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Why Decentralization Matters – Chris Dixon – Medium
Cryptonetworks are networks built on top of the internet that 1) use consensus mechanisms such as blockchains to maintain and update state, 2) use cryptocurrencies (coins/tokens) to incentivize consensus participants (miners/validators) and other network participants. Some cryptonetworks, such as Ethereum, are general programming platforms that can be used for almost any purpose. Other cryptonetworks are special purpose, for example Bitcoin is intended primarily for storing value, Golem for performing computations, and Filecoin for decentralized file storage.
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1 hour ago by dancall
Future Transport: How is London responding to technological innovation | London City Hall
Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) or driverless cars won't be on the road until the 2030s at least and could add to congestion
Dockless cycle schemes need to be able to operate across London to be effective
There is no control system in place for drones and droids
TfL is monitoring technological developments but this needs to be embedded across the whole organisation
robots  automotive  trends  future  predictions 
1 hour ago by dancall
Flipboard cozies up to Facebook-weary publishers - Digiday
Mobile referral traffic from Flipboard is up over 350 percent since May, according to Parsely, albeit from a small base compared to Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook still dominate mobile referral traffic by a big margin, and Flipboard is a distant fourth after Twitter, according to Parsely.

“It’s become a sleeper hit,” said Jess Barron, vp and gm of, which joined Flipboard six months ago. “Every publisher is looking for the next big thing to provide us that regular infusion of traffic.”

Flipboard is not in the same weight class as Facebook or Google. It claims a monthly active user base of 100 million, less than 5 percent of Facebook’s 2.1 billion. And its audience doesn’t skew heavily toward a particular age group — its audience is equal parts millennial, Gen X and older.
flipboard  stats  newspapers  trends  content 
1 hour ago by dancall
10 Mobile App Development Trends That 2018 Holds in Store
RT : Let’s check the trends that the year holds in store for mobile app enthusiasts.
hybridapp  banking  trends  from twitter
7 hours ago by ormg
Davos debrief Part 1 - by @dealarchitect
"That said, I heard several times where people were tying this back to social media and trust. You can draw a straight line through recent political events … You look at what happened in France. They went from a left-leaning government to a young centrist who had zero governmental experience. The UK had the Brexit."
trends  &  concepts  globalization  and  technology  industry  commentary 
19 hours ago by jonerp
Magic Leap CEO thinks volumetric video will be a part of live TV in five years - The Verge
Yesterday, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz and NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced plans to eventually bring Turner-owned NBA content to Magic Leap’s elusive AR goggles, by casting virtual screens in front of a wearer’s face through the goggles. It wasn’t an earth-shattering announcement, but it was an indication that Magic Leap’s tech could be more than billion-dollar vaporware, and that the company is thinking about the kind of content needed to convince people to wear light-field face computers.

What’s more interesting is that Abovitz believes volumetric video — a way of capturing video as 3D objects and scenes — will be live-streamed to people’s faces within a relatively short period of time, and that the kind of cameras used to make this happen will eventually replace traditional broadcast cameras.
magicleap  augmented-reality  vr  future  sportsrights  video  trends 
20 hours ago by dancall
RT : 5 Key Digital for 2018

✓ Influencer Marketing
✓ The Amazon Effect
✓ Virtual Assistant…
Trends  AugmentedReality  from twitter_favs
yesterday by neuralmarket
The Farmer & Farmer Review . Mastery and Mimicry . The Heart of the Builder
If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext. -- Sep Kamvar
design  usercentereddesign  future  trends 
yesterday by WBedutech
Crypto Investors Fear In-Person Robberies |
Other crypto-related crimes have included victims being extorted for ransom in exchange for the ending of hoax phone calls to the police (known as swatting), muggings at in-person sales of cryptocurrency, and the hijacking of cell phones to gain access to holding accounts.
bitcoin  crime  trends  future 
yesterday by dancall
‘Black Panther’ Is Groundbreaking, But It’s Shuri Who Could Change The World
Shuri (played by Letitia Wright2) is the sister of T’Challa, the king of Wakanda and the film’s titular character. She oversees the technological operations of the superscientific nation. If you’re comparing T’Challa to James Bond, she’s Q.She’s also the funniest character in the movie, steals every scene she’s in and — for my money — the most important character.Here’s why: The volume of evidence shows that when audiences see on-screen representations of themselves, particularly aspirational ones, that experience can fundamentally change how they perceive their own place in the world. Black people have been historically underrepresented on screen, and black women in strong roles even more so. Shuri provides a science-y role model for black women, a group distinctly underrepresented in STEM fields.On the one hand, sure, movies are a product engineered to optimize financial windfalls for a small group of corporations and intellectual property holders. But on the other hand, I personally got interested in math because of Ian Malcolm, rock-star chaos theory mathematician in “Jurassic Park,” and you would not be reading this if not for that.So “Black Panther” is a big deal for a lot of reasons, but Shuri is chief among them.
movies  538  zeitgeist  behavior  trends 
2 days ago by thomas.kochi
15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018 - YouTube
Great set of examples for different trends using photography, type, illustration and more.
trends  Design  LogoDesign  GraphicDesign  Illustration  Typography  lists  Awesome  Video 
2 days ago by rasagy
The Falling Price of Fat | Pseudoerasmus
Summary : There are too many baroque explanations for the increased prevalence of obesity. I suggest a simple mechanism : falling food prices, rising incomes.
econotariat  broad-econ  pseudoE  economics  supply-demand  food  obesity  trends  explanans  cynicism-idealism  money  compensation  cost-benefit  backup  epidemiology  public-health  roots 
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