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Apple and Its Rivals Bet Their Futures on These Men’s Dreams - Bloomberg
We discover the world around us by ourselves. A 2-year-old has intuitive notions of physics, gravity, pressure, and so on, and her parents never need to tell her about Isaac Newton’s equations for force and gravity. We interact with the world, observe, and somehow build a mental model of how things will unfold in the future, if we do this or that.
We’re moving into a new phase of research into unsupervised learning, which connects with the work on reinforcement. We’re not just observing the world, but we’re acting in the world and then using the effect of those actions to figure out how it works.
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7 hours ago by euler
Processing Terabytes of Video on Hundreds of Machines · Alex Poms
Scanner is a first attempt at designing a system for scaling video analysis applications efficiently. Scanner provides a few key features to ease the challenges we encountered:

Videos as logical tables: To simplify management and access to large collections of videos, Scanner represents video collections and the outputs of video analysis (e.g., flow fields, depth maps, metadata) as tables in a data store. Scanner’s data store features first-class support for video frame column types to allow several performance optimizations, such as storing video in compressed form and providing fast access to sparse lists of video frames.

Video processing computations as dataflow graphs: Like many modern ML frameworks, Scanner structures video analysis tasks as dataflow graphs whose nodes produce and consume sequences of per-frame data. Scanner’s specific implementation of the dataflow model includes features useful for video processing tasks, such as sparse frame sampling (e.g., “frames known to contain a face”), sliding window frame access (e.g., stencils for temporal smoothing), and bounded stateful processing across frames (e.g., tracking).

First-class support for GPU acceleration: Since many video processing algorithms benefit from GPU acceleration, Scanner provides first-class support for writing dataflow graph operations that utilize GPU execution. Scanner also leverages specialized GPU hardware for video decoding when available.

Fault tolerant, distributed execution: Scanner applications can be run on the cores of a single machine, on a multi-GPU server, or scaled to hundreds of machines (potentially with heterogeneous numbers of GPUs), without significant source-level change. Scanner also provides fault tolerance, so your applications can not only utilize many machines, but use cheaper preemptible machines on cloud computing platforms.

Scanner is open-source on GitHub. The project is still early on, and we are actively working with users at Stanford, Intel, Facebook, and University of Washington to improve it.
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yesterday by euler
Tesla needs to sell more expensive Model 3s so the company doesn’t ‘die,’ Musk says - The Verge
All of this has some industry experts doubting whether the most affordable Model 3 will ever exist in a meaningful way. “Undoubtedly, Tesla is in dire need of cash,” says Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst at Autotrader. “Musk has said he doesn’t want to go outside for it so that means they must generate it internally. And they can’t do that with $35,000 Model 3s thus the high-end versions will go on sale first. It may well be that a $35,000 Model 3 is a unicorn.”

“They simply cannot afford to sell $35-40,000 cars and they will put it off as long as possible,” says Sam Abuelsamid, a senior analyst at Navigant Research. “While the $80K+ Model 3 might help that car in the short run, it is also likely to cannibalize sales of the Model S so the net benefit to the bottom line might be negligible. My guess is we won’t see more than a token number of low end [Model 3s] until late in the year.”
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2 days ago by snearch
Enter the Matrix · Brendan Abolivier
Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite decentralised free software projects right now: Matrix. Let’s get things straight first, I’m talking about neither the science-fiction franchise, nor the nightclub in Berlin. Matrix is a protocol for decentralised, federated and secure communications, created and maintained by New Vector, a company split between London, UK and Rennes, France (which I joined for an internship in London during the last summer). It’s based on RESTful HTTP/JSON APIs, documented in open specifications, and is designed to be usable for anything that requires real-time-ish communications, from instant messaging to IoT. Some people are also experimenting with using Matrix for blogs, RSS reader, and other stuff that’s quite far from what you’d expect to see with such a project. Despite that, however, it’s currently mainly used for instant messaging, especially through the Riot client (which is also developed by New Vector).
matrix  opensource  chat  trend  decentralized 
4 days ago by euler
As Kubernetes grows, a startup ecosystem develops in its wake | TechCrunch
For starters you need the big corporates to get behind it. In the case of Kuberentes, in a 6 week period last year in quick succession between July and the beginning of September, we saw some of the best known enterprise technology companies including AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and Pivotal all join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the professional organization behind the open source project. This was a signal that Kubernetes was becoming a standard of sorts for container orchestration.
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4 days ago by euler
Zero-Index Platforms: Where Light Defies Geometry | Optics & Photonics News
Geometry-invariant effects in structures with near-zero permittivity or permeability could lead to deformable optical devices, and to new insights into unique light-matter interactions.
trend  optics  metamaterials 
5 days ago by euler
A Conversation with Nader Engheta | Optics & Photonics News
One intriguing line of research you mentioned in your talk was analog information processing—“letting metamaterials do the math.” You and your team have designed materials that can even, through interaction with a light field, solve complex, nonseparable integral equations.
trend  metamaterials  optics 
5 days ago by euler | Easy Monitoring Of Eye Health From Home
The $30 EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is an FDA-approved miniscope device somewhat resembling a small plastic monocular. One end of the device is non-destructively secured to a smartphone’s display using a silicon strap. The user looks through the other end at the screen as the iOS or Android app guides them through the vision test. It’s a nice, compact design that doesn’t damage your phone and is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.
trend  vision  health 
5 days ago by euler
Materials Handling Innovation Matters More Than Ever - Logistics Management
This is no longer your father’s materials handling industry. Leading suppliers are developing a culture of innovation, leading to new solutions for new challenges.
logistics  AI  ML  trend 
5 days ago by euler
BPF, eBPF, XDP and Bpfilter… What are these things and what do they mean for the enterprise? - Netronome

