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Free trees for schools and communities - Woodland Trust
We’ve got thousands of free tree packs to give away!
We want to make sure that everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree.
So we’re giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities.
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6 days ago by fjordaan
A Breathing Earth
The animation happening in the map above, through all 52 weeks of 2016, visualizes these seasonal cycles. The rise and fall of the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere is particularly visible. However, when focusing on different parts of the planet other cycles & different seasons become noticeable as well; the Southern regions of Africa, Brazil, and New Zealand, having the reverse cycle as the North, or India getting drier and drier up until the July when the monsoons start. The more often you watch the year go by, the more small details will start to stand out.
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7 days ago by fogonwater
Mimicking Mother Nature, UVM Scientists 'Nudge' Forests Toward Old Growth Conditions | Vermont Public Radio
"This study is really about how we take this recovering secondary forests, forests that have recovered since the 19th century, and kind of nudge them along toward older, more architecturally complex condition," says Keeton, who conducted the study along with UVM graduate student Sarah Ford.
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8 days ago by seakelps
Golden Gate Chapter, CRFG
California Rare Fruit Growers: Meets in Berkeley.
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8 days ago by fogfish
Curio: Explore - Discover - Share
Together, we are helping to improve the understanding and care of urban forests the world over.
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10 days ago by fjordaan
London Datastore
We set ourselves the challenge of collating London’s tree data into one open source place to get a picture of London’s trees. We requested tree data from London boroughs and TfL in late 2014. The data mainly covers street trees, although it also includes some park trees, and contains location and species information for over 700,000 trees. It is estimated that there are around eight million trees in London, so this information is only a partial illustration of the species and location of trees in London.
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10 days ago by fjordaan

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