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How To Prevent Winter Damage To Trees and Shrubs
Cold temperatures, mixed with high winds and icy conditions are not exactly ideal for the trees and shrubs on your property.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Expressive Illumination of Foliage Based on Implicit Surfaces
This paper presents an approach for vivid representations of foliage based on implicit surfaces It approximates the complex lighting interaction within the foliage and enables a clear illustration of its general shape and local density, thus supporting the three-dimensional depth cue of the viewer
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5 days ago by karhu
60,000 Chinese troops are about to plant enough trees to cover Utah – VICE News
More than 6.66 million hectares (32,500 square miles) of new forest will be planted in 2018, with the People’s Liberation Army reassigning tens of thousands of infantry, with additional help from the police force.
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5 days ago by johans
Historic leaves, volume 5, April, 1906 - January, 1907, Some old trees.—number I
The full title of this paper should be ‘Old and Historic Trees in and about Boston,’ for some of the trees mentioned are simply old, and have no connection with history properly speaking; that is, they are not connected with events of importance in the nation's annals.
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8 days ago by madamim
How You Can Benefit from Regular Professional Tree Care
No matter if you have 1 tree or 10, regular professional tree care can be a huge help to you.
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11 days ago by Adventure_Web
RT : Cross section of a pine needle. The 'holes' around the edge are the ducts that secrete the fragrant resin
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16 days ago by bjornarneson

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