So there we have it. What is being produced within the kernel community as it stands is a massively powerful shift in networking. eBPF is a powerful tool that brings programmability to the kernel. It can deal with congestion control (TCP-BPF), tracing (kprobes, tracepoints) and high-performance networking (XDP, cls_bpf). Other use cases are likely to appear, as a result of its success among the community. Beyond this, the transition extends until the end user, who will soon be able to seamlessly leave the old iptables back-end in favor of a newer, and much more efficient XDP-based back-end—using the same tools as today. In particular, this will allow for straightforward hardware offload, and provide the necessary flexibility as users move to 10G and above networks.
bpf  networking  performance  monitoring  tracing  debugging  linux  trend 
5 days ago by euler
What if JavaScript wins? – Anil Dash – Medium
What if JavaScript wins?
JavaScript is now part of the toolkit of most working developers. What if network effects push it into being the first-ever truly dominant programming language?
Javascript  trend 
6 days ago by euler
Thomas Fischer zu Karl Marx, 219a, Gewalt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hat Marx den Kapitalismus nicht kapiert? Gibt es Frauen, die nicht abtreiben konnten, weil dafür nicht geworben werden darf? Und wie viele Faustschläge machen einen Gewalttrend? Thomas Fischer analysiert für SPIEGEL ONLINE....
Und die andere Extremposition ist ebenso lebensverachtend: Weil sie zwar gut zu den Ungeborenen, aber gnadenlos zu den Geborenen ist, und es nicht ansatzweise schafft, ein glaubhaftes Modell sozialer Zugewandtheit und Zärtlichkeit zu präsentieren, welches den Hoffnungen und Begrenzungen des Menschseins gerecht würde.
Daher muss man einen Kompromiss finden. Die deutsche Gesellschaft hat ihn, wie auch immer, zwischen der erbärmlichen Reproduktionsindustrie des Stalinismus und der erbärmlichen Verleugnungsindustrie des Klerikalismus im Jahr 1995 hingebastelt. Er "funktioniert" seither einigermaßen: 100-120.000 Abtreibungen im Jahr; auf 1000 Lebendgeburten kommen in Berlin 230, in Baden-Württemberg 90 Abtreibungen. Die Position, die von jeglicher Einschränkung freie Wegmachung von Reproduktionswucherungen für eine Bedingung menschlicher Befreiung zu halten, findet in der Gesellschaft keine Mehrheit. Die gern benutzte Behauptung, dass "keine Frau sich die Entscheidung leicht mache", ist leider falsch. Es ist also, wie es ist.
Fischer_Thomas  Zärtlichkeit  Soziales  Standort_D_Land  Abtreibungsdebatte  Geburtenkontrolle  Sexualität  Gewalt  Trend 
11 days ago by snearch
«Shared Plates» - So geht Essen teilen | A point - SRF
Teilen ist angesagt. Und zwar nicht nur das Auto oder das Velo, sondern auch das Essen. Denn wer kulinarisch die Nase im Wind hat, isst heutzutage gerne aus gemeinsamen Schälchen und Plättchen. «Shared Plates» oder «Shared Meals» nennt man das dann.
Essen  Trend  Teilen  News  SharedMeals  SharedPlates 
11 days ago by Einfach_Essen
Is K8s Too Complicated?
It all leaves me concerned that the people with the most to gain will also run into the most problems trying to adopt Kubernetes, and while this is natural (large systems tend to be complex), it does make for bad advertising. "Kubernetes doesn't actually scale" is something I expect to start hearing more and more from people outside the bubble, and it will carry the weight of experience.

For our particular project, I think we're still getting started when you take into consideration the likely overall lifetime. Still, I suspect that moving an existing architecture wholesale to Kubernetes is a bad idea in general; if you've not grown up within its particular limitations, they will prove to be an endless annoyance4, even if there are a host of other tangible benefits over going solo. This may not be limited to Kubernetes, it may just be true for anything, in which case Kubernetes might indeed provide the path of least pain, its room temperature shattered glass fragments an eden compared to red hot glowing obsidian.
kubernetes  devops  container  complexity  architecture  trend 
11 days ago by euler

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