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Refresh – A fresh approach to the browser
Список статей про истории создания и развития браузеров, а также тренды, касающиеся этого
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1 hour ago by gevorg
BA Releases Craft Beer in 2018 Headlines (Infographic)
There’s no question 2018 was the year of the so-called “Haze Craze.” Juicy or Hazy Ales debuted in the BA’s Beer Competition Style Guidelines in March as “Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale,” “Juicy or Hazy IPA” and “Juicy or Hazy Double IPA.” The categories encompass what many breweries and beer geeks refer to as New England IPAs.

The surge in popularity was nowhere more apparent than at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, which was the first national competition to include the new styles. The most-entered category was Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale, with 391 entries, knocking American-style IPA out of the spot of most-entered category for the first time in more than a decade. Chicago’s Alarmist Brewing took home gold for its Le Jus.

In late October 2018, the number of operating U.S. breweries surpassed a new milestone, breaking the 7,000 mark. The BA says it’s still crunching numbers, but as many as 1,000 new breweries opened in 2018 — another highlight on the organization’s list.
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yesterday by dancall
The State of Technology at the End of 2018 – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
This, then, is the state of technology in 2018: the enterprise market is thriving, and the consumer market is stagnant, dominated by the “innovations” that a few large behemoths deign to develop for consumers (and probably by ripping off a smaller company). Meanwhile a backlash is brewing on both sides of the political spectrum, but with no immediately viable outlet through competition or antitrust action, the politics surrounding technology simply becomes ever more rancid.
technology  trends 
yesterday by dancall
Acura revs up Instagram Stories with car customizer, Giphy stickers | Mobile Marketer
Acura launched a vehicle customizer feature on Instagram Stories to let people build their dream car with a digital sticker pack and animated stickers from Giphy, the database and search engine for GIF files, according to an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
Instagram users can build a personalized 2019 ILX sports sedan by searching for the car brand's @Acura handle, which has about 542,000 followers, to access the story. Once the customizer is up and running, users can place digital stickers of wheels and accessories onto the car model to give their vehicle a bolder, sportier appearance that fits their preferences.
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yesterday by dancall
Deliveroo Debuts Brick-and-Mortar in Hong Kong |
Online food delivery startup Deliveroo has opened a physical restaurant in Hong Kong, according to a CNBC report.
The restaurant serves online and in-store customers, and if it’s successful, the company has plans to grow the concept globally.
The Deliveroo Food Market will operate as both a kitchen for delivering orders and a customer-facing location where patrons can pick from 15 different dining concepts.
The food market concept extends the company’s Editions program, a concept that has actual kitchens hosting 100 participating restaurants in shared spaces all over the world. Those kitchens are in what the company considers strategic neighborhoods, and the restaurants operate without the costs tied to running an actual restaurant.
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yesterday by dancall
Post-Toys R Us, Retailers Vie for Toy Shoppers |
Retailers are doubling down on toys amid a gap in the market left by the bankruptcy of Toys R Us. U.K. toy retailer Hamleys, for instance, is eyeing a potential New York City location for a flagship store. A source close to the matter told CNBC that the retailer is nearing a deal for a space at 2 Herald Square that would encompass approximately 30,000 square feet. The potential store could open its doors in 2020, although such a deal has not been made final.
In the U.K., Hamleys takes an experiential retail approach to its stores: The staff masquerades as fictional characters for entertainment, and children can play with large Lego figures. The atmosphere comes as brick-and-mortar retailers have to differentiate themselves from their eCommerce counterparts. Ripco Real Estate Principal and Chief Operating Officer Mark Kaplan told CNBC that retailers can attract shoppers from online retailers “if the in-store experience offers something more.” (That is, a place that lets consumers try out products.)
retail  toys  trends  future 
yesterday by dancall
Google Maps Launches 'For You' Tab |
Google announced Monday (Dec. 10) that it has transferred its “For You” tab to Google Maps in more than 40 countries on iOS and more than 130 new countries on Android.
In a blog post, Google said the “For You” tab helps users find fun new places to discover. It aims to provide a source of inspiration and is tailored to users’ tastes and preferences. By following neighborhoods and places, users get updates and recommendations, including recent news about an opening or pop-up, new menu items and even restaurant suggestions based on what they are likely to enjoy.
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yesterday by dancall
Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging | TechCrunch
Users can hold down the microphone button to record a short voice message that appears in the chat as an audio wave form that recipients can then listen to at their leisure. Voice messages are up to one-minute long, stay permanently listenable rather than disappearing and work in one-on-one and group chats on iOS and Android. The feature offers an off-camera asynchronous alternative to the video calling feature Instagram released in June. It will have to compete with Viber, Zello and Telegram, as well as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for the use case.
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yesterday by dancall
Fantasy IRL
Imagined and real worlds collide in the name of play.
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yesterday by apolaine
Why the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and more help you find the best - Vox
The rise of the recommendation site

Sites like the Strategist, Wirecutter, and BuzzFeed Reviews want to help you find the best of the best.
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yesterday by jorgebarba

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