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Social-Media-Manipulation: Propagandisten hetzen über Bande - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Justizminister Maas billigt Kinderehen? Die Mafia erschießt Flüchtlinge? Solche Geschichten erzielen bei Facebook angeblich hohe Reichweiten. Aber stimmt das wirklich?
media  sm  hoax  trolling  germany  politics 
8 days ago by SimonHurtz
Wahlkampf mit Trollen: Wie die Rechten im Netz mobil machen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Vor der Bundestagswahl hetzt eine internationale Allianz rechter Onlineaktivisten im Netz. Sie verbreiten Hass, Fake News und Kreml-Propaganda. Ihr Ziel: die AfD zu stärken.
germany  politics  hacking  media  afd  trolling  memes  sm 
8 days ago by SimonHurtz
Minecraft: NOOB VS PRO!!! – BUILD BATTLE!! – Mini Game | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
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17 days ago by wotek
Minecraft: EVIL POPULARMMOS CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini Game | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Minecraft: EVIL POPULARMMOS Problem Games – Fortunate Block Mod – Modded Mini-Recreation The Problem Games start and we have to damage Evil Popularmmos! Jen’s Channel Really don’t fail to remember to subscribe for epic Minecraft written content! Shirts! Facebook! pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! Download Fantasia Fortunate Block Mod: Procedures – Start out […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Games  animation  Building  Challenge  funny  game  gamingwithjen  Lets  Play  Minecraft  mini-games  Mod  Mods  moments  parody  popularmmos  Trolling  videos 
5 weeks ago by wotek
Black Ops 2 Funny Moments – Silly Kills And Ninja Defuses! | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
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5 weeks ago by wotek
Goodbye, Pepe | Angela Nagle
At the risk of putting my own work out of date, I believe that chapter of the alt-right story that my book was about—the anonymous online trolling culture, the constant evasions and ironic styles, the hodge-podge of disparate groups united by the “anti-PC” crusade—is over and a new one has begun. The alt-right in the strict sense will now become more isolated, more focused and unambiguous—and perhaps more militant.

But the part of the movement that is willing to go all the way is still very small. The most popular figure in U.S. politics right now is Bernie Sanders—a Jewish socialist—while Trump’s popularity is at an all-time low. A purely oppositional politics to the far right will be a game of eternal whack-a-mole if the only vision of the future to be found in the aimless desert of meaning created by the political establishment is the nightmarish Silicon Valley model of modernity. The creation of a politics that offers something meaningful, beautiful, hopeful, new, and utopian is the project for which there is no shortcut. To take the bigger picture from this sorry story, it should be the job of our generation to create it.
USA  politics  Charlottesville  alt-right  counterculture  transgression  trolling  radicalisation  neo-Nazism  murder  HeyerHeather  FieldsJames  YiannopoulosMilo  Breitbart  BannonStephen  centrism  TheLeft  SpencerRichard  nihilism  alienation  identity  masculinity  dctagged  dc:creator=NagleAngela 
5 weeks ago by petej
Angela Nagle’s ‘Kill All Normies’: The Alt-Right and 4chan
Nagle, of course, is herself on the political left, and Kill All Normies reflects her frustrations with intra-left political disputes of the last five years, which have tended to pit identitarians against a more explicitly socialist left. At one level, Nagle suggests that there was a symbiosis between the social-justice left and the alt-right: The left’s tendency to focus on racial and sexual identity while explicitly demonizing privileged groups — notably straight white men — may have pushed members of these groups into the arms of the alt-right, while the stronger the alt-right became, the more it confirmed the social-justice left in the belief that its critics, even those on the left, were either Nazis or Nazis’ useful idiots. But aside from such direct symbiosis, Nagle suspects — rightly in my view — that the real damage of the “Tumblrization of left-politics” may have been to spur a “brain drain from the left,” as people fled from a political brand increasingly associated with hysteria, witch-hunting, and intolerance of dissent.
NagleAngela  alt-right  4chan  misogyny  anti-feminism  trolling  counterculture  nihilism  transgression  SpencerRichard  YiannopoulosMilo  Internet  alienation  socialMedia  TheLeft  identityPolitics  intolerance  politics 
5 weeks ago by petej
Black people have had a presence in our history for centuries. Get over it
What we’re seeing is a backlash against any attempt, whether from the world of scholarship or popular culture, to paint non-white people back into the British past. Those of us who write about this history have long been familiar with this. In the 1990s, an assistant in a London bookshop informed the African American historian Gretchen Gerzina that there “were no black people in England before 1945”. Gerzina rather effectively disproved that assertion by going on to write the classic book on black people in Georgian London, Black London.

The deeper, more fundamental question is why? Why are some people so affronted by the very idea that the black presence in Britain stretches back so many centuries? Why, even when historical evidence is presented and the opinions of experts given, are they determined to dismiss the facts and, as we have seen in this case, seek to trash the reputation of respected scholars? The refusal to accept that the black presence in Britain has a long and deep history is not just a symptom of racism, it is a form of racism. It is part of a rearguard and increasingly unsustainable defence of a fantasy monochrome version of British history.
by:DavidOlusoga  from:CommentIsFree  race  history  geo:UnitedKingdom  MaryBeard  twitter  abuse  trolling  from:Twitter 
6 weeks ago by owenblacker

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