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Tips for Planting a Tree This Earth Day
Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Earth Day!
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13 hours ago by Adventure_Web
_Building a Bw-Tree Takes More Than Just Buzz Words_, SIGMOD 2018
'An account of our disappointing journey to build a open-source lock-free Bw-Tree for the Peloton DBMS.'

'In 2013, Microsoft Research proposed the Bw-Tree (humorously
termed the “Buzz Word Tree”), a lock-free index that provides high
throughput for transactional database workloads in SQL Server’s
Hekaton engine. The Bw-Tree avoids locks by appending delta
record to tree nodes and using an indirection layer that allows it to
atomically update physical pointers using compare-and-swap (CaS).
Correctly implementing this techniques requires careful attention
to detail. Unfortunately, the Bw-Tree papers from Microsoft are
missing important details and the source code has not been released.

This paper has two contributions: First, it is the missing guide
for how to build a lock-free Bw-Tree. We clarify missing points in
Microsoft’s original design documents and then present techniques
to improve the index’s performance. Although our focus here is on
the Bw-Tree, many of our methods apply more broadly to designing
and implementing future lock-free in-memory data structures. Our
experimental evaluation shows that our optimized variant achieves
1.1–2.5× better performance than the original Microsoft proposal
for highly concurrent workloads. Second, our evaluation shows
that despite our improvements, the Bw-Tree still does not perform
as well as other concurrent data structures that use locks.'

Finally: :

'Our results show that @ViktorLeis's ART index and @xexd's MassTree and a non-fancy B+Tree are currently the best for in-memory workloads. Skip Lists are always terrible.'
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yesterday by jm
Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers
One of our great errors in thinking — another aspect of that unfortunate idea of human exceptionalism that makes it so hard for us to be at home in this world — is that the natural and the man-made are distinct entities. Like all other parts of the branching experiment, we make and are made by the living environment, and we have done so since before we were us. Without the forests of the Santa Cruz mountains, there would be no Silicon Valley. But Silicon Valley will make or unmake the forests of the future. No nature story, no account of environmental struggle would be complete without bringing on-stage all the human technologies that are to us what the invention of flowers and nuts and chlorophyll and mycorrhizal networks are to the forest superorganism.

Just as the emergence of tree intelligence forever changed the planet, so the emergence of consciousness (which long predated humans) forever changed the nature of evolution. Cultural transmission is orders of magnitude faster than genetic transmission, and digital transmission has accelerated the speed of culture a hundredfold or more. We may soon seem, to our artificial intelligence offspring, as motionless and insentient as trees seem to us. And here we live, trying to make a home between our predecessors and our descendants.
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RT : Not a
World's trees half gone
Earth passed 'peak tree' in 2015
Humans have cut down 3 trillion in l…
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This machine moves so you don't have to cut them down
By Dutchman Industries ()
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6 days ago by firecatcher
This machine moves so you don't have to cut them down
By Dutchman Industries ()
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What makes a tree a tree?
Despite numerous studies and 30-plus genomes under their belts, scientists are still struggling to nail down the defining traits of these tall, long-lived, woody plants
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