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Fight 4 fashion
Vi har fuldstændig styr på fashion. Følg derfor vores råd og vejledninger, så kommer du længst.
Fashion  Trend 
2 days ago by Linkmadsen
It´s fashion
Find ud af hvad der sker i fashion branchen. Vi vil holde dig løbende opdateret på de seneste tendenser
Fashion  Trend 
2 days ago by Linkmadsen
In 2 design
Vi hjælper dig med din indretning af boligen, og giver dig de seneste tendenser
Bolig  Trend  Indretning 
2 days ago by Linkmadsen
Mode og Indretning
Læs om de seneste trends inden for mode og indretningsbrachen
Mode  Indretning  Trend 
2 days ago by Linkmadsen
Intel SSD 660p Review: Snappy NVMe Storage At Rock-Bottom Prices - Page 7 | HotHardware
The Intel SSD 660p may not be a consumer class SSD leader in terms of absolute performance, but it does offer some serious bang-for-the-buck. Intel has set the MSRP for the 512GB Intel SSD 660p at $99 and the 1TB model at only $199. Those prices equate to about $0.19 per gigabyte, which is among the lowest prices we've seen for any SSD, let alone a modern NVMe drive that's been tuned specifically for mainstream computing applications. And that's assuming they sell at MSRP -- many of Intel's drives have street prices below MSRP at the moment.

If you've got a system with an NVMe slot and are itching for an affordable solid state drive to fill it with, the Intel SSD 660p is worth a hard look for its value proposition alone.
ssd  trend 
11 days ago by euler
Flop accounts
An Instagram trend for political discourse
politics  instagram  trend  culture 
22 days ago by nelson
The Next 10 Years Will Be About “Market-Networks"
What was unusual about the deal is that nearly all the best-known Silicon Valley VCs competed for it. That’s because HoneyBook is a prime example of an important new category of digital company that combines the best elements of networks like Facebook with marketplaces like Airbnb — what we call a market-network.
trend  market-networks 
26 days ago by euler
Disappearing Frameworks – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium
The web platform as a framework
In her article “A Rube Goldberg Machine” and subsequent talk, my colleague Ada Rose Cannon shared how new CSS and JavaScript features can be “thought of as frameworks built into the web platform”. For example, CSS Custom Properties (a.k.a. CSS Variables) might mean you don’t need a CSS precompiler like Sass anymore. And CSS Grid might now save you from downloading Bootstrap.

“You don’t need a framework to use CSS Grid. CSS Grid is a framework.”
- Rachel Andrew
Frontend  Javascript  Trend  framework 
27 days ago by snearch
Will Amazon White Box Switches Take On Cisco, Juniper & Arista? | Light Reading
"As it does in many other categories, Amazon plans to use price to undercut rivals," according to the report. "The company could price its white-box switches between 70% and 80% less than comparable switches from Cisco, one of the people with knowledge of the program estimated."
trend  networking  Amazon 
4 weeks ago by euler

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