were and that never will be, and in doing so, he must learn from the past to find the future that Frigga has already foretold from the tapestry of fate.//

The threads stop when Frigga dies, but it turns out she was prepared for that and spoke to Tony in secret.
Medium:fanfic  fandom:mcu  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony  length:20K-49Kwords  author:arvensis5  rating:fivestars  trope:magic  trope:prophecy  trope:precognition  trope:mythology  trope:secrets  trope:peoplefindingoutthings  trope:punishment  trope:redemption 
may 2018 by ifshehadwings
When Lightning Meets the Ground - Chapter 1 - Skalidra - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is what people call a 'god-touched'; one gifted power by a god and sworn to their service. Dick is one of the fae, with lightning at his fingertips and running through his veins, not that Jason is told any of that when he's set to hunt Dick down and kill him. It's only once they meet that Jason considers any course of action apart from following the orders of his god, and Dick... Well, there's no easier way to sway a fae than with the taste of a god's power.
6427 (wip)
trope:mythology  au:magic  genre:plot  char:dick-grayson  kink:masochism  pov:first-person  trope:magic  trope:supernatural-abilities  trope:fairy-tale-themes  trope:supernatural-elements  kink:biting  trope:bad-first-impressions  trope:slavery  type:fic  f:dcu  author:Skalidra  trope:creatures(fae)  pairing:dick/jason  pov:dick-grayson  trope:possessiveness  trope:first-meetings  wc:wip  trope:UST  trope:creatures  wc:5k10k  trope:horror  au:fae  trope:occupation(assassin/hitman)  au:fantasy  trope:flirting  au:no-capes  char:jason-todd  trope:wings  trope:mythological-creatures  pov:multiple  trope:creatures(gods)  trope:death  pov:jason-todd  trope:resurrection  relationship:predator/prey 
april 2018 by toobufftorebuff
brother of the Furies (of blood, bullets, and gun smoke) - InfinityIllusion - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Jason, like most people, has his altar to his patrons. Said patrons just happen to be a little more than most people can handle, but then, there's no kill like overkill, and Jason has always wanted justice (and vengeance).

(Aka: This was supposed to be serious and just took a left turn to crackishness.)
char:barbara-gorden  trope:pining  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:mythology  trope:self-sacrifice  char:cassandra-cain  type:fic  trope:protectiveness  wc:1k5k  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:creatures(gods)  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:captured  au:mythology  pov:jason-todd  char:talia-al-ghul  char:dick-grayson  pairing:dick/jason  genre:angst 
april 2018 by toobufftorebuff
The One Consumed - Zillabird - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is a nature god with too much power and not nearly enough control. A mistake makes his father, King of the Gods, send him to the Underworld for a short period of time to see the consequences of further reckless behavior. There he meets King Richard, ruler of the Underworld and god of the dead, lonely and desperate for affection. But nature gods weren't meant for darkness and death and soon Jason is eager to return to the surface.

Only Dick might not be ready to let go...
pov:dick-grayson  trope:ginger!jason  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:bruce/selina  pov:jason-todd  author:Zillabird  genre:plot  char:dick-grayson  pov:multiple  char:damian-wayne  genre:angst  trope:protectiveness  type:fic  f:dcu  fav  wc:wip  char:tim-drake  char:jason-todd  pairing:dick/jason  char:talia-al-ghul  trope:immortality  trope:danger  au:no-capes  trope:mythology  char:selina-kyle  au:god  char:ra's-al-ghul  pairing:bruce/talia  au:mythology  pairing:jason+talia  relationship:developing-relationship  trope:creatures(gods) 
march 2018 by toobufftorebuff
Some_Impossible_Fairytale: These Ties That Bind Bear Jewels (as proof that greater love lies further deep)
Persephone/ Hades AU

