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Usability: Clickable heading links
The folks at have the - in my eyes - best solution to the problem: When moving the mouse over a heading, a ¶ is shown after it. It is linked, and you can click it or copy it's link easily. Try it.

How to implement it​

Within the h[1-6] tag, a link to this very heading is added - without any textual content, to make it invisible when the page loads and the CSS is not there yet:

<h1 id="hexdump">hexdump<a class="anchorlink" href="#hexdump"></a></h1>
Via CSS, the pilcrow is shown as :before the link:

h1[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before {
content: "\00B6";/* pilcrow */
That's basically everything you need.


I styled the link and the alinea a bit, so that in the end my CSS looks like:

/* show IDs for anchors */
h1[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before,
h2[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before,
h3[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before,
h4[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before,
h5[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before,
h6[id]:hover a.anchorlink:before {
content: "\00B6";/* pilcrow */
color: #888;
font-size: smaller;
a.anchorlink {
text-decoration: none;
margin-left: 0.5em;
font-size: smaller;
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4 days ago by rmohns
MiniTool Partition Wizard | Best Partition Magic Alternative for Windows PC and Server
This might be useful for increasing system reserved partition size, which sometimes blocks major windows updates, especially on UEFI systems
windows  disk  partion  management  sysadmin  tools  utilities  tips  tricks  move  resize  convert 
5 days ago by asteroza
Exploring C++ types with `puts(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__)` – Arthur O'Dwyer – Stuff mostly about C++
Today on Slack I noticed that some people still don’t know this one, so it should be shared more widely.
c++  type_inference  ergonomics  types  tricks  programming_language_experience 
7 days ago by jbkcc
Learn these neat JavaScript tricks in less than 5 minutes
Want some neat JavaScript tips and tricks? Learn these in less than 5 minutes, by @alcidesqueiroz
nov18  es6  javascript  tips  tricks 
11 days ago by payne

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