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What about you? | cambion
"No one knows they’re gay when they’re twelve, Sasuke.”
“I did.”

Or, the fic in which Naruto's best friends are both gay and he has a lot to figure out about himself.
Series:Naruto  Pairing:Naruto/Sasuke  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Cambion  Length:10.000-20.000 
april 2019 by anandarres
Don't Call Captain America Dad | Eudoxia
Peter accidentally tells his parents he's Spider-man. And now he has to deal with his stupid parents being stupid. And overprotective.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Tony/Steve  Relationship:Established  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:ComingOut  Trope:SecretID  Trope:Family  Author:Eudoxia  Length:1.000-5.000 
march 2019 by anandarres
Proof by Contradiction | astolat
What sucked most was the sinking feeling that McKay was handling the whole thing better than he was.
Series:Stargate-SG-1  Pairing:McKay/Sheppard  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:SexPollen  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Astolat  Length:5.000-10.000 
march 2019 by anandarres
if i could taste the words i need | oogenesis
"I was a prince," he says. "I could not - be like that. It would be shameful -"

Yuugi is squeezing his hand so tightly the knuckles are going white. Atem stops and takes a deep breath and says quietly, "It was very stressful for me."
Series:Yugioh  Pairing:MYuugi/Atem  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:ComingOut  Trope:Comfort  Author:Oogenesis  Length:1.000-5.000 
march 2019 by anandarres
Ever the Same | fantasyworld
Klavier is secretly trans, female to male. He's been very lucky in the fact that despite being female, he's been pretty masculine.

He's really close to being able to have transition surgery, and being able to ditch the binder and such for good, but until then, his partner Apollo absolutely cannot find out, seeing as Klavier's scared his 100% gay boyfriend will leave him if he does.

Of course, Apollo's gonna find out
Series:AceAttorney  Pairing:KlavierGavin/ApolloJustice  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Comfort  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Fantasyworld  Length:1.000-5.000 
march 2019 by anandarres
A Grimm in the Snow | pristineungift
Sequel to A Wolf By the Hand, but can stand alone. Nick and Monroe are struggling to find a new balance in their relationship, when people start vanishing at a mountain resort. Nick is sent to investigate, under cover as a guest of the resort. Suspecting that wesen may be involved, he brings Monroe along.
Series:Grimm  Pairing:Nick/Monroe  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:Accidental_Bonding  Trope:Marriage  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Pristineungift  Length:10.000-20.000 
june 2018 by anandarres
Dog inside the heart - Chapter 1 - thebookhunter - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Thor and Loki are the children of a dynasty of great actors. Their mother Frigga is a grande dame of the stage and muse of the finest European movie directors, their father Odin is going down in history as the Lawrence Olivier of his time.

Thor and Loki are following on their steps, with everything to prove, to themselves and to the world.

But as they become dragged under the public eye, so does their past, full of secrets and lies.

There are things that not even Thor can protect Loki from.
Medium:fanfic  fandom:thor  fandom:mcu  pairing:loki/thor  length:>100Kwords  author:thebookhunter  rating:fivestars  genre:au  trope:actors  trope:theyhavehistory  trope:depression  trope:prostitution  trope:stripping  trope:psychward  trope:misunderstandings  trope:slowburn  trope:incest  trope:comingout  trope:peoplefindingoutthings  trope:angst 
may 2018 by ifshehadwings
Not Easily Conquered - dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

