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Aubrey de Grey – Life extension drugs Clinical Trials in Five Years | | LEAF
"Historically, clinical trials had to be completed before anybody could get these drugs, but now we are getting new policies; there is a thing called adaptive licensing, which is becoming popular in the US and elsewhere, where the therapy becomes approved at an earlier stage, and then it’s monitored after that.

The big pharmaceutical companies don’t really do much of their own research in the first place. They just wait to see what happens, and then they buy small companies."
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4 weeks ago by dandv
$1 Trial from Yoga Trapeze » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples
This is a product that's meant to be experienced. Showing a photo of the product would look boring compared to its use which is why they include photos of the product in action. When you're marketing a product that has a fascinating usage or creates fast results, think of how you can showcase that in an image (even a GIF where applicable). If you can quickly show how a product works & it's impressive, it can accelerate a person's buying decision significantly.
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9 weeks ago by cmananian
$1 Trial Offer Sales Page from Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss) » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples
Don't sell a trial. Sell what you get if you decide to start a trial. If you frame it as a trial early-on, the rest of your copy will likely be read with more resistance than if you reveal it later on.
ryandeiss  swiped  trials  copywriting 
9 weeks ago by cmananian

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