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Our tool takes 1m resolution imagery and counts . Over time, this points out area…
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3 days ago by rukku
Rebecca Solnit on a Childhood of Reading and Wandering | Literary Hub
There are ecological reasons to question how books are made out of trees but metaphysical reasons to rejoice in the linkage between forests and libraries, here in this public library, in the town I grew up in, with the fiber from tens of thousands of trees rolled out into paper, printed and then bound into books, stacked up in rows on the shelves that fill this place and make narrow corridors for readers to travel through, a labyrinth of words that is also an invitation to wander inside the texts. The same kind of shade and shelter that can be found in an aisle of books and an avenue of trees, and in the longevity of both, and the mere fact that both, if not butchered or burned, may outlive us.
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11 days ago by shannon_mattern
The last great tree: a majestic relic of Canada's vanishing boreal forest | Environment | The Guardian
The last great tree: a majestic relic of Canada's vanishing boreal forest
Spared by the loggers’ chainsaws a Douglas fir perhaps 1,000 years old stands in splendid isolation on Vancouver Island

Harley Rustad. The Guardian. 5 March 2019

"splendid isolation" is one way to put it.
19 days ago by asfaltics
Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Landscape
Trees are a great example of an essential part of your landscape that fills both requirements. Not only do they look great but they also offer you some tangible advantages. Here are some ways trees can benefit your landscape.
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20 days ago by Adventure_Web

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