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Zurich’s 3D Buildings Available As Open Data
The city of Zurich published its 50000 detailed 3D buildings as open data.
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4 days ago by euler
Signal >> Blog >> Reflections: The ecosystem is moving
Indeed, cannibalizing a federated application-layer protocol into a centralized service is almost a sure recipe for a successful consumer product today. It’s what Slack did with IRC, what Facebook did with email, and what WhatsApp has done with XMPP. In each case, the federated service is stuck in time, while the centralized service is able to iterate into the modern world and beyond.

So while it’s nice that I’m able to host my own email, that’s also the reason why my email isn’t end-to-end encrypted, and probably never will be. By contrast, WhatsApp was able to introduce end-to-end encryption to over a billion users with a single software update. So long as federation means stasis while centralization means movement, federated protocols are going to have trouble existing in a software climate that demands movement as it does today.
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6 days ago by euler
Matt Mullenweg Addresses Controversies Surrounding Gutenberg at WordCamp Portland Q&A – WordPress Tavern
JavaScript is what makes this cross-platform collaboration possible and it’s already evident in the work the Drupal Gutenberg contributors are doing, as well as the platform-agnostic Gutenberg Cloud project. When Gutenberg is released in 5.0, it will enable more for WordPress and the web than we can predict right now.

“This is not the finish line,” Mullenweg said. “5.0 is almost like the starting point. Expect just as much time invested into Gutenberg after the 5.0 release as before – to get it to that place where we don’t think it’s just better than what we have today but it’s actually like a world-class web-defining experience, which is what we want to create and what you all deserve.”
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8 days ago by euler
Cisco Integrates Its On-Prem Kubernetes Platform With AWS
Cisco and Amazon Web Services announced Thursday a tight integration between Cisco’s software for deploying and managing Kubernetes on premises and Amazon’s Kubernetes cloud service.
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10 days ago by euler
Four predictions for the next decade of Cloud Computing
It is, of course, always hard to make predictions about something as young and dynamic as cloud infrastructure, but I believe there are four distinct trends that are likely to accelerate over the next decade and that are already fundamentally reshaping what "the cloud" really is:
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10 days ago by euler

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