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Face Morphing using Delaunay Triangulation
We can use various algorithms to generate the intermediary images while morphing an image say M to another image say N
art  morphing  Delaunay  triangulation 
28 days ago by tiredoldfellow
How Math and Computational Geometry Influence Digital Art • Filestack Blog
...a technique to triangulate source images, converting them to abstract, artistic images composed of tiles of triangles in an attempt to explore the fields between computer technology and art.
art  mathematics  Delaunay  triangulation 
28 days ago by tiredoldfellow
mapbox/delaunator: An incredibly fast JavaScript library for Delaunay triangulation of 2D points
An incredibly fast JavaScript library for Delaunay triangulation of 2D points - mapbox/delaunator
triangulation  map  algorithms  graphics  opensource  delaunay 
june 2019 by raphman
The Biden Fallacy
But this is a faulty view of how progress happens. Struggle against the powerful, not accommodation of their interests, is how Americans produced the conditions for its greatest social accomplishments like the creation of the welfare state and the toppling of Jim Crow. Without radical labor activism that identifies capitalism — and the bosses — as the vector for oppression and disadvantage, there is no New Deal. Without a confrontational (and at times militant) black freedom movement, there is no Civil Rights Act. If one of the central problems of the present is an elite economic class that hoards resources and opportunity at the expense of the public as a whole, then it’s naïve and ahistoric to believe the beneficiaries of that arrangement will willingly relinquish their power and privilege.

If there’s a major division within Democratic politics, it’s between those who confront and those who seek to accommodate. Because we lack a varied vocabulary in mainstream political discourse, we call the latter “moderates” or “centrists,” which doesn’t capture the dynamic at work.
by:JamelleBouie  from:TheNewYorkTimes  Democrats  triangulation  politics  economics  JoeBiden  MichaelBloomberg  TerryMcAuliffe  HowardSchultz  AnnaJuliaCooper 
february 2019 by owenblacker
Triangulation references
Bartlett, Jim. (2015) How to triangulate. Segment-ology. : accessed 08 October 2018.

Bettinger, Blaine. (2016) A triangulation intervention. The genetic...
Triangulation  from notes
january 2019 by pbastew

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