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The Great American Tax Heist Turns One by J. Bradford DeLong - Project Syndicate
Last December, Republicans relied on the support of conservative economists who predicted that the party's corporate tax cuts would boost productivity and investment in the United States substantially. The forecasts were wrong, and the silence of those who made them suggests that they knew it all along.
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(10645) Trump's New One Billion Dollar Tax Cut | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah - YouTube
Donald Trumps tax cuts hoovered up by the 1% (10%) via stock buybacks. It's a theme for that last YEARS. Years not just w Trump and Trumpian tax cut.
And after Farmer's bailout, to quell any potential moodyness pre mid-term elections, Trump team considering giving more tax cuts to the haves (inflations korrigierte capital gains tax)
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(10204) Are We Destined for a Slow Growth Future? - YouTube
- shortage on the demand side. but demand can't be more leveraged and borrowed. ALL economic indicators point against a thriving of the UK bottom up (from household finances, are stretched thinly) //&! Gross wages lower than 10 years ago! Lost decade of earnings. In real terms people are NOT better off.
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