Caroline, Goddess of Spring has just returned from her first time in her new husband's realm. Notably upset by this series of events and how useless the others were Caroline doesn't plan on staying married to Klaus, King of the Dead for very long. Over the next six months, Caroline's determined to find a way out and doesn't expect to find herself failing...or rather falling.
fandom:vampire-diaries  genre:AU  AU:alternate-universe  klaus-mikaelson  caroline-forbes  enzo-st-john  trope:mythology  p:caroline/klaus 
january 2018 by notabene
Permanent Resident
Alec is Persephone and just wants to spend a weekend with his boyfriend in peace. Only issue: Magnus is Hades, and visiting him means taking a trip to the land of the dead. Magnus is understandably wary, but Alec’s not deterred – all they have to do is make sure Alec doesn’t eat anything from down there and everything will be fine.
Also starring Jace as a traumatized Hermes, Maryse as a furious Demeter, and Izzy, Clary, and Maia as the Fate Sisters reeled in to help with an unprecedented dilemma.
“I think I would remember if I had–” And then the words catch in Alec’s throat as a single, terrible thought occurs to him. He slowly turns to look at Magnus, whose face has gone deathly pale from the same realization. Against his will, his gaze drops to Magnus’ crotch. Alec – Alec definitely had something in his mouth while he’s been down here.
fandom:shadowhunters  pairing:malec  author:bumblebeesknees  Loc:AO3  WC:11-20K  genre:au  trope:mythology 
november 2017 by khyie
[Hockey] unquenchable thirst in our throats - helveticaneue
He spends those decades learning how to play, until he’s good enough to make it, he thinks. He’s not a natural like some humans are. The water, frozen white, is not like the wine dark waves of the Mediterranean where he used to swim with his sisters, off the rocky shores of their remote island. He trains the cold and the wrongness of the ice out of him until he loves it, loves it like he’s never loved anything.
It’s okay to love things. It’s not like how humans love. It’s like how he once loved wrecking ships on rocky shores.

barzal/chabot  trope:mythology  pg-13  wc:1-5k  located:ao3  hockey 
october 2017 by ofjustimagine

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trope:creature(robots&androids)  trope:creature(satyr)  trope:creature(selkie)  trope:creature(unicorns)  trope:creatures(angels&demons)  trope:creatures(fae)  trope:creatures(gods)  trope:creatures(merfolk)  trope:creatures(robots&androids)  trope:creatures(selkies)  trope:creatures(vampires)  trope:creatures  trope:cuddles  trope:culturaldifferences  trope:danger  trope:daring-escapes  trope:dates  trope:death  trope:deception  trope:denial-of-feelings  trope:drunken-confessions  trope:emotion(emotional-constipation)  trope:emotion(grief/mourning)  trope:emotion(guilt)  trope:emotion(pining)  trope:emotion(protectiveness)  trope:emotional-constipation  trope:enemiestolovers  trope:fairy-tale-themes  trope:fallen-angels  trope:first-meetings  trope:flirting  trope:g/s(gender-changes)  trope:g/s(non-binary)  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:ginger!jason  trope:grief/mourning  trope:handcuffed-together  trope:horror  trope:hunting  trope:immortality  trope:imprisoned  trope:inexperience  trope:insecurities  trope:intoxication  trope:jotunheim  trope:jotunloki  trope:kids(babies)  trope:kids  trope:language-barrier  trope:lies  trope:love-spells  trope:magic  trope:marriageofconvenience  trope:medical(disability)  trope:medical(injury)  trope:mental-health-issues(ptsd)  trope:military  trope:misunderstandings  trope:monsters  trope:music  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:near-death-experiences  trope:norns  trope:obliviousness  trope:occupation(artist)  trope:occupation(assassin/hitman)  trope:occupation(doctor)  trope:occupation(guardian-angel)  trope:peoplefindingoutthings  trope:perfect-characterizations  trope:peril  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:pining  trope:possessiveness  trope:postinfinitywar  trope:pranks  trope:precognition  trope:prophecy  trope:protectiveness  trope:punishment  trope:quests  trope:realization-of-feelings  trope:realizations  trope:redemption  trope:reincarnation  trope:relationship(arranged-marriage)  trope:relationship(courtship)  trope:relationship(developing-relationship)  trope:relationship(established-relationship)  trope:relationship(friendship-is-magic)  trope:relationship(marriage)  trope:relationship(mutual-pining)  trope:religious-themes  trope:resurrection  trope:royalty/nobility  trope:rumors  trope:schemes  trope:scheming  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:secrets  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:self-sacrifice  trope:shenanigans  trope:slavery  trope:sleeping-together  trope:soulbond  trope:spells&curses  trope:spells-and-curses  trope:supernatural-abilities  trope:supernatural-creatures  trope:supernatural-elements  trope:trapped  trope:ust  trope:wings  type:au  type:fic  type:reference  type:storyref  type:sweet  warning:abuse  warning:bad-parents  warning:child-abuse  warning:dubcon  warning:kidnapping  warning:major-character-death  warning:manipulation  warning:near-death-experiences  warning:past-noncon  warning:referenced-noncon/dubcon  warning:underage  warning:unhealthy-relationships  warning:victim-blaming(self-victim-blaming)  warning:victim-blaming  wc:<1k  wc:1-5k  wc:10k20k  wc:11-20k  wc:1k5k  wc:20k50k  wc:5-10k  wc:50k+  wc:5k10k  wc:drabble  wc:oneshot  wc:wip  xavi-hernandes 

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