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Discussing Costs with Your Patient Can Reduce Financial Toxicity
Not specific to CAR-T, but interesting plea to oncologists to discuss treatment costs with patients to avoid "financial toxicity"
cancer  treatment  cost  application  story  18sbx  sh3  insurance 
13 hours ago by csrollyson
Journal of Urological Surgery
Efficacy of Low Density Linear Shockwave Treatment in Severe Arteriogenic Erectile Dysfunction Patients
JUS  Efficacy  of  Low  Density  Linear  Shockwave  Treatment  in  Severe  Arteriogenic  ED 
15 days ago by kilroy2
Direx - Renova
Linear Shockwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Linear  Shockwave  Treatment  for  Erectile  Dysfunction  renova  direx  medical 
15 days ago by kilroy2

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