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Warped! - A Little Heroes AU fic! | drsquee
8yr old Wade Wilson finds himself teleported to a new universe where everyone's an adult! How will the lil merc-in-training find his way home!? Can a certain wall-crawler hero help him? And where is his counterpart in all this?!
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:TimeTravel  Author:Drsquee  Length:20.000-40.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Uber Cute and Pocket-Sized | TheEmcee
Gandalf was getting thoroughly annoyed by the dwarves, so he decided to try and place a spell on them. Unfortunately, thanks to the dwarves being quite good with shields and dodging in general, Bilbo is hit with the spell instead, much to Thorin's chagrin and Gandalf's amusement. And what ensues?
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:Pre-Slash  Trope:Transformation  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:TheEmcee  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Thorin's Headache | lilithiumwords
Bilbo is turned into a child. In keeping with his childhood personality, he creates chaos all around him and a massive headache for Thorin Oakenshield.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Transformation  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Lilithiumwords  Length:0-1.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
The After Stories | thebiffstar
A few years after the end of his journey, Bilbo Baggins is forced to leave his home, with two young hobbits.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Thebiffstar  Length:20.000-40.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Sometimes it's just that easy | authoressjean
Two weeks after the bookstore, Thorin finally calls Bilbo, after prodding from Dwalin.

It goes about as well as he expects it to, and that is to say, it's a disaster. Between his stammering and Fili's determination to get Thorin a date, it's a wonder Bilbo doesn't hang up right on the spot.

Thank god he only seems amused.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:AU  Author:Authoressjean  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Some Things Never Change | hchollym
Bilbo and Thorin are accidentally de-aged into young children, and the company is forced to babysit them while Gandalf thinks of a solution. Little Bilbo is a trouble-maker and a flirt, and little Thorin has an attitude and a massive puppy crush on the hobbit.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Transformation  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Hchollym  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Please Tread Lightly When Surrounded By Young Hobbits | SailorFish
A story of how Bilbo's blood pressure rose greatly when faced with tiny cousins, nieces, and nephews coming to visit Erebor for his and Thorin's wedding; a story of how nobody else noticed/cared because they were too busy squeeing at tiny Hobbits that barely reached their waists.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:Established  Trope:Domestic  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:Marriage  Author:SailorFish  Length:10.000-20.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Not Even In Its Smallest Measurement | Heyerette
Almost a year after the Battle, Bilbo has settled back into Bag End, readying himself for a nightcap when he suddenly finds himself looking down at a strange dwarf-babe in his arms.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Pining  Trope:Transformation  Trope:Oblivious  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Heyerette  Length:5.000-10.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Life's Greatest Treasures Come from Within | malum_animi
Over his life Bilbo Baggins has blamed many things on his Took blood. Running out his front door after a company of Dwarves is one of them. Falling in love with Thorin Oakenshield is another. So after almost a week of throwing up at the smell of food, Bilbo knows exactly what to blame.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:Established  Trope:MPreg  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Malum_animi  Length:20.000-40.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
idylls of the king | aerospaces
Thorin a single parent/uncle, Bilbo babysits. Fili and Kili are a handful. Essentially NANNY AU where Thorin is a perturbed Detective Inspector navigating through life.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:Domestic  Author:Aerospaces  Length:10.000-20.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Gathering Dwarrows | TanukiMara
'Bilbo Baggins stared irritably at the thick silver bands before him, thinking them more like shackles without chains than the symbols of love and maturity they were supposed to be. He did not want to be bonded, did not want a husband or wife, and did not want the responsibility that came with these damn things.'
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:Bonding  Author:TanukiMara  Length:60.000-100.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
flowers in your hair | sparklyulz
The first time Bilbo pulled open the wide door to Bag End and found Dwarves decorating his carpet he had been much younger and easily frightened by anything that stood more than four feet off the ground. The second time he pulled open his door and found a herd of Dwarves, (rather miraculously), on their feet he wasn’t particularly frightened or even really all that surprised.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:Established  Trope:Domestic  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Sparklyulz  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
An Unexpected Son | Luthorchickv2
Bilbo left Erebor with a treasure more precious then gold or rings. What happens when the dwarves discover Frodo? Will Thorin bend enough to admit he was wrong to force Bilbo to leave?
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:Established  Trope:MPreg  Trope:Family  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Luthorchickv2  Length:5.000-10.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
An Unexpected Exchange | TanukiMara
Bilbo always knew there was something off about his nephew. He didn't fit in amongst the hobbits.

And when a stranger shows up on his doorstep claiming that the boy is not his nephew at all, things get a bit... complicated.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Family  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:TanukiMara  Length:10.000-20.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
An Unexpected Addition | karategal
All of the dwarves survive the Battle of the Five Armies, but Bilbo must return to the Shire to sort out his old life and make way for a new one in Erebor. Over one year later, Bilbo comes back to the Lonely Mountain with a recently orphaned Frodo. King Thorin isn't quite sure what to make of this new, tiny addition to his Company.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:CulturalMisunderstandings  Trope:Courting  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:Domestic  Author:Karategal  Length:60.000-100.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Alone is a word not meant for you | authoressjean
The holidays are fast approaching, and Thorin's been dreading them, now that it's just him and his nephews. Harder still given that Fili still barely speaks and hasn't really since Dis died.

So when Kili drags them into the bookstore to look for children's literature author Mr. Baggins' new book, and they find the author himself reading his latest, Thorin isn't expecting anything beyond maybe making his nephews a little happier.

He certainly isn't expecting to find something for himself but he may have done just that.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:Domestic  Author:Authoressjean  Length:5.000-10.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
All Roads Lead to Home | Starkindler
Bilbo comes across two young Dwarves and must embark on an adventure to the East to take them home.
Series:MiddleEarth  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Starkindler  Length:20.000-40.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Mr. Parker | Spiro
Peter Parker is a painfully ordinary fifth grade teacher that has an extraordinary one night stand with a stranger. Too bad that stranger turns out to be one of Peter's student's dad.

Based on the tumblr AU:
“We hooked up last night and it turns out you are my child’s teacher.”
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Spiro  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Unforgettable | deafmic
With his husband out of town, his friends all busy, the school term over, and all his work either dried up or completely done, twenty-nine year-old Aizawa Shouta finds himself incredibly bored. As most bored pro heroes do, Shouta looks for a case to solve and comes across that of a man terrorizing children in a district near where Shouta grew up.

Investigating leads Shouta to a forum for underground heroes that particularly focuses on his hero persona, and then to a specific person, a fourteen year-old kid who goes by the screen-name 'Mindjack', who is Eraserhead's biggest fan and happens to live in the district where Shouta's villain is.

Late night chats lead to Shouta getting attached to this kid and slowly becoming more and more intent on taking down the villain threatening his neighborhood.
Series:MyHeroAcademia  Pairing:SAizawa/HYamada  Relationship:Established  Trope:Kid!Fic  Trope:CaseFic  Trope:Comfort  Trope:SecretID  Author:Deafmic  Length:10.000-20.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
(No) Cause for Concern | Lumelle
The king is concerned about what Sidon's love for Link means for the continuation of the royal line. While Sidon wastes no time in convincing his father there is no cause for worry, Link takes a rather more direct approach to problem solving, as usual.

It is sometimes a wondrous thing to be favored by the Goddess herself.
Series:Zelda  Pairing:Link/Sidon  Relationship:Established  Trope:Family  Trope:MPreg  Trope:Kid!Fic  Author:Lumelle  Length:1.000-5.000 
april 2019 by anandarres

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