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Richard Powers: ‘It was like a religious conversion. I realised the natural world isn’t ours’ | Books | The Guardian
“Every form of mental despair and terror and incapacity in modern life seems to be related in some way to this complete alienation from everything else alive. We’re deeply, existentially lonely.
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yesterday by KMP
Keeping Power Lines Away from Your Trees
Don't let the trees on your property touch power lines! It could be very dangerous.
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3 days ago by Adventure_Web
Treehouses and Home Insurance
Although trees are often factored into your home insurance rate calculation, the same may not be true for any modifications made to that tree.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Hurricanes may lead to resilience: Good news follows bad for Puerto Rico's tropical forests | NSF - National Science Foundation
Find related stories on NSF's Critical Zone Observatory Sites and on NSF's Long-Term Ecological Research Sites. With fierce winds and flooding rains, hurricanes can be disasters for people -- and for ecosystems.
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7 days ago by marshallk
Cwyn's Death By Tea: 2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Cha Gao
Now, some of you think I meander on and on through my memories. But the truth is maple syrup and this cha gao both are all about a man standing over a large cooking pot of sap. Cha gao requires ratios of water to leaf at minimum 1:10. Mr. Quan used 1:18 for this tea…wasn’t 2015 a wet year for puerh, or just this Manzhuan? By comparison, maple syrup is usually a 1:40 ratio, so who stands over that boiling pot longer? I meander over my memories because from one part of the world to another, boiling sap from tree products is the same activity. You need a large soup pot, a lot of time on your hands, and maybe alcohol to drink. To get the best end result, you tread a fine line between making hard candy and burning the sap, between exquisite flavor and carbon dust.
tea  puerh  maplesyrup  trees 
12 days ago by madamim
Reviving the American Chestnut Tree | Outside my Door! |
Members of the Rindge Conservation Commission, town officials, wildlife biologist Curt Laffin and two 3rd-grade students from Rindge Memorial School turned out in the rain on May 19 to plant five disease-resistant American chestnut trees at two locations in Rindge as part of the town’s 250th celebration.
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13 days ago by eversourcenh
The Mormon Church came out HARD against Utah's medical marijuana initiative. Last week, MormonLeaks leaked a doc proving the church owns nearly a billion in big pharma stocks. That's right, it likely had nothing to do with religion & everything to do with
Upvoted: I will link to the actual leak in the comments.CELG - 347 million in shares,JNJ - 490 million in shares.ABT - 242 million in sharesGILD - 101 million in sharesPFE - 73 million in sharesABBV - 39 million in sharesMRK - 19 million in sharesThe church owns over a billion in big pharma stock, and failed to mention that when they came out HARD against the medical marijuana initiative.They make money off of sick people. And try to control what treatment those sick people can access.EDIT: To be clear, if you'll read the article I linked in the comments, the church actually owns 32 billion worth of stocks. The 1 billion is just their pharma stocks. via /r/trees
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