//The one with the 13 letters. Steve escapes the plane crash and marries Peggy. And then the rest of the 20th century happens, Bucky's letters get found and published, and Steve discovers bisexuality.
Medium:fanfic  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:mcu  author:whatarefears  format:series  length:>100Kwords  rating:fivestars  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:peggy/steve  trope:canondivergence  trope:marriage  trope:divorce  trope:lgbtq  trope:comingout  trope:press  trope:media  trope:epistolary 
april 2018 by ifshehadwings
Hanged Man by Speranza
"Sh." Ray cups Fraser's chin in his hand and rubs Fraser's lips with his thumb. "No talking." He doesn't know why he's so sure; he only knows that it's key that they don't talk about it.
fanfiction  fandom:duesouth  ship:fraser/ray  slash  rating:nc-17  trope:comingout  angst  author:speranza 
march 2018 by peyton
Assertive | VickyVicarious
Phoenix has always thought Edgeworth was asexual... so when he realized that the prosecutor only opens the door for him in order to check out his ass, he is understandably surprised.
Series:AceAttorney  Pairing:MilesEdgeworth/PhoenixWright  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:ComingOut  Trope:Confessions  Author:VickyVicarious  Length:5.000-10.000 
march 2018 by anandarres
Just weeks after Phil Kessel is acquired by the Penguins, Phil’s gay sex tape leaks. It’s about the worst thing Sid can imagine happening to anyone.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:10k-30k  author:Snickfic  pairing:philkessel/sidneycrosby  trope:comingout 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
Bless Your Heart, Kent Parson
Kenny's name had been coming up a lot. Partly because these days, it was hard to talk about the NHL without talking about Kent Parson. Partly because before Samwell, Jack's experience of an American Independence Day had always included a birthday party for Kenny. Partly because - well, because being in Madison with Bitty was. Well. Strange and uncomfortable, in a lot of ways, this week of all weeks, that maybe had Jack worrying at those old frayed ends more than usual.
fic  fandom:checkplease  author:melannen  wordcount:0-10k  pairing:ericbittle/jackzimmermannn  trope:comingout  trope:meettheparents 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
L☆VE | copperbadge
Steve's favorite shirt is at the center of a debate about masculinity, sexuality, and whether or not he did in fact steal it like a thief in the night from Tony.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Tony/Steve  Relationship:Established  Trope:Clothing  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Copperbadge  Length:1.000-5.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
Arms And The Man | copperbadge
His best friend keeps cockblocking him, his relationship guru is a computer, and he might be gay. The future is very complicated.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Tony/Steve  Relationship:First_Time  Trope:ComingOut  Author:Copperbadge  Length:10.000-20.000 
september 2017 by anandarres
for all of the perfect things that i doubt
It’s almost funny. All he ever wanted was to play hockey, to play in the NHL, to win the Cup. This—Samwell, the team, the Haus—was supposed to be just a detour, but now it feels more like a destination he failed to realize he’s already reached.

(Or: Jack signs with the Falconers, graduates, and leaves. It's the hardest thing he's ever done. What comes after is even harder.)
fic  fandom:checkplease  author:idrilka  wordcount:100k+  pairing:ericbittle/jackzimmermannn  pairing:jackzimmermann/kentparson  pairing:kentparson/omc  note:series  trope:mentalillness  trope:comingout 
september 2017 by attendtothebones

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trope:mentalillness  trope:meta  trope:misunderstandings  trope:ot3  trope:outsidepov  trope:outsider_perspective  trope:peoplefindingoutthings  trope:pining  trope:polyamory  trope:press  trope:pretend!couple  trope:pretenddating  trope:prostitution  trope:psychward  trope:ptsd  trope:publicrelations  trope:religion  trope:schmoop  trope:secretid  trope:secretrelationship  trope:sexpollen  trope:slowburn  trope:smalltown  trope:sports  trope:stripping  trope:sweet  trope:team  trope:theavengers:buckysearch  trope:theavengers:tower/mansion  trope:theyhavehistory  trope:tumblr  trope:weddings  trope:wwii  universe:au  universe:canon  universe:college!au  universe:future!fic  wc:10000-19999  wc:20000-49999  wc:5000-9999  wc:50000-99999  wip  wordcount:0-10k  wordcount:100k+  wordcount:10k-30k  wordcount:30k-60k  ~angst  ~awesome  ~cute  ~eternalfave  ~funny  ~heartbreaking  ~joy  ~lovely